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  1. Ha! That's really like mine, but just a bit weird.
  2. Aaaay, about time you had some quality pulls, great stuff. Dembele is the shizzle, only 6 other players apparently have 5* skills and weak foot.
  3. I recorded a clip for you @Pants McSkill, with my PHONE. Fucking PC's. This was 3 double flicks in a row, Cuadrado vs. Marcelo.
  4. I was looking at Serie A RB's earlier, and saw that Danilo went from 2k to 9k in a day. What's going on?! https://www.futbin.com/20/player/23949/Danilo+Luiz+da+Silva
  5. Yeah, having quality lumps of meat in front of the keeper is a must. I'm lucky I suppose, that one of mine (Manolas) is pacey anyway, which is good as I can't find any poxy shadow cards for sale anyway.
  6. Sorry, it's single or double flick, I'm getting mixed up with the old double/triple tap crossing. Single flick the right stick to knock the ball on (when sprinting), in the direction you flick the stick. A single flick knocks it on a little, a double even more. If your guy is fast, as you run a teeny bit quicker without the ball, you can easily stay ahead of the defender if you knock it into space. Do it before your winger/attacker has even recieved the ball. Then you can do it again while running, to stay ahead. Weirdly, it doesn't show the double flick in the instructions....just the single.
  7. Jockey, jockey, jockey. I know you said you are doing, but it doesn't look like it in the first few minutes of the video? I hardly take my fiinger off the jockey button when defending and rarely actually tackle (unless I actually fucking certain I'm going to get the ball, or am desperate). As someone (can't remember who) said in this thread a while ago, you can get success by just jockeying and sprint jockeying, blocking passes/shots and just running into your opponent. I mean, I am using Koulibaly, Manolas and Allan though, so it's probably 'easier' for me! The first goal, you didn't switch quick enough and track the runner, I'd be taking control of your number two much earlier and just jockeying in front of him. The second goal, you had a brain fart and moved your number 3 in a random direction and let them in! Again, just stay inbetween the ball the goal and jockey. I don't mean that to sound condenscending...but the amount of blocks I get by just doing that is huge. Someone battered me last night, like 3x the amount of chances, was much the better player, but I won 2-0 with two breakaway goals and blocked 80% of their shots. As for attacking, I use the 1-2's with fucking everyone apart from my CDM. I hardly cross, unless it's along the floor with RB, and they are generally cut backs. I always double stick flick/triple stick flick to get past defenders before I've recieved the ball...I'm playing 4-1-2-1-2 with and LM and RM. Which is basically 5-0-5! No big attacking players, all fast and average height/small (Mertens, Insigne, Costa, Dybala, Cuadrado). I just can't get on with players like Lukaku/etc, I don't think crossing works very well, no point in having a big lump. No fancy instructions apart from telling my CDM to stay back on attacks and I only did that last night...this was because I noticed Allan creeping up my scoring charts. Just got into Div 4.
  8. Would an RB driven cross count? They seem to be the only way I can score with crossing, even with a beast like Lukaku up front. But then I have really pacey wingers, so get in behind a lot!
  9. ...coming to Rockstar Game Launcher, Epic Games Store, GMG and Humble on November 5th. Steam doesn't get it until "December". Weird.
  10. The controls are mouse driven (that aims the cursor) so I assume it'll be difficult to hone and probably take a while (seeing as it's a small developer) to come up with a way to transfer M+K to a controller. They have said they'll look into other platforms when it's out of early access though. So hard to be accurate using a stick to aim vs a mouse and what with it being a hard game, fuck.....it'd be maddening with twin sticks unless they had some sort of aim assist...but then does it spoil it? Is it the same game?
  11. It's nothing like Gungeon really. More...Spelunky? if you like Gungeon, have you played Nuclear Throne? I personally prefer it! Noita is very fun though, although I do agree it's on the hard side and certainly needs/deserves a sandbox mode.
  12. Excellent. I fucking loved Bale in '19. He dug me out of more holes than Griezmann and Suarez.
  13. Have you tried Rebić? Bung a Sniper on him...
  14. Blimey, that's not great.... ....but amazing for nothing! You'll never need to buy any contract cards, fitness cards or chem cards for aaaages. And by the time you've sold all your crap, you'll have a fat stack.
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