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  1. Icebox

    EDGE 162

    I don't think there's any spoilers, plot-wise.
  2. A nice, rounded survey then.
  3. Not a fan of the games, but the screens look pretty good - nice setting.
  4. Icebox

    EDGE 162

    Broken Sword 4 sounds really good - looking forward to hearing more on that. The Final Fantasy XII piece got me very interested - when's this supposed to come out over here? It sounds great, although I've read quite a lot of people on here not being impressed with the demo? Also I'm not sure if it'll seem really limiting after playing Oblivion.
  5. I went there and couldn't see the horse anywhere. Could it have died en route? Looks like I'll have to buy a horse.
  6. I can't find my horse. It's that Paint Horse you get from the Blades Master guy near the beginning. I did the intro bit of the Thieves Guild, went back to the contact guy to say I'd got the diary, and then fast travelled to the Inn just North of the Imperial City (where you do the quest to stop them being invisible) to sleep and save. When I went outside my horse wasn't there, and I can't find it anywhere. Usually when I fast travel it appears next to me, or at least outside of the gates if I'm in city. Am I missing something really obvious or is it a glitch and I've lost the horse?!
  7. Hilarious, as usual. Great work - the Reggie bit was awesome.
  8. Andross, why are you so obsessed? It's just a game, y'know?
  9. Icebox


    I've never had any serious problems so far - the game's crashed a couple of times though, and right when I started, when I sometimes talked to certain people in the Imperial City, text would come up, but there'd be no voices or lip-synching, and the game would slow down to a few frames a second which is weird.
  10. Icebox

    Oblivion Mods

    Shorter grass here: http://www.tessource.net/files/file.php?id=2069 http://www.tescreens.be/oblivionmodwiki/in...p/Category:Mods is a good place for mods - I found the link somewhere here... it could actually be in this topic somewhere!
  11. Icebox

    EDGE 162

    Is there a preview for Broken Sword 4 in this issue? Looking forward to seeing what it's like.
  12. The schedule for Lost on that epguides site has just changed I think, as the next 3 episodes are now on the next consequtive 3 weeks, which is good.
  13. Here's a link to watch the ep17 previews, for those who don't have crappy RealPlayer installed: http://www.youtube.com/results?search=lost...s&search=Search http://epguides.com/Lost/ shows when the next episodes are scheduled. There's one on next week, and the week after, but then another 2 week gap.
  14. I wasn't going to get this, but after reading this thread you've all convinced me to part with my cash. Play say it was sent today, hopefully I'll get it soon.
  15. It looks disgusting. There's nothing special about it either, it's just another run-of-the mill gaming site.
  16. Icebox

    Viva Piñata

    Looks rather interesting actually. The graphical style is sweet.
  17. Icebox

    Edge 161

    Crashlander is as shite as ever. The guy who does it can't write at all. There's a interview with Charles Ceil as well - apparently Revolution has completed closed down now, which I didn't realise. Shame. Broken Sword 4 is in development at Sumo now - there's one screenshot of it in the mag. Can't wait for more details on it.
  18. I hope it's true, I'd love to play a sequel.
  19. A T-rex?! It's clearly just a leaf that's bent backwards slightly.
  20. I'm convinced Henry Gale is an Other, but having just listened to the latest Lost Podcast, the producers talking seem to hint that Gale is telling the truth. And of course, there's this photo from the set of the next episode: http://images.picpile.com/uploads/378398992.jpeg Although it could all be some sort of eloborate plan by the Others?
  21. Go to http://www.losttv-forum.com and prepare to be baffled by the "links" people have made to anything and everything.
  22. TWAT is a really good song. What else has been released so far? I've got Chinese Democracy, Madagascar, Dust in the Wind and The Blues although I think they're either really rough or possibly from live performances. Does anyone know who played guitar on TWAT? Sounds rather good, but I know about 50 million different guitarists recorded for Chinese Democracy.
  23. Guns N Roses eh? I'm literally jumping for joy right at this moment!
  24. Yeah that is Shiny's Dave Perry now, they had a picture of the other Dave Perry before.
  25. Yeah true, plus I forget the episodes were only like 20mins each, so a film could include a good 5 episodes worth of stuff.
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