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  1. Mitchell

    Ultimate Team

    Ha! Anything to bring any kind of pain and suffering to these little piggies! Because their football isn't bringing them any.
  2. Mitchell

    The Division 2

    Pretty cool map with locations of everything... https://division2map.com/
  3. Mitchell

    The Division 2

    He mentioned it was 'a close call' in the comment section of the review itself, so it nearly got a recommended but didn't because the story was 'awful' and it's stance 'repugnant'. I get hardy any spare time in my life now, yet I've managed to play 12 hours since Friday and think about it a lot...I coudn't give two flying fucks about the story or it's political stance. It's quite easy to ignore. If I want a quality story driven game, I'll stick on Edith Finch or Firewatch. I won't buy Wreckfest? He also said that "..the standard for whether or not we badge a game is, simply, 'would you recommend this a friend' and honestly, the caveats I'd have to give them in order to say they should get it are too many." I like Johnny, but this is complete and utter shit. After listing all of the amazing things this gets right, just end it with "...but story is wank". That's it! That's all the caveat there is! And if your friends still take the piss, then you need new friends.
  4. Mitchell

    The Division 2

    He means through GeForce Now. Not GeForce 'now'! What skills are you running? Solo, I find an attack drone is very handy with the chem launcher (fire).
  5. Mitchell

    The Division 2

    Cheers man, will try that later. I do have the parkour stuff on, so that's going off. I'll switch the cover to fast too, I already had the 'press to corner' on after watching a tip video. I'm still a bit confused how to exit cover, is it just S to back out? And space to stand up? Is there no other way? It's a bit odd if I'm in cover and the enemy surprises me from the side, so I'm aiming at them, but completely open to attack yet still 'stuck' to a wall in cover. So pressing back (S) doesn't work, as I'm sideways on the cover, if that makes sense? I keep pressing CTRL like a div.
  6. Mitchell

    The Division 2

    It's so fucking good. I'm not really a shooter fan, but this is crack. I really have to lay off pressing CTRL and jumping on top of stuff so Hyenas can kill me... The gunplay is so tight and fun... recoil/spray, damage and reload timing for each gun really feels varied, but not so much so that you feel overwhelmed. It's a blast finding a new weapon and going back to somewhere you failed at and dominating. Love my little drone too. Can't wait to beef it up.
  7. Mitchell

    The Division 2

    Thanks for your help earlier...I was so surprised to see someone there, I celebrated by jumping off the 2nd floor balcony. I have now learnt how to emote as well, I wasn't being ignorant!
  8. Mitchell

    The Division 2

    I think it's just carlospie? That's who I just sent a friend requerst too anyway...mine is the very catchy 'stemitch8'.
  9. Mitchell

    The Division 2

    https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2019-03-08-the-division-2s-day-one-patch-is-90gb-for-physical-edition-owners-on-ps4 ...although, he says this at the end of the story: UPDATE: It appears there are some inconsistencies regarding day one download sizes across Ubisoft's support pages. This one, for instance, claims PS4 owners with physical copies of The Division 2 will require a 48-52GB download in order to play at launch (which is still a significant undertaking, mind).
  10. Mitchell

    The Division 2

    Oh cool, cheers. When I read Eurogamers story about it, it read like there was a day one patch for 50gb on top of the pre-load. Yay.
  11. Mitchell

    The Division 2

    It's only £35 on CD Keys (PC)! Maybe buy it soonish, so you can pre-load before patching at 11. Speaking of which, does anyone know how big the PC patch is? I have pre-loaded, so I assume I've got another 50gb one to suffer through later? @spork @Strategos
  12. Mitchell

    What games did you complete? 2019 Edition

    Little bit of a cheat this one...as It's been on the go since release such is my pile of shame, but SUE ME. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided - At last. Was stuck for a bit, then lost for another...now finally put it to bed. A very good romp too. I loved the perks, the augmentatiuons, story was decent, side quests were very good. Cyberpunk has a lot to live up too. I had a really shite ending though?! Just staring at a TV screen for 5 minutes while someone read a load of news stories and basically everyone died. Onwards! I see Pokemon: Let's Go Pikachu falling next, or maybe Yakuza 0.... Previously
  13. Mitchell

    The Division 2

  14. Mitchell

    The Division 2

    Every time I click this it says it's expired? Is it me doing something wrong?
  15. Mitchell

    Nintendo eShop (Software Chatter)

    Excellent. I'm only in here sporadically, so this passed me by. I tend to play 90% handheld, so this will be a welcome addition. I saw that you post about shmups a lot so thought I'd give you a nod!

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