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  1. Is something fishy happening? Can't log into Xbox Live, on PC or Xbox S or One, can't play FIFA online as get an unusual message saying 'Entering a match has been temporarily disabled'. Activision stuff like COD Blops weirding out... All we can do is watch the Playstation State Of Play stream! That's not suspicious...
  2. I was told the other day by a mate (who was taking 'lessons' from a pro player that he met in a FUT trading Discord...) that if you quit your Weekend League matches, it doesn't count towards your matchmaking. So if you won 4, then matchmaking pitted you against another 4-0 player who took a lead and you quit....the next time you were matched with anyone it would be against a 4-0 player. Not someone that had just lost their last game. I never knew this! I always quit!! Not enough time in the day at weekends...I bloody won't now. Just put the controller down and wait 10 minutes.
  3. "A Chain is As Strong As The Weakest Link outsourced Customer Service agent."
  4. I'd steer clear of this .exe, I get a virus warning, as do many people in the comments on the YouTube page. But all the thing does is create an .ini file which you can do yourself. Just create one, name it anything, paste in the below (taken from the tool), stick it in the engine>config>platform>pc folder and away you go. I've had about a 10-15 FPS increase. [Developer/FeatureToggles] Antialiasing = True Bloom = True CharacterLightBlockers = False CharacterRimEnhancement = False CharacterSubsurfaceScattering = True ChromaticAberration = True
  5. They're fast on PC too (after doing the config change). Were really slow before, 20-30 seconds.
  6. Wow, that config file change is just such a simple thing to do for such a huge gain. I was running pretty much everything at low before (4690k/1070 @ 21:9 1080p) but now running nearly all at high, bar a couple of tips from here. 60FPS now, even in the city. I did read that it mostly helps with older CPU's (like mine) so YMMV, but worth a try.
  7. If anyone like me is trying to play this on PC with an older card (1070 on a 21:9 1080p screen), this guide really helped. Along with dialling back the pedestrians to medium and the FOV to 70/75. Not sure if the patch has helped as well, but now runs a lot smoother. Good news!
  8. I just stood and literally looked at a Policeman (who was tapping away on his gun sideways, like it was a PDA ) and boom: warrant issued. What's the criteria for doing illegal things in this game? It seems just fucking random. I'm pretty close to refunding, I must admit...bugs galore, people disappearing, walking through walls, floating, T-posing, no textures...a police chase ended with me hiding out of sight, but they were still alerted, so I thought I'll engage. Then in the middle of the gunfight, I was moving backwards and they just all gave up and walked away!
  9. Cherami Leigh is the female V in this and her VO is great. She's not as Batman as Asassins Creed Eivor...that was a little silly at times. She sounds quite 'normal', not the usual trope of a forced, street girl 'I'm tough!' rasp.
  10. It made my game go all glitchy in the menus, like I couldn't scroll through anything and then the pointer would get stuck. Had to uninstall it.
  11. Well, PC Gamer got the shitty, buggy version of the game, that was then patched with (essentially) the Day 1 patch and still ended their review with: "Play it in a few months." I'm gonna pass for a bit, I think.
  12. When do RTTF Europa cards get upgraded? If they can't be caught, do EA still wait until the round is over?
  13. it's horrible! I hate it. I only play every two weeks, because it's just a frustration-fest. A lot of players do whatever it takes to win, with amazing teams. Rivals is much more fun. But give it a whirl, as the rewards can be decent....but be prepared...put that controller on a bungee cord.
  14. It might be a personal preference, but I can't get on with anyone over 6 foot in the middle. Can't play with Pog, don't like Llorente, Sissoko, Ndidi...I adore Allan and Kante (obvs). Because jockeying is such a big part of how I play when defending, I need that speed of movement, changing direction. There's a huge difference in agility when it's over 80, especially if a player is under 6ft. Like, the difference between a 6 foot 80+ agility player vs. a 5'11 80+ agility player is sooo noticable.
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