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  1. Nice, looking forward to seeing this.
  2. I haven't actually seen the original trilogy or a zombie movie for ages (last one was the Dawn remake, which I really liked) so I didn't really have any great expectations for it. Genrally I enjoyed it, even though me and a friend have since spent most of the time making fun of things that don't make sense in it (practically the whole movie ). Worth a watch I'd say although it didn't seem to go on for that long and had a terrible ending.
  3. He fronts probably the most boring bands of all time.
  4. The Dreamcast is awesome, good purchase. I'd recommend Shenmue 1 and 2, Jet Set Radio, Power Stone 1 and 2, Sonic Adventure, among loads of other stuff. There's tonnes of great games for it.
  5. I love the characters/story and whatno of Turok, so I'm hoping this'll be good. The first two Turoks were pretty good... went downhill from then onwards though. Evolution, I think that's what it's called, is soooo shit.
  6. Pretty good; Jason Lee's ace so I'll keep watching this. A watched this right after seeing first episode of Arrested Development season 3, so a lot of the humour may have been lost on me, on first viewing.
  7. I fail to see how this movie can be anything less than brilliant, with that premise.
  8. It looks so much better than those first screens that were released - definitely going to get it with my 360. Regarding advertising and whatnot, I saw FHM plastered over the counters of HMV today, with Joanna Dark on the front cover.
  9. I absolutely lvoe Arrested Development. Finally got around to watching Season 2 properly. Up to Episode 10 and it's fantastic - even better than the first series.
  10. Precisely why Kikizio's article didn't really make sense. How the game be complete if it hasn't even been designed for a specific system?
  11. I am going to have to buy a t-shirt. Or two.
  12. I enjoyed it a bit, although I couldn't sympthasise or like 'The Devil's Rejects' as they were just annoying, and the scenes they were in were just really uncomfortable. I'm sure you were supposed to side against the Sheriff, but I always felt on his side, as he was the best character.
  13. Excellent, looking forward to getting this, as there was no point in getting that bare bones release.
  14. I hate Franz Ferdinand for spawning all this atrocious samey indie music.
  15. Saw this yesterday, it's brilliant. Was a nice suprise to see the guy who played Brian Fantana in it; all the characters were great. Very funny, and hopefully it'll get funnier on repeat viewings like Anchorman.
  16. Icebox


    I've got tonnes of Anchorman sound clips on my phone like this.
  17. Arrested Development, definitely. I finally managed to track down ep11 of season 2 on limewire, so I can now watch all of Season 2 all the way through. Does anyone know of a date for when Season 3 starts?
  18. Icebox


    Saw that Q&A about this on Eurogamer - looks great, as does that Vampire game. Good to know point and click is making a comeback! Broken Sword 4 was also recently properly announced, not sure if it's been posted here before. That could quiote well be 2d point and click again.
  19. It's one of the best comedies I've ever seen. It's annoying as I downloaded all of the 2nd series, except for episode 11, which I can't find anywhere. I watched the first 6 eps or so ages ago, but I daren't start watching it properly as I know I'll be annoyed at having missed an episode. And the DVD's not out in the US till October! Bah. Well that's my plight; anyone know where to find episode 11? I can't really be bothered watching it tonight as I'd rather watch the 1st series again - been ages.
  20. I agree entirely. Can't wait for this, it should be excellent.
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