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  1. Splatoon 1/2 are the best examples of gyro controls on WiiU and Switch. Just magnificent to play with and I generally fucking hate gyro/waggle.
  2. The objectives for Atal are nonsense though. Fuck that!
  3. Your expected order availability: December 2021 ( Sorry everyone. None of my friends or family care in the slightest and this is the only place I can 'flex'. )
  4. Steam Deck specs mistake corrected....gets an upgrade...now looks even better. https://www.pcgamer.com/uk/steam-deck-memory-channels-lpdd5/ https://www.pcgamer.com/uk/steam-deck-memory-channels-lpdd5/
  5. Same. I had Steam wallet funds, I think that was the key. But I did have my finger on the button to reserve and watched my PC's time tick over to 6pm...3rd time it went through and got my email invoice at 6:01, with a purchase time of 6pm. Well lucky.
  6. Same here, my order went through at 18:00 and I had email confirmation at 18:01. My Reservation Expected order availability date is blank too.
  7. I get his concerns, but comparing to Series S hardware which (can) run games at 1440p @120Hz...this only has run at 720p @60Hz? Surely it's more than powerful enough?
  8. Deck vs. Switch and the games you can get on one, but not on the other....has it's own Twitter account already.
  9. It says that for me as well...yet my reservation went through at 6pm. It's all fucked.
  10. Keep trying, it worked 3rd time for me, but I did have credit in my account - may have been easier?
  11. I've had one these for ages for my Switch, loads more comfortable. Looks similar... https://www.amazon.co.uk/Hori-Split-Black-Nintendo-Switch/dp/B08FJ7XY3B
  12. I'm poised on the Steam app page that says 'add it to your wishlist' and will click that at 6pm, which will go to the links to add...this one:
  13. Can't reserve until 6pm tomorrow UK time.
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