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  1. Yeah the Wii could play GameCube discs because it was the same hardware x2, similar to PS4 to PS4 Pro. The Switch is completely different hardware.
  2. Yes, my great, great grandson works for Atari.
  3. PS5 will play PS4 discs so it doesn't need to 'come to PS5' does it?
  4. Well deserved set of Oscars for this film. Loving the artwork for the Blu-ray steel book cover too: Interesting the way Parasite is written in both directions as when you think about it it's not just the poor family leeching off the the wealthy family to survive. The rich too leech off the poor for their services and hard-work for minimal pay to keep the household running and doing the menial jobs and tasks they don't want to do. Capitalism in a nutshell.
  5. AI1

    Uncut Gems

    Enjoyable film but...
  6. Just watched this last night. Was this meant to be a comedy horror? Why was everything so OTT? Comedy 7/10 Horror 3/10 Experience 11/10
  7. Hmm is it? I pay £29.99 for Plusnet 72mb and afaik BT Infinity is only 36mb and Infinity 2 is 72mb. £15 extra x 24 months = £360 for half-speed fibre plus an Xbox One X which can now be bought new (quick check) on Amazon with Star Wars Jedi Fallen order for £342. No deal
  8. Death Standing is definitely not coming to PC. Edit: 888 posts! Woop!
  9. Got to say I'm pretty happy with the new album. Think I'll be adding a few b-sides to the playlist and probably chucking Wedding in Berlin in the bin. Possibly on course to be no.1 in the UK charts too, but I'm sure streaming of other artists in the top 5 will take that spot away from them as usual.
  10. Quantic Dream are now third party.
  11. I think it's obvious how dopey the general public are considering the results of the EU ref and last general election.
  12. So when Sony went with checkerboard 4K with the PS4 Pro at £349 and Microsoft released a more powerful system aimed at native 4K with the Xbox One X at £449, who made the correct business decision do you think?
  13. If it's good enough for Columbo, it's good enough for Bond: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0103987/?ref_=ttep_ep2
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