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  1. Barely, they just sort of loosely list what's going to get explained.
  2. Found this link through SomethingAwful forums, don't think it's been mentioned here: http://www.4815162342.com/forum/viewtopic2...28b%20eb7b98476 It's a transcript from a forthcoming TV Guide feature in the 2 hour finale. Has quotes from peple working on Lost, about everything that'll be explained by the end of this seasons. Seems they're wrapping up quite a bit, and I'm looking forward to finding it all out!
  3. So is Twilight Princess still a GameCube game? They should just launch it for the Wii, with improved graphics and whatnot.
  4. Good episode, at least there's one on every week now! Hopefully some questions will be answered by the end of this series. Although it's pretty unlikely.
  5. Icebox


    Looking forward to this, the originl was great, and I was rather fond of the sequel. I want to see bad guys riding dinosaurs with rocket lanchers on their backs and whatnot.
  6. Looks great - looking forward to this, after the travesty that was Die Another Day.
  7. IGN have it listed as a PS3 and 360 title, although that's probably from a while ago, so they could have just been presuming it'd be released for those systems.
  8. That looks awesome - I absolutely love the art style.
  9. I randomly downloaded this last night - I'd completely forgotten about it. Visuals are nice, but why do all the Japanese male characters look like they're 10 years old? The story is shite, as everyone has said. The guitar-orientated music was also abysmal, and didn't fit with the scenes very well. I wasn't so sure about the Matrix-style fight scenes either. Some were alright, but it just seemed weird having the characters flyring and jumping about everywhere at craxy speeds.
  10. After hearing of the bad reviews I wasn't sure what to expect - but I absolutely loved it. Very atmospheric - I've only played a demo of the first game, but I love how similar to opening sequence of the film is to that. Hopefully a sequel will come out. Someone mentioned when Sean Bean searched for Silent Hill on Google - I'm sure I saw links to the game walkthroughs as well!
  11. Just listening to it for the first time at the moment, actually. Sounds great. I love the single MakeDamnSure.
  12. Icebox


    I don't understand how people can get so annoyed about this - it's just a name. Once the games and everything are shown, and when the console's out the name will become irrelevant when judging it.
  13. I'd like the see an Alien vs Predator vs Terminator film, possibly. As the comic I read was cool. Although it had alien/terminator hybrids I think, which looked really weird.
  14. I talked to Bauraus or someone while I was still at Cloud Ruler Temple, and they told me that they hand around that Doomstone thing just at the bottom fo the cliff where the Cloud Ruler Temple is. So I went down there and saw Jearl, who started attacking me and 2 nearby guards (who were incidentally attacking each other, as one had gone off to hunt a deer and left his post), Jearl got killed, but the other person ran off before I could see them. Jauffre told me to find the other member - I spent ages trying to figure out how, talking to everyon in Bruma and whatnot when I just gave up and decided to spawn that missing person right next to me, so I could kill them. I think they'd legged it from the guards that time when Jearl got killed, into the wilderness, so I'd literally never find them again, otherwise. Well that's a tale.
  15. Alien3 and 4 are masterpieces compared to AvP.
  16. They're actually having a discussion on that site as to whether they're fake or not. Retards.
  17. Do the other special episodes have interviews and such? I haven't watched any of them before.
  18. It would be sweet if true, but Sega teased everyone with those NiGHTS character renders when the Dreamcast was unveiled, so if they didn't bother making it for that, I can't imagine them doing it for consoles now. Although the Rev controller would work incredibly well with it.
  19. Season 2 brings up loads more questions and doesn't really answer that much, but it's all done really slowly. The trailer on C4 revealed loads of things - like what's in the hatch - even the voice over spoiled part of an episode, which would be pretty annoying if you hadn't seen any of Season 2, I'd think.
  20. It's because 24 episodes are filmed for a 30 week schedule (or something like that), which is annoying.
  21. Annoying there's 3 weeks to wait, but after that it's a straight run to the end. I saw a news post on some site that the actor who played Sayid was concerned about characters getting killed off at the end of this season, as they didn't know who it would be.
  22. Enjoyable, but after watching stuff like 24, Lost and UK shows like Hustle, Doctor Who just seems really tacky and low-grade in terms of everything? Kinda puts me off.
  23. I saw this yesterday. Wasn't impressed by the trailer, but I found myself laughing constantly at the film. Much better than the third one. "We went fishing" "Yeah, for black cod..."
  24. When a Mythic Dawn agent is killed their robes disappear and they're just left wearing tattered clothes, so this woman won't be one.
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