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  1. A movie would be cool, athough the series was ended really well, so if there isn't a season 4, a movie could feel tacked on maybe?
  2. Kikizo is such a crappy site - every month they bring back this boring Shenmue III rumour.
  3. barkbat, you're completely wrong. Just so you know, like. This theory is also more retarded than all those Lost ones floating about.
  4. Did you see the supposed review of the JPIV script aaaages ago on AICN? It involved a genetically engineered 'team' of raptors I think, bred by some baron or something who lives in a giant castle. Quite amazing really.
  5. Have you read any of the threads on the lost-tv.com forums? They've discussed theories like yours, and far more bizarre ones, in quite weird detail.
  6. Fantastic last four episodes. Will be missed if this truly is the end. Thinking about it, it's odd how consistently brilliant every episode has been - practically every show has weak points, but I truly can't think of any for AD. Tis amazing.
  7. I need to get Season 2 on dvd still. I love Arrested Development, I hope it gets picked up by another network.
  8. Probably the funniest gaming show I've ever seen. Sorry video gaiden!
  9. Umm yeah, they wanted a Christmassy book, what with it being shown at Christmas and all.
  10. Icebox

    Reccommend Me A Solo

    Where's the solo in that?
  11. It has the most generic story and characters ever, looks incredibly boring.
  12. That web page was real, if ya didn't know. It was like a page on Microsoft's site where you can contribute your own answers to questions, and some people obviously put made up stuff on it. Was linked to on this forum somewhere.
  13. Icebox


    I love Avenged Sevenfold - Cities of Evil is a step in the opposite direction to "the metalcore sound" if you will, though. Still awesome, mind.
  14. Icebox

    Teach Me: Metal

    True it is brilliant, but it's certainly not metal in the slightest. I don't like strictly classifying music anyway - such as sub genres and the like; what's the point? Why not enjoy whatever you want rather than worrying about what supposed genre it fits in to? (Not really aimed at this thread, just a general moan!)
  15. Icebox

    Richard Cheese

    The Chop Suey cover is particularly funny.
  16. That's awesome. I'm using the desktop you linked to, but I wish they had more to choose from as I loved loads of the other art pieces.
  17. "He's really showing us what a man, with a cannon in his chest, can do!" Always makes me laugh hysterically for some reason!
  18. I love both Minority Report and War of The Worlds - found them very entertaining. I also demand a Jurassic Park IV.
  19. Icebox

    King Kong 360

    It seems to just be the PS2 version which is cool - controls are a bit iffy although I haven't played it much yet. There's different configs but i've got it so the analogue numb does movement and the four face buttons look a round.. I think it's like that. Thinking about it, it would probably make more sense to have looking around on the analogue, but it'd probably annoy me having them that way as i'm used to doing looking with the right 'analogue stick' or whatever on consoles.
  20. If you can predict the Dreamcast to be a failure, why not the N-Gage?
  21. Likewise. I could never remember whether I played the demo of this, or rented it - I think it was the latter now, so yeah if the option to invert wasn't actually in the full game it's stupid. Why would you not put it in?
  22. I agree with Gwnyster, the genre doesn't really need any radical changes. Of course there are always shoddy examples, but there's usually numerous excellent FPS games released every year; they don't always do anything completely new but they're almost always fun to play. Which I think's more important.
  23. Regardless of the graphics this game always looked shite anyway. I remmber seeing some videos from E3 and it's literally a carbon copy GTA clone, even down to an identically designed mini-map in the corner of the screen! Also why's his suit shiny? I know that all 360 games have to feature shiny and soaking wet-looking clothes but have any developers or anything actually explained why? Cos, like... it looks stupid and wrong.
  24. I don't understand game of the year awards in sites/magazines/whatever... who truly gives a fuck? Is it to make people feel better about themselves for buying seemingly "The best PS2 action game"?
  25. King Kong and GTA on the PSP for me, can't wait! Also can't wait to actually use my PSP as that's for Christmas too.
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