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  1. I remember struggling on the last boss. Took a concerted effort to crack it. Got there after weeks of practice, but the experience has stopped me from ever even unwrapping the sequel.

    Biggest failure? Being shit at Typing of the Dead, despite using a keyboard every single day for the last 30 years.

    edit: wait, forget the above. My biggest failure was using the AC from my SNES in an Atari Jaguar by mistake (which I'd borrowed off a friend to play Tempest 2000), only to hear a 'pop' sound, and see a puff of smoke coming out of a joystick port.

    Needless to say I phoned my friend up straight away to tell him. 'Sorry mate, I've blown up your Jaguar'.

  2. I can't imagine Typing of the Dead with a controller, either.

    Same problem with the audio cutting out. Its not enough to ruin it (for anyone thinking of buying) but its worth noting, seeing as we've no idea if the team can patch.

  3. Halloween Sale until Nov 1st. Includes the newly added The Typing of The Dead: Overkill £7.49.

    Came here to double-check that Typing of the Dead was new to Steam, and that I wasn't loosing my mind. Sanity confirmed. Ta.

    Guess I'd better go buy it now. Just as well, as I've given away both my Dreamcast keyboards.

    (can't believe i owned two Dreamcast keyboards...)

  4. Yes, really don't see why they're cutting costs if they're charging a premium.

    I'm worried about mine. Got it sent to my uncles place (in America, natch) so I won't know till Christmas.

  5. Super Mario Galaxy

    Geometry Wars

    Animal Crossing New Leaf

    Super Mario 3D Land

    Super Hexagon



    Hotline Miami

    Jeanne d'Arc


    1 Super Mario Galaxy

    For me, this is the standout game of this generation (which is slightly shocking, as the N64 version might top it). Its got an ADHD attitude to gameplay, constantly throwing new styles at you, and frankly, its a godsend, given how quickly i get bored these days. Its got that Nintendo touch, that bit of magic. Its sequel is on my shelf, as yet unplayed (the shame)

    2 Geometry Wars

    Its last achievement (score a million points without dying) took me four years to crack. It was right on the limit of my ability. Rarely do I switch on the 360 without giving this a go, just to see if I get that perfect life. This has lasted a long, long time, and i'm showing no sign of getting bored of it.

    3 Animal Crossing New Leaf

    My current crux. There's a hint of landscaping, some feng shui, and the opportunity to be creative. I ran out of things to do on the Gamecube version, and this is basically that game, but with more space to create. I knew the game had me when I spent 30 minutes creating custom wallpaper for my music room.

    4 Super Mario 3D Land

    Played it through to the end, with a big smile on my face. A more accomplished player would scoff at its low difficulty, but luckily i'm shit, so I had a great time.

    5 Super Hexagon

    Conversely, i can't do the 3rd (hardest) level of this. But i keep trying, for some reason.

    6 Bayonetta

    Got to the end of game boss, and can't beat her. Keep meaning to go back. I honestly didn't think Ninja Gaiden Black would be topped, but this does it. The game is now hard-wired into my fingers, stuff happening independent to my brain. I'll get her if it kills me.

    9 Jeanne d'Arc

    Lot of games could've taken this space (Fire Emblem perhaps) but I'll give it to this PSP import, purely as it had me wrapped around its finger, unable to play another game, during its entire story.

    7 Portal

    I remember completing it and thinking 'damn, that was perfect'. Zero padding, short playthrough, I found myself wishing more games did this.

    8 Hotline Miami

    Like most of us, I've killed a lot of virtual dudes. They drop like flies, and I seldom bat an eyelid. This game (briefly) changed that. At least until I adjusted, and died a little bit more inside.

    10 FTL

    Played so much it started fucking with my head. Got under my skin, and stayed there. Haven't played it in a while, but thats because you have to take it one day at a time, i'm told. Beaten once, on easy. Had a Mantis who killed 11 people. He was an animal, and its the most attached i've ever been to a 2d sprite. I want to buy that Mantis a drink.

  6. Commuting in London, I usually get a handful each day.

    Never mind Streetpasses, I'm starting to see actual real people playing their 3DS XLs out in the open! The machine is picking up some momentum, and i'm guessing its AC + word of mouth thats doing a lot of it.

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