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  1. I think it's awesome - can't wait for the final part tonight.
  2. How could the plain crash be staged if Lost shows the plain beign ripped apart and bits landing on the island/ocean? In my earlier post - I wasn't obviously expecting the finale to explain everything - I was just stating how there's still so many loose ends, and I would have preferred some things to be tied up and explained, leading us to more questions. Rather than just offloading even more questions on to us and leaving everythign else to be a tangled mess. And from Hurley's comic book that Walt was reading: Fits the snowglobe quote and the arctic conditions from the end of ep 24! On another note, if the plane really was brought down by accident then how do the Others know so much about the 'Lostaways', and why were they so hostile towards them from the beginning?
  3. Well that was pretty underwhelming.
  4. It's incredibly repetitive though and just looks pretty dull, I think.
  5. I could possibly begin to imagine thinking about accepting that kind of price point if there were actually any enticing first party games at all, bar MGS4. The comments from Sony about it being cheaper than a standard BD player should surely apply to those people who actually want a BD player with their PS3? ie. None.
  6. Excellent, really looking forward to this - the first one is hilarious.
  7. This was pretty much the only game I was going to get a PS3 for, so I when I found it it's probably coming out for the 360, I was rather excited. It looks great.
  8. I tried to read the columns this month, but found them so utterly boring. Bring back RedEye and Nagoshi!
  9. Regarding when we'll next see Libby: http://community.tvguide.com/thread.jspa?t...d=1147371755570 Great episode - seemed weird that Eko and Locke did all that clue solving, found the hatch and then left in the space of an episode - it usualy takes a whole season to have that much stuff happen! Although I'm not complaining. If you go on this link: http://humpys.net/eegallery.php?season=2 There's a shooting list or something for the final episode. I hada quick look without realising that it details everything that happens in the final episode (I think - I quickly closed the window before I read too much!).
  10. I love the Rush Hour films - glad no. 3 is definitely being made.
  11. Awesome work. I need to get around to reading them all now!
  12. I think Eurogamer were saying that this is definitley in real-time. Looks rather nice.
  13. I was a little unsure in the conference demonstration, when the guy playing struggled to hit those enemies with the bow - looked pretty frustrating.
  14. This looks awesome - probably my most anticipated Wii game. The environments look great.
  15. Definitely looking forward to it, as well as Phantom Hourglass on the DS.
  16. Looks nice, but yeah could be ages till we actually see gameplay footage. Hopefully there'll be full scale wars.. or at least massive battles between loads of covenant.
  17. I'm more interested in the DS now, than I used to be. Some good looking games coming out for it. Tempted to sell my PSP to fund Wii/DS stuff.
  18. I preferred your Silent Hill review, twas more amusing. I think it was Silent Hill anyway?!
  19. I agree, but I'm looking forward to seeing what other games the PS3 will actually have. Aside from MGS4 I'm not actually sure if there's anything else I'm that interested in. But Wii for the win, obviously.
  20. I wasn't really that interested in the 360 before, but I definitely am now. Bah I want to watch the feed!
  21. There's so many games for the Wii and DS I'm looking forward to.... argh!!
  22. Some of those screens above are from FFXIII whereas some are from Final Fantasy Versus XIII? http://uk.media.ps3.ign.com/media/826/826843/imgs_1.html http://uk.media.ps3.ign.com/media/826/826846/imgs_1.html I'm confused about what's the difference between the games at the mo.
  23. Looking forward to seeing more info on FFXIII. And XII for that matter; so it's out in October over here? Or is that the US release?
  24. Brilliant. I loved it all. Don't get rid of Gacy or the Bosses!
  25. Having read that article, I'm reeeeally excited about the Wii now. Can't wait till some more info comes out at E3.
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