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  1. Commuting in London, I usually get a handful each day. Never mind Streetpasses, I'm starting to see actual real people playing their 3DS XLs out in the open! The machine is picking up some momentum, and i'm guessing its AC + word of mouth thats doing a lot of it.
  2. Same. Never seen so many flowers, btw. Was rather fetching.
  3. DAB, will you be around this evening? if so, could you add me please? 3995-7945-1676
  4. Black Wednesday. The game has everything.
  5. its fairly linear. go straight across that broken part, the path continues.
  6. Ace, on my way! Edit- all done, much appreciated. Left a tip and some pears as thanks
  7. I may be too late, but if not, could you add me too? If not, no worries 3995 7945 1676
  8. Usually I'm a prize sucker for Steam sales. But this time I've only purchased Mirrors Edge Sonic Racing Transformed System Shock 2 And in an unprecedented move, I've given each of them a go, too. I'm cured! I'M CURED!
  9. Yeah, ok. edit - looks like you've got enough, so i'll just buy my own. PM me if you need to sell one.
  10. Anyone tried Sonic Racing Transformed on PC? Edit - answered already. Gonna give it a go.
  11. What does that mean? You haven't lost your turnips, have you?
  12. Thank you both for adding me. Squigs, paid you a visit, but you were afk. Left some cash by your house, and bought a shirt. There's bags of money lying around everywhere. Is there a better way to do this? maybe bury it somewhere? (dunno if thats possible)
  13. If either of you could add me too, that'd be lovely.
  14. I'm all-in with turnips, too. Unhealthy gambling habit. Admittedly, it's only 800 nips.
  15. Stuff in the shopping catalogue: Regal clock Regal vanity Modern desk Er...that's it. Pm me if needed
  16. Ah, I needed to add you first. If anyone else wants to visit in the next 40 minutes, pm me to add you if i havent already. Turnips 641 bells at the mo.
  17. 3ds 3995-7945-1676

  18. Damn Larsen, that's generous. Owe you one.
  19. She's buying turnips for 641 bells, apparently. Of course, I don't have any... 3995-7945-1676 Chant in Vankover, if you're interested. I'll leave em open till 10. ...is that how it works? Let me know if not.
  20. mine turned up within 48 hours
  21. i've also got a Monster Hunter recommendation code to give away. looks like its not needed, judging by the last page or two, but just pm me if the others have gone. edit - now gone
  22. odd, i downloaded this on the weekend. Yeah, ok.
  23. Broken Thumbs

    The National

    Looks like Roundhouse is sold out now
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