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  1. Mitchell

    Have you ever completely mastered a game?

    I remember spending my bus fare (10p!) on trying to complete Double Dragon with a mate at a funfair...when we got to the end and had to fight each other, it blew our tiny minds. Although it made the walk home quite awkward.
  2. Mitchell

    Anthem - Demo January 25th (VIP) 1st Feb (Open)

    You can also buy a VIP demo code on CD Keys for £3.99..... Why you wouldn't just stump up the same for an Origin Access month and get the same VIP demo code, I have no idea!
  3. Why haven't you got Handanovic, you madman. He's only 38k.
  4. Yeah, same. I've not played for about 6 weeks or so now, I think. Not missed it.
  5. Mitchell


    Why all of a sudden do I have over 20 updates?? I was online yesterday?
  6. Mitchell

    Speedruns - AGDQ2019 Jan 6th-13th

    I can't find the full Sonic 1 video (do they usually get posted fully again anywhere?) just this clip. Dr Fatbody just made it so much fun to watch. He pulled off most tricks just to put on a show, not really caring about his time, it was excellent to see.
  7. Mitchell

    Speedruns - AGDQ2019 Jan 6th-13th

    This is amazing. Amazing.
  8. Ah fuck it, if FIFA was your only digital game, then it's not much of a loss. I'd be screwed, as I have years and years worth of digital PSP/Vita/PS3/PS4 stuff on it! You can get a top Serie A team in no time by just playing, as you well know. You'll have to let us know how RTG is, I've never played anything but FUT. Congratulations on escaping from the cult!
  9. ???? What happened? Why the claim back? Don't you lose that account if you do that?
  10. If they were all bought with FIFA points, thats about £1.5m. In about 5 minutes. For just those packs. What must they have made over Xmas? Or Black Friday? Mind boggling.
  11. Mitchell

    Anthem - Demo January 25th (VIP) 1st Feb (Open)

    PC requirements just released....Win 10!
  12. Christ. I just watched the 30 player pack (2000 Fifa Points/100,000 coins) go from 100k available to 0 in about 4 minutes from 7pm. Again, fucking...christ. How much money are they making? Mental.
  13. Mitchell

    New Super Mario Bros U Deluxe (2019)

    What have they added?

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