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  1. I loved CT. It was on my list for a long, long time as well @Qazimod, I'd started it on a few ocassions, but always drifted. Then, as luck would have it, a difficult childbirth appears! Stuck in the hospital with my (then) SO trying to unsuccessfully push a baby out, I had 2 full days to plow through it as she was basically asleep. It was a much welcome distraction which yielded two sucesses: a baby and a completion. I played on the Vita and the loading times were...unbearable... ...but I plowed through. I've since read that the DS version is the
  2. I use the app. Go to My Library, Captures, tap what you want to share, then Share and you'll see this screen with a load of options. YouTube isn't there as a direct upload option, but if you tap 'More', it will download it to your phone, then give you more choices (YouTube being at the end)
  3. Look at this stupid grinning fucking face.
  4. Ha! Ok...I can literally do this with fodder (I don't use Jones anymore and can't fit in Areola, never used Veratti, etc.) Give me 5 minutes.
  5. He's great. You know how over 6ft players have a certain...languid, lollopy style? Not as snappy as a sub-six footer? He moves like fucking Insigne.
  6. I sold Garrincha to fund the delightful Valverde* and thought I'd give Atal a whirl, as he looks decent. Then I'll have a 5* WF on the left (Neymar) and right with Mbappe in the middle. *He is fucking....with Gladiator, 90+ rated in all 6 catagories. That's a Gullit level of insanity. Well worth the coin. I've not used him yet.
  7. UEFA President is angrymad.
  8. I'm now here and similar to Hannay, not sure where to go. I love Mbappe & Neymar too much to part with them. Vidal is great but....not amazing. I tried Zanetti at LB and hated him, was dreadful So I've gone with sweaty Mendy. Defense is insane, Messi ridic...etc.
  9. FIFA............The Sequel. (But at least it wasn't me this time and I can laugh along with the rest of you.)
  10. I love Neymar, he's so fun to play with. That 5* WF has got me out of some scrapes.
  11. That's odd, I think I ordered after you and went for the cheap 'free' delivery option and it came after lunch. Have you got it? There's still hope! I wasn't expecting the steel box or the cat/doggo keyrings...if anyone wants them, PM me, they will just sit in a drawer...
  12. Seeing as I have contributed to your life in some small way, can you please return the favour and tell us about the episodes of Sky One's Games World you starred in? Are we talking the Bob Mills wonder years or Andy Collins slippery slope? But most importantly, did you meet Jet?!
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