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  1. No excuses! The game was expensive. It should be delivered by limousine on a gold pillow right to my current location wherever I am in the world.
  2. Hermes couldn't deliver my special edition. Didn't leave it with a neighbour either. They're going to redeliver tomorrow. When I'm at work again. Great. WHY DON'T SMYTHS USE ROYAL MAIL! I could at least collect it from the depot.
  3. Anyone had a special edition delivered yet? I'm at work so I'm hoping it will fit through the letterbox and not be chucked through a closed window or delivered to a neighbour 3 miles away. Courier is Hermes. Is that bad?
  4. New single from new album! Pretty catchy tune. P.S. No idea who Years & Years are.
  5. AI1

    Nintendo Switch

    Those presenters. Yikes. Do you think there will be an option to throw the ring in the bin and play it with a pro controller lounging on the sofa instead?
  6. Burgle My Bananas is just a hot mess of a feature and not in a good way. DK64 was an utterly abysmal game 20 years ago and time has not been kind since and it is painful to watch them struggle with this unplayable shite running at 12 fps with N64 blur-o-vision and confusing level design. The rules of the feature are just convoluted and completely random. Why they have to have physical bananas and props going back and forth and not just have someone totting up the scores using an on-screen display is baffling. Just wait till someone has to lose half their bananas in week 12 and have to physically count out 237 bananas is going to be real entertaining for everyone.
  7. I'm so worried I just shat myself. KOJIMA!!!!!
  8. Well I guess you pay for quality. Time to get 3 more jobs.
  9. Taken with my cheap(ish) Sony Cyber-Shot DSC - HX350 on a trip to Cornwall. Never owned a 'Proper' camera before, so have absolutely no idea what I'm doing regarding settings, etc. Regardless, I think some of these look nice.
  10. Yaaaaaaaasssssssssssssssss!!!!!!
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