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  1. playing this at the moment. bought it on the strength of a review in PC Gamer, and i'd agree with what they've written.

    sound, original idea, creepy atmosphere, well executed (bad choice of words, apologies).

    thing is, it's not a 'game' in the traditional sense. strip it down, and it's just a bunch of Quicktime reels or Shockwave pieces. mini games, if you like, some of which are very dodgy. the puzzles, likewise, veer from excellent to really, really lame.

    the fact that it uses your real e-mail account is inspired, though. i'll be playing the game, check a message from a friend, then continue playing. i've never had a game encroach into my real life before. it's an odd, unique feeling. (in fact the only similar experience was when my sister left a message for me on the board in Animal Crossing, saying she'd gone to a friends house. talk about extreme examples).

    anyway, check it out if you can. if only to support originality in game design. i'd recommend broadband, tho.

  2. hmm. Animal Crossing and Pikmin show that subtle touch hasn't deserted them. But the big hitters (Zelda, Mario) haven't innovated, or matched their predecessors.

    Metroid Prime and F-Zero GX are both sublime, and both boarderline third party.

    this is a company that's been relying on Pokemon to bring in the cash, aware that the franchise (though still popular, judging by GBA sales) is past its peak, and confused by changing market trends that just don't fit its image.

    The only hope for them is if the market changes. Punters decide that violent, 'adult' games aren't what they want anymore. Anyone else think this likely? Didn't think so.

    Worst case senario - Nintendo turns into 'just another developer' making games influenced by Grand Theft Auto III, in order to stay alive.

    Feel free to tear my argument to pieces. It'll make me feel better.

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