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  1. 53 minutes ago, Charles said:


    Who's landfilling either their Nes or Snes Mini? :mad:


    And surely everyone will hold onto the packaging too, just to make a fortune on eBay in a few years.... :ph34r:


    Therefore, mother Earth is safe once again. In seriousness though, I don't think making the Nes Mini and Snes Mini two different items is the biggest crime in the world.  The whole point of them is that they look like smaller versions of the original consoles. 


    I'm going to be buried with mine, so technically...

  2. Skies of Arcadia on the Dreamcast.  Played this when it first came out, and loved the story and the art, it was just beautiful, and I really wanted to continue playing, I was totally absorbed. But then I was in this area amongst some treetops and I just couldn't figure out where to go next, and where to land the ship, and the random battles just kept coming and whittling down my energy over and over again... In the end I cracked (literally cracked - i still have this hyper-tense feeling as i write this) and just haven't been brave enough to go back. 

  3. Mario 64 is the game I'm playing right now (and loving it). I only got to 75 coins first time around, and I'm determined to 100% it this time. So this is a useful tip. 


    1 hour ago, Mentazm said:

    Tried to 100% Super Mario Galaxy. Only stage I couldn't do was the spin jump over 100 disappearing plates to collect 100 coins. Must have tried it 100 times and nearly smashed my TV.


    This was a big difficulty spike in the game. Its the only level I had to try multiple times. It really challenges you to use his full moveset. I managed it after a couple of weeks of practice, and i'm sure i'm a better player for it. 


    3 hours ago, Dr_Dave said:

    Metroid Prime. Final boss. I go back every so often, intending to finish, but the run up from the last save is so long and I've usually lost the ability to work the weird move/look controls and I never come close. 


    I fear that I shall never beat it.


    This took me weeks of practice. By the end of it i was so traumatised I'm still too scared to play it again. 


    I'm a bit rubbish at games. Poor reflexes, bad judgement, etc. I'm a bit old, too. So if i can beat them with a bit (ok, a lot) of practice, so can you. 

  4. Quote

    My uncle outrageously never knew about the speed boost the whole time playing until he got to Wizpig and found out only during a conversation with someone else who happened to be struggling on the same bit, then beating the game with ease. 


    never knew about the speed boost the whole time playing until he got to Wizpig


    never knew about the speed boost 


    speed boost 




    ah, fack me. 

  5. 18 minutes ago, Goemon said:


    When you say Diddy Kong Racing, do you mean Wizpig 1st time or 2nd time....


    Its so long ago i can't remember. So there's a chance I didn't even get to the end of the game? I'm pretty sure all the areas were unlocked...

    Think I've just found an excuse to repurchase the game and dust off my N64. 

  6. I have a history of falling at the final hurdle, and getting beat by the last boss. To date, i have tried and failed at: 

    Shadow of the Beast 2 (Amiga)
    Turrican 2 (Amiga)

    Diddy Kong Racing (N64) 

    Bangai-O (Dreamcast)

    Bayonetta (360)


    So much fail. There have, however, been a few victories. Metroid Prime (GC) was probably the hardest end of game boss that i've overcome. Took me weeks. /shudder


    Edit - other than Shadow of the Beast 2, i adored each of those games. But I'm too scared to go back and try again. 

  7. I don't remember having any issues with the N64 pad. Was quite comfortable for me. But nostalgia can cloud my judgement, so I've plugged in my old N64 and fired up a few classics. Perhaps, after all these years the old pad will feel flawed. 


    After an evening playing Mario 64, 1080 Snowboarding and F-zero, I can safely say that it's still ace, and does not need any revision. 


    If it ain't broke, etc. 



  8. I think the doomsayers are right: this won't be as popular as the mini SNES. That took 30 minutes to sell out on Nintendo's website, I think this will be more like an hour. 



  9. I found tiredness crept in around mid-20s. Before that I could play all night. I remember the exact moment too: i'd picked up a second-hand SNES with Zelda: LttP from CEX (this was 15 or more years ago) and was loving it. I'd rush home from work, and then fall asleep playing it, controller in hand. I literally didn't want to stop, but the body had given up after doing a 9 to 5 job. 


    After that I found I enjoyed collecting/reading about games more than playing them. I played World of Warcraft for a few years, and that cemented the problem, forcing myself to play in the evening, not stopping even though I was literally falling asleep on the keyboard. 


    Now, aged 41, married, 1 year old child, gaming has become this strange barometer for how well my marriage is going. Basically, I've found that if I'm playing regularly, then it means my marriage is not doing well; i'm not spending enough time with wife/child, and its a problem. So, i've decided they come first, and gaming fits around them. Since evenings are out of the question, this leaves Sunday. The 1 year old naps twice a day, and I've found i quite like napping with her for at least one of them. This means my only gaming opportunity is during her second nap, on a Sunday. 


    Which is right now, as it happens. I'm currently playing Skyward Sword, and I've got BotW lined up after it, so i'm sorted for the next decade I reckon. Hey, its fine. I've gamed so much in my younger years that I've found that i'm fine focusing on different things now. Just as long as I get my second nap session in. 


    Right, I'm off. Time is short, you understand. 



  10. I have the same gizmo from amazon, with this s-video cable plugged into it (fourth one down). As the blurb says, its wired so it does not produce an over-bright picture when used with a PAL console. Note it needs to be a grey PAL console. 


    Results are...as good as can be expected, I suppose. When i send the signal to the projector, it really shows up the poor framerate, washed out image, etc, but when i send it to my 23" monitor (this one) the image is very good (the text in Mario 64, for example, is very sharp). But it doesn't quite fix it completely; its still a compromise.

    I can't put my finger on exactly what's different. It just doesn't seem as natural a fit as i remember it on CRT. But I'm happily playing Mario 64 again, and I haven't had to try move a CRT tv and completely destroy my back, so its all good. 

  11. Am playing this at the moment on GC. My original save is still on the memory card, dated 2007. Stopped 17 hours in. I remember I just lost the thread of what to do; spent some time running around aimlessly as a wolf, and gave up. 


    This time i'm 44 hours in and have reached what might be the last temple. I've used a guide a few times, but thats purely because i have a terrible memory and very limited play time - I don't want to drop the game again. Even with my goldfish memory, I've found the dungeons fairly straightforward. Not bad, but definitely not a huge challenge (I've not used a guide in any dungeon, which is saying something). I'm enjoying it, its ace, but I agree with some of the negative comments in this thread. I see two main problems:


    First, whoever made it is deeply in love with Ocarina of Time. Even though the game has more than enough of its own to feel unique, it somehow doesn't feel distinctive. Majoras Mask felt unique, but this doesn't. Areas like the Gorons and Zora areas look great...but somehow not as lovely as they were before. I'm sure this is memory playing its rose tinted tricks, but its an issue. The game is much better when it does its own thing, like the Snowpeak Mansion. 


    Second, the warping. There's a lot of jumping around the map, which I personally don't mind given my limited play time, but it does spoil the feel. It misses that epic journey feeling, which I got with Ocarina and with Wind Waker, as the music kicks in and I move with purpose to discover a new area. Yes, you've got to travel the first time, but what happens is once you've opened up the warp, the designers have used it to revisit areas over and over again. Its left the game feeling slightly disjointed. 


    These criticisms are only in relation to other Zeldas, and how high they've raised the bar. Still, I'm loving it. Its shot through with beauty, and weirdness. I'm glad I've stuck it in to give it another go. I'm determined to play Skyward Sword before I play the new one. Probably around 2025. 


  12. I was always amazed at Geoff Crammond games on my old Amiga; Stunt Car Racer was, and still is, sheer joy. But in terms of pushing the hardware past the limit, Formula One Grand Prix probably wins. 

    Crazily, there was analogue controls built into the game, even though there was no hardware for it. A mate of mine built his own steering wheel out of bog roll and brown tape, and pedals (a VHS box with the lid cut down the middle, and sponge inside it to make it springy) all wired up with bits soldered together from Maplins. Apparently it worked for about 3 laps before falling apart. He tells me that those laps were glorious. I wish I could have been there. 


    Of course, you could argue the game was complete bobbins given that it moved at about four frames per second (less if you were running Monaco with the detail turned up) and was unplayable. But I guess it was built for the future - i played it a few years later on PC, with a very smooth frame rate. Felt good. 


  13. Quote

    One about a motorbike crash/accident and kids who tried to cover it up? Or something


    Collision Course



    One where a guy swaps bodies with his dog, or the story was just told from the dogs p.o.v


    Sounds like 'Fluke' by James Herbert...but it can't be that, given that he writes in the horror genre. 



  14. I have completed a grand total of nothing. I have, however, reached (and been beaten by) the last boss of Shadow of the Beast II; I used a guide printed on the yellow pages of C&VG to get me there. I'm a massive dirty cheat, basically, and even then I still couldn't beat it. 


    I never attempted another playthrough.


    I have a history of falling at the last hurdle. I have been bested by the final guardians in Diddy Kong Racing, Bangai-O, Bayonetta and Turrican 2.  

    I've beaten Ninja Gaiden Black (Xbox Original) but the sequel had the most horrific camera I've ever experienced, and I dropped that too. That was tough to take, I was a huge fan of the original (which also had camera problems). Maybe I'll give it another go? 

    Hell no. 



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