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  1. And Code: Veronica. And 7. Redo 5 and 6 whilst you're at it.
  2. I dub this game RE 3make.
  3. Oops! Sorry everyone. Still, probably better than the real thing.
  4. Who was piloting the It was empty inside!
  5. Pizza not flat = FISSION MAILED
  6. AI1

    Half-Life: Alyx

    I thought whilst what they have shown looks good, it's not the bleeding edge revolutionary Half-Life or VR moment I was expecting from Valve. The only thing from that short trailer that is a step up over VR available right now is moving stuff around on shelves by swiping your hand at the objects. Of course they could be holding stuff back before revealing it. If you check out 'Blood and Truth' on PSVR you will see there's not much difference in the gameplay from that video. Just replace London with City 17 and East End Gangsters with The Combine.
  7. You only demolish stuff in your game. It doesn't affect other players.
  8. Well where is it? I NEED HALF LIFE 3!!!
  9. @Stanley You can try again. Just reload a save.
  10. Get ready to have your mind blown: https://www.google.co.uk/maps
  11. The Power of The Cloud! What year is it?
  12. Under the influence of something. Like the crowd.
  13. Oh boy. Tell us more about your Kart game!
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