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  1. Usually I'm a prize sucker for Steam sales. But this time I've only purchased

    Mirrors Edge

    Sonic Racing Transformed

    System Shock 2

    And in an unprecedented move, I've given each of them a go, too.

    I'm cured! I'M CURED!

  2. Got impatient and sold my nips at Gingerling's place. Left you a bag o' Bells and some furniture for your troubles young Sir!

    Ah, I needed to add you first.

    If anyone else wants to visit in the next 40 minutes, pm me to add you if i havent already. Turnips 641 bells at the mo.

  3. i've also got a Monster Hunter recommendation code to give away.

    looks like its not needed, judging by the last page or two, but just pm me if the others have gone.

    edit - now gone

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