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  1. Played through a hefty chunk of this on WiiU at launch then stopped because a) framerate and b) I then got a Switch and rebought it again. I then realised I couldn't face restarting from beginning again so shelved it for a year. Then this week finally decided to restart again. Finding and discovering new areas via Shrines and Towers is wonderful. I think I took down 3 of the Divine Beasts on WiiU but have only bothered to do 1 so far on Switch. Not a fan of them really. Also the framerate is still arse in places even on the Switch which is a shame. But apart from that I'm lovin' it again and might finish this eventually. I just wish I could have been able to move my save across from WiiU to Switch. Edit: I also gave 100 rupees to some gambling guy in the 'Wind Waker' fishing village. I'm never seeing him or my money again am I?
  2. They really need to synchronise SD with HD transmissions. Hearing the neighbours reaction to something before it happens on my screen is bollocks.
  3. James Bond 25: 'Hidden toilet camera' found at studio https://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-beds-bucks-herts-48722345 The Spy Who Taped Me For My Eyes Only A View To A Wank Etc.
  4. Turok was £69.99 but also needed the memory pak expansion to save your game progress which was around £15 though.
  5. AI1

    Cadence of Hyrule

    How much is this?
  6. I've heard from E3 hands-on that the framerate inside houses, etc was fine but outside it's not so great and there are jaggies also. Hope this is fixed before release if so. I played and completed the original back in '93 and this looks like a fantastic remake.
  7. Actually, Limmy wins E3:
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