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  1. Could the 'safe crypt' talk be a double bluff by the writers and it is actually safe? Otherwise I am seriously concerned about the writing quality of these last few remaining episodes. So hamfisted. Did GRRM write any dialogue or plot for this last season?
  2. Cost of the UHD drive is irrelevant. It's how much Microsoft can gain back via digital sales at RRP+++. Lose £100 now, gain back far more by selling new games digitally at £59.99 with no cheaper physical discs/second hand market option cannibalising profits. That's why it needed to be priced at £99 to entice people. Not £199. Who does that entice when as mentioned you can buy one with a drive and a couple of new games for £209?
  3. AI1

    EU tariffs on game consoles

    I could be wrong, but If the parent company origins are in the US (Microsoft) then I can see tariffs being applied to the Xbox brand regardless of where it is manufactured. They are an American company. Sony Corporation are Japanese, but Sony Interactive Entertainment is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sony Corporation of America. So don't know if this affects PlayStation? Then you have Nintendo of America...
  4. Also won't bundles be hard to come by seeing as retailers will need to use digital codes and not mountains of unsold discs (such as Fallout 76, etc)?
  5. So this is priced at £199 on Amazon UK - no bundle. Or...£209 for a One S (same physical size + 1TB HDD) with a 4K UHD drive + Forza Horizon 4 + Division 2/Anthem/Battlefield V + Abilty to buy/trade/swap 2nd hand games. What a dilemma!
  6. Also in the 'Asda price' image above, it states 4K Ultra HD/HDR. What does that relate to now it has no BluRay UHD drive? Streaming Netflix?
  7. By pricing this as they have (£200-£230) and as a consumer (who would then have to buy all their games through Microsoft Store: £RRP+++), I would expect some/all of the following at that price: significant changes to the size/design of the console, include a 2TB HDD minimum (seeing as it's all digital) and a 12 month Gold/Game Pass sub included. It's quite apparent that the only one who benefits from removing the disc drive is Microsoft. As a customer (at that price point) it's lose, lose. As I said earlier - £99, fine, whatever. For example, a quick check at the Xbox digital store shows Forza 7 Standard Edition £39.99. Amazon disc price £27.85 (new). Other Amazon sellers: £12 (second hand). Upcoming new Star Wars game £59.99...you get the point. Imagine being an unaware parent at Christmas and buying this with some cheap disc games for Little Johnny and wondering where the discs go. Then realising Microsoft have basically ruined Christmas and Little Johnny has to be put into care due to you having a mental/nervous breakdown. In conclusion: Fuck you Microsoft, ya robbin' bastards.
  8. This is seriously priced too high. A quick check on Amazon shows you can buy a brand new 1TB Xbox One S (inc. disc drive!) with Forza Horizon 4 (not 3) and either Battlefield V, Division 2 or Anthem for £209. What is the point in buying this which gives you less for your money? Bizarre. It really needs to be priced at £99.
  9. AI1

    Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

    Then I'd have to blame myself for when I die in a clumsy way/waste a precious item for the hundreth time. Not gonna happen. *Throws controller at the wall and chucks disc out the window* *Dusts hands* ...And that's the end of that chapter! Let's burn down From Software studios so this never happens again!
  10. AI1

    Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice

    Up on the dpad for quick items is bullshiiite. GuAp done. Onwards.

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