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  1. Maybe this is all just a clever ruse to kickstart Nintendo into releasing Advance Wars: Re-Boot Camp.
  2. All I seem to play is bots? Anyone noticed this as well (Android)? Also, is there an easy way to see what cards are due to be upgraded, without having to scroll through your entire poxy deck and look for some wiggly animation?
  3. Nah, doesn't work. Or didn't for me anyway. The 'Available in' timer disappeared and 'Play' was greyed out. Set it back to UK and says it's available in 6 hours 14.
  4. Maybe she'll get kidnapped or something and Madysinn will have to fill in for her.
  5. I've done the same, will see if I fancy it after a month....PC gets it a day early too on the 26th, not 27th, I've just been told. If you go on Futbin and spend 5 minutes creating a team, it all makes sense really quickly. I think it's for the best (team wise!). They've nerfed Hunter/Shadow a little though, from what I can tell.
  6. He will be banned from computers and touch-tone telephones until his 18th birthday, then he will hack a local TV station.
  7. Alleged GTA hacker isn't even old enough to buy GTA.
  8. You can make your own fun and forage for food. Shiver is right. Gear all the way, you IDIOT HOLE*. It looks like Freddy Krueger's jumper, that is epic. *
  9. Does anyone know this, or is it random or something? Needing 10 chunks to add one ability with Much is brutal....
  10. Q: if I scrub a t-shirt with 3 ability slots, do I get 3 Ability Chunks? Also, what's the deal with having the same ability 2/3 times? Is there any upside/downside to it? My headphones have unlocked 2 of the same... Seems as if the 2nd ability only adds 0.3? I think I've answered my own question...
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