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  1. #Heardle #83 ️️️️️ https://www.heardle.app
  2. Hang on (again), does this mean the official FIFA branded game will have fake player names and teams if EA has the rights to all that?
  3. Hang on, the FIFA licence is just...the name FIFA and the World Cup imagery? $1 Billion? Wut.
  4. If your TV is 60hz and a game's framerate isn't locked down to either 30 or 60 fps (ie. it fluctuates) then you will see the game stuttering when it goes from say 60 down to 40fps. The stutter is caused by the screen always updating at 60 times a second but the game updating lower than this so the display has to duplicate previous frames whilst waiting for the next new frame. VRR doesn't improve game frame rates, but it will refresh the display only when it has a new frame to display, so duplicate frames cannot happen. This gives the viewer a much smoother viewing experience. Bloodborne will never appear to be 60fps as it is locked to 30fps and also has other issues with it's frame rate called frame-pacing which whilst similar to the above, instead of giving the display 30 unique frames it will occasionally duplicate the previous frame(s) (which is an issue with its game engine not the hardware or display it runs on).
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