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  1. I played probably a third of this game last year and stopped playing for whatever reason. Might go back to it on PS5 if my save can be carried over and continue on. Here's a nice pic of a sunset I took in game. Lovely stuff.
  2. AI

    The Medium

    Somewhere between 0 and 100.
  3. I watched most of the discussion for Best Looking game on YouTube yesterday and what I don't understand is why don't they make a microscopic bit of effort and pull up some actual footage of the games whilst they are talking? Try to make things a bit more enjoyable for people watching hours of tedious discussion whilst 5 or 6 of them sit there looking bored and disinterested? It might also help them get to a conclusion quicker. The arguments from some of them for prefering one game over another are utterly dire in some cases and mostly nonsensical. It normally leads to just slagging
  4. Yeah...I think not only has the hype train derailed, it has also ploughed into a school and a hospital. *Jerry Seinfeld hands in the air* gif.
  5. I'm currently playing the PS5 version after my brother lent me his PS4 disc copy yesterday. I put the disc in and selected the PS5 upgrade from the '...' menu. Are people on here not able to do this? Or do you have an issue with a digital version of the game or something? Anyway, played a few hours and whilst it's pretty dated with the character models, animation and has terrible voice acting (and at one point I accidentally drove through a building and clipped through the map...and the game also crashed to a black screen at one point), I found the game to be pretty goo
  6. @JPL Just found this Amazon review for Call of Duty: Cold War. Is this you?
  7. They say near the start (2 mins) 120Hz and raytracing is only available on PS5/SX. There were a lot of people on here stating that Series S would be absolutely identical to Series X apart from resolution. So what happened?
  8. IT'S ARRIVED!!! (My PSVR camera adaptor) Perfect timing seeing as my PS5 is arriving later on! Good job Sony.
  9. Already started with Assassin's Creed Valhalla hasn't it?
  10. Ask to swap it for a Wii U?
  11. Ah ok. Shame they couldn't put the USB power socket on the back then so you could hide the power cable.
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