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  1. Yeah, it has a story. "Your name is Ford and you work for Monagon, who are developing a virtual OS. The story picks up with you going into Monagon OS, barricading a door and going into this game for what seems to be the last time." It seemed to me that the enemies were kinda Matrix-esque viruses? The last bit from about 10 minutes is a sandbox thing you can mess in.
  2. You only need 11 wins to get SIlver 1, so you'll be fine, if you're in Div 7, I reckon. Don't be afraid to quit out if you're out of your depth in any games though, saves time and fitness! I can't remember the last time I managed all 30 games, it's too many. Silver 3 is 1000 WL points, so even if you only get 6/7 wins, you're halfway there.
  3. So tempted to draw a little moustache, but I think it would be in bad taste.
  4. Put Futbin on dark mode! I am obsessed with Futbins stats... FWIW x 2....I'd argue that for a CDM, mid 70's pace is fine as long as you have Agility over 80*. Seriously, try this out. Get a Guardian Chem card and try it for a few games, he can turn and jockey so much quicker once you hit that magic green 80 mark, he feels like a different player. No fucker will be able to get past him, so you won't need the extra few points of pace! Also his ball control and dribbling gets better, which is handy. Depends how you play though, I suppose, but I always take control of the CDM when defending every attack and just sit him in front of the CB's and block passing lanes, etc. *So you need to do Pants swanky formation trick to get everyone to 10 chem!!
  5. What DIV are you in? I'm kinda the same, but I do tend to have a drink or four, so I get slightly drunk and get more and more stupid/daring as I play. Mostly it works and it's like when you get better at pool around the 2-4 pint mark. And then it's all downhill....
  6. Yeah, the only problem with the Prem is there are only really 2.5* good CB's, and one of those is VVD! The other is the Scream Otamendi, which you don't have enough money for....so if you're playing 3 at the back, you're going to be left with a couple of dodgy fuckers. *I like Laporte!
  7. I've been messing with Ndidi and played with him on Anchor/Guardian/Shadow and I have to say, Guardian is by far the best fit for him. His agility sneaks into the light green 80+ barrier, which feels so much easier to use as a CDM, as you can change direction quicker and jockeying is snappier. I would much rather have 80+ Agility and mid-70's Pace, than have 80-90 Pace and 70ish Agility.
  8. For 500k you could get Sane as well! I tell you what, the SIF McGinn is great as well. I have sold my IF Wijnaldum and replaced him with McGinn, he's that good.
  9. How does balance and agility affect defensive players? Does agility affect jockeying, even though it's in the Dribbling category? Like, can a CDM jockey better with higher agility? Or is it all about the acceleration?
  10. Absolute load of wank. Highlight was TOTW Nsamé.
  11. I just saw a great comment on Alisson's Futbin page that says: "Alimum and Alidad are very proud of you."
  12. OK, I wish you 17 Alex Meret's.
  13. I wish everyone TOTW CAM Nainggolans for breakfast tomorrow. Much love.
  14. Best stamina right sided forwards are Salah (85), Sancho (80) and WIllian (80), Scream Hulk (83), Scream Adama (!) (80) or a bunch of icons!
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