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  1. Yep, you don't want to be buying a 2070 for close to RRP, when the new cards won't be much more. Also, 2nd hand prices on the previous gen will plummet, meaning bargains to be had! What's the latest release rumour, August/September? 3090/80 first, then 3070 a month or so after? It's not long to wait for something that could save you £'s or mean you can get a super shiny new GPU...
  2. Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine, Super Mario Galaxy, and Super Mario Galaxy 2 rumoured for November....Sunshine!!!
  3. Eh, I like it. Doesn't rerally matter though, I don't sit staring at my Pro.
  4. More of the same but run better please, I'd love to play Horizon with the nopise of my Pro taking off..
  5. This is huge. I want Drew to just say 'It's fine, she picked them up, thanks.' ...but a tiny part of me wants a bit of 'nip tip drama.
  6. Cheers @stepickford I'm done. Left some bits by the two houses on the East side beach? I'm not sure if they were your gaff or not, but they had mail, so I assumed they were someones!
  7. Me too, I'll be super quick!!!
  8. Just cleared Cave, defeated Vol Dragon....GSOD! 'Your Windows Insider Build ran into a problem'. I've not got a Windows Insider build....
  9. Great, thanks! Gamertag is Raaaah (4 a's), character name is Logaan (2 a's) Funny story: Raaaah started as Rah, but I added an 'a' for every Xbox 360 RROD. Logaan was originally Logan, but he got NOL'd. I suppose I should've chosen Logaaan, but that's just stupid.
  10. How the frick do I search for the alliance? How do I add people? How do I breathe?
  11. Would have been funny if it was this guy.
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