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  1. Pile of shite in mine. Gundogan and some crap 10k TOTW nobody. Should have taken the 58k.
  2. He's been our only highlight this season. Watch him get sold in Jan.
  3. Why do you have your CDM's as CM's? I've tried that Perisic twice now and flipped him again both times! Costa just seems so much more snappy and deadly (with crossing). I really think you're missing out on Dybala, he's been fucking immense for me. I love Mertens, but I think he's a striker. Tonight in 6 Rivals games (to get me over ther 22k mark for rank 1) Dybala has scored 8 and assisted 4. Wrong foot, off balance finesse goals, sexy little through balls, a chip over an on-rushing De Gea as I was running away from goal (??!?!?!!?!!!!)...can't get the ball off him at walking pace, he's a total delight. Here's me. I've got that Insigne IF ST on the bench for late shenanigans, Matuidi if I want to go 4-2-3-1 and see games out with Manolas in case anyone is on a yellow! And still Gomez because I love him as much as @Timmo and can't let go.
  4. Weird, I never knew that. How odd. How can you expect subs to make an impact of they're nerfed?
  5. So...what happens to someones chemistry if you sub them on into the wrong position? I've never been clear on this!
  6. @Pants McSkill wanted me to share his last gameplay clip.
  7. Wow, he's so bad. 205k well spent.
  8. Yeah, he's ace. I've stuck a Deadeye on Perisic so his shooting looks great now. Also he's right footed so I reckon he might chip in with a few...5* wrong foot as well, so he'll be decent at crossing.
  9. We seem to be dancing around the same players! Thought I'd give Perisic a go, Costa on my bench...
  10. I'm going to do a week on, week off and just play other stuff. Have a little break.
  11. Hmm, cool, ok, I'll give it a bash. We need to activate...THE PANT SIGNAL. @Pants McSkill @Pants McSkill
  12. I've tried Dybala up front yeah, was't keen...this was '17 though. Not tried Higs at CAM, but he scores so many in the air for me, he's so strong and good at heading, I need him as far forwards as possible! I don't think the absolute unit would make many speedy runs into the box...have you played with thim there, or know anyone that does?

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