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  1. Windmill like a T-Rex.
  2. Delayed. Not out this year anymore. But we all know it'll be worth it.
  3. The PES demo is mint. But we all know the online will be a bag of spanners, so there's literally no point in even getting exited about it.
  4. If you buy the DLC, you get an Officers Academy Uniform for Byleth! I know it must sound like it, but i don't work for Nintendo.
  5. The Season Pass is only £17.99 too, which bumps your eShop points up even more! Let's be honest, most of us are going to be buying the season pass anyway, so might as well not pay the full £25 and add a few extra pennies.
  6. The reviews make it sound like Fire Emblem 4: Golden, which actually made me buy an alcoholic energy drink earlier, so I can force my aging frame to stay up a bit past 1am.
  7. Quick note....Road Redemption is really good, especially if you liked Road Rash back in the day. I have it on PC though, so not sure if there's any issues with the Switch port, but it's great fun...keep coming back to it and it's not been deleted from my pile of shame and I've had it since early access, so it must be doing something right. Right?
  8. I think I'm L25-ish and haven't touched any of the DLC at all, I'm still on the original games content... Is it worth me just plodding on and ploughing through it all? I don't understand these fast track, levelling up things you can buy...is it just so I can get to a level needed to kick off Heavensward/Stormblood? Has anyone done it? Ta!
  9. Sale is due to start at 6pm... https://www.whenisthenextsteamsale.com/
  10. That Deus Ex is all I refer to when I think of how 2077 might turn out. In DE: MD, the level/quest options were just threefold? If I remember correctly: Kill everything, stealth about, or hack/bit of both? I can't see 2077 being much different... I really, honestly worry about the statements from Miles Tost when he says stuff like perks will unlock different dialogue trees (how many perks are there!), your characters look will mean certain characters will react differently to you, your characters background that's created at the start of the game will lead to affiliations with similar 'classes' (grew up on the streets? Hoodrats will like you. Corporate? Suits will warm to you, etc). I just cannot see how this much branching is possible. So much time and effort spent on stuff people will never see? You can only have so many CGI cut scenes....can you really have 20+ different endings? But then again, they had what...250 staff for developing Witcher 3 and now there's nearly 900. So maybe they can.
  11. It's because all of us rich PC gamers have flipped to the PS4 version after they took away our beloved Steam option.
  12. I'm going to have to get Mario & Sonic.* *for the kids.
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