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  1. There is already, Rega and Project do one. But they aren't exactly well known brands for the general public. And the Rega is a highly fussy device.

    Ah, i just bought my brother/sister-in-law the Rega RP1 for Christmas; may I ask whats so fussy about it? What should they do/avoid to set it up properly?

    I think they're just plugging it into a speaker dock (Sonos) via a phono preamp i got em

  2. Nintendoland

    Good for multiplayer, specifically 'Mario Chase' and 'Luigi's Ghost Mansion'.

    Might be limited for regular play, but I've found it invaluable for when guests with kids need occupying.

  3. It'll just be the Wii U but the other way around. Instead of a console with a tablet attached, it'll be a tablet that's really a console - with a sort of Chromecast 'throw image on screen' tech.

    The public will 'get it' and it'll sell by the truckload, and they'll be actual fist fights in Asdas come Christmas 2016 to get one of the goddamn things.

    I have no idea what I am talking about. I hope to god Nintendo come up with something better. I'm terrified they might be releasing something that even I could come up with.

  4. Ta, card details now removed.

    Had a poke around the account management pages, and found that I have 5 devices registered.

    I have a vita, psp and ps3. I'm guessing the fourth might be my brothers old ps3, and the fifth might be the ps3 launch machine that got stolen years ago.

    The option to 'deactivate all devices' is available (apparently you can't deactivate a specific device remotely, only via the machine itself). My question is, if I deactivate all, will I need to reinstall all downloaded games? Will it cause any other issues?

    I could ask Sony customer services, of course. But I've been reading this thread, and I'm frightened.

  5. 1. Halo - playing this on legendary with my brother really forced us to communicate; such a stiff challenge (the game, and talking to my brother). Weapons with character, plus clever AI, and fun vehicles, the game that sold the machine.

    2. Oddword: Stranger's Wrath - took a little time to warm to it, but it was just great. There's a moment in the game where you're presented with the most extraordinary vista, fabulous detail and amazing draw distance. One of the best looking games of its generation.

    3. Jet Set Radio Future - JSRF nailed the soundtrack - it was just so catchy and cool. And in streamlining the graffiti dynamic from the Dreamcast original, it flowed just that little bit more. Its not perfect (neither was the original) but its class.

    4. Outrun 2 - a stunning conversion of the arcade. The Xbox pad, with its weighty analogue stick and heavy vibrations, made this my favourite home console version. Sweeping around corners in impossible drifts, it plays like the rose-tinted memory of the arcade original.

    5. Ninja Gaiden - arguably succeeded by only the Bayonetta's as the best in its genre, provided you can make it past the second boss (you have to fight both boss and camera angles). Deeper into the game, muscle memory takes over, as you gracefully decapitate mobs, a blur on the screen.

    6. Mashed - Fully Loaded - top-down vehicle combat racing, a-la Micro Machines. The Xbox had four joypad ports, which gives this the edge over the PS2 version. Just as much fun as Micro Machines.

    7. Shenmue II - the Xbox version was dubbed, unlike the Dreamcast original, which helped me get a little further. Keep meaning to go back and complete it, but I keep getting stuck in the arcades...

    8. Dead or Alive 3 - Tag-team with four players was fun. I have the reflexes of a corpse, so the finer points of fighting games are beyond me. DOA2 on Dreamcast was a favourite of mine. Actually, have I confused the memories of the two? Have I even played this? Oh dear.

    9. Panza Dragoon Orta - Lots of pretty colours. I could never get very far though.

    10. PGR2 - Driving. Y'know.
  6. You don't need the screws - they were missing on my SB too

    That would explain why I can't find the screws/key anywhere, and why I have no recollection of them (I sold it to him, btw). I'm usually really careful with my stuff.

    When I played it, I'd steal the ironing board - useful as the hight can be adjusted. Bit of an illusion breaker (you just can't feel cool in front of an ironing board) but better than lap.

  7. Ninja Gaiden Black

    Ninja Gaiden (re-released as Ninja Gaiden Black which included the DLC) is one of the greatest hack n slash action adventures ever made, but its not without its problems. The first boss is punishingly difficult. The second boss is much harder than the first, and not in a good way - there's major camera issues, and mobs with range attacks picking away at your health, and you haven't had time to build up a lot of health potions, but somehow I made it past.

    Once you're past that second boss, the game opens up, and after a while, muscle memory takes over. Soon you're destroying everything in your path, gracefully swishing between enemys, heads flying, your character a blur of swords. Its crazy (i remember a fight with a helicopter...) and crass, and arguably it would still be the best in genre were it not for the Bayonettas (Ninja Gaiden 2 on xbox 360 has a lot of fans, but for me the camera problems are even worse than Black).

    The hardest game I've ever completed. Please don't make me face that second boss again.

  8. I've been trying to play through the Pile of Shame for longer than I can remember. I checked this post in the hope of getting advice.

    Instead, it reminded me to check the Humble Bundle page, which contained four games I've been meaning to buy for ages, and now I've got a bigger Pile of Shame.

    Well...that didn't go as planned. Admittedly, I've ignored the advice about no bundles, so I've only myself to blame.

  9. The bride dragged me onto the floor, under instructions from the groom. 'Rob said you'll dance to this', she said.

    And then left me there, dancing on my own like the maddest person alive.

  10. Wii Sports Club - Tennis/Bowling/Golf

    ZombiU has a nice multiplayer (2-player) mode.

    Tank! Tank! Tank can be a lot of fun with a group

    Spin the Bottle :lol:

    I've not played it myself - but how about Chasing Aurora?

    Ta - I meant in the Mario Kart 8 offer, but I'll take a look at those too.

  11. So i already have Mario 3D World, NSMB U, Nintendoland and Pikmin. Whats the next best option if multiplayer (2-4 player in the same room) is the priority?

  12. We've had a 'first dance' music poll on here before - i think the winner was the music from the Wii shopping channel.

    Mate of mine got a friend to play Jeff Buckley's 'Hallelujah' on guitar whilst he signed the register - no singing, just an acoustic, which sounded great in a church.


    Um...so yeah, my friends mate is my recommendation.

    I've just realised I'm not much help. i'll leave now.

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