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  1. Broken Thumbs

    Samsung announce new portrait TV for Ikaruga fans

    I once bought a pivoting Samsung PC monitor to play Ikaruga on the Dreamcast, but the damn thing pivots the wrong way. Still use it for second screen, in portrait. Good for Word docs.
  2. Which Sega Rally are you playing? Saturn? Similar to others, my time is limited by family. I’ve found I do have 30 to 45 minutes at the end of the day, but usually I’m so tired that starting a game just stresses me out. I managed to play through Breath of the Wild in bite size chunks. I think the only difference was the quality of the game. Or maybe it’s because I felt a little bit of progress each time. But after that I’ve struggled to replace it. FTL gets a play every now and then. Once you’ve got the mechanics of the game, it’s just a case of waiting for the luck.
  3. Broken Thumbs

    Desert island discs - One game per system

    Amiga-Turrican II PC-Ketsui (via MAME) PS-Vib Ribbon (I can bring my CD collection, right?) PS2-Gradius V PS3-Riff:Everyday Shooter (I literally checked my Playstation account because I couldn't remember what I used to play, and it was just Last of Us, Pixeljunk Shooter and this) PS4-Polybius XBox-Ninja Gaiden Black Xbox360-Geometry Wars 2 SNES-Super Ghouls 'n Ghosts N64-Super Mario 64 GC-Super Monkey Ball Wii-Super Mario Galaxy 2 WiiU-Super Mario 3D World Switch-Zelda: Breath of the Wild Megadrive-Dr Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine Saturn-Sega Rally Dreamcast-Ikaruga Jaguar-Tempest 2000 (only game I have) Nuon-Tempest 3000 (only game) GB-Tetris GBA-Racing Gears DS-Osu! Tatakae! Ouendan 3DS-Animal Crossing: New Leaf PSP-Lumines Vita-Splunkey
  4. Broken Thumbs

    N64 Appreciation Thread

    How much?
  5. Broken Thumbs

    Edge #327 | Nintendo

    Got the Kirby cover in my subscriptions. Tis very pretty. Liked the Tetris review. Going to ask Santa for it.
  6. Broken Thumbs

    Currently playing...

    So I've finished off Diddy Kong Racing, and after a 20 year wait, i've finally given Wizpig what for (thanks to whoever mentioned the tip about releasing accelerator when hitting a boost button), and done the hidden world, too. Lovely game, i've thoroughly enjoyed playing through it . The structure really adds something to the single player. I'm now playing Conker's Bad Fur Day which I've purchased off eBay for about the same price as Red Dead Redemption 2 (at least thats how I'm justifying it to myself). I've read a lot about it, but nothing quite prepared me for seeing a mouse explode, or Conker throwing up, or just how weird all the dialogue and voice-overs are. Its all so random and strange.Liking it a lot so far, although the awkward platform jumping needed some practice, as I'm a little bit rusty. i'm currently having my arse handed to me by a hick pitchfork with eyes. All very odd.
  7. Broken Thumbs

    Let us celebrate Edge's 25th Anniversary

    First copy of Edge i ever bought was issue 92: I mean, Jesus, just look at it. It practically screamed off the shelf at me. The article pretty much kicked off my love of the game and the Dreamcast, and i've been reading ever since. Just a well written magazine - often its the articles that i've left for last that turn out to be the best bits.
  8. Broken Thumbs

    Edge #318 out now

    My copy has finally arrived, yay! Its the shiny slime cover, and its so shiny that I'm not missing the subs cover at all. I liked the article on the Super NT, but it was missing one vital piece of information: how I'm supposed to justify it to the wife. Oddly, my copy of 319 landed the day after. I was going to post this in the 319 thread but the Double Dash hand-wringing has frightened me away. I'm in the odd situation where I've read the preview and review of GoW back to back. So, two copies of Edge to read. The subscription has been excellent for many years, but when it goes missing its a long wait. I guess you could say its a bit of a double-edged sword yeeeaaahhhh.
  9. Broken Thumbs

    Edge #318 out now

    My copy hasn’t arrived either, replacement on the way. Only the second time that’s happened, been subscribing for years. The last time they replaced with a retail copy so it’s likely we’ll miss out on the subscribers cover. Eh. Shame. Both covers are nice though.
  10. Broken Thumbs

    Currently playing...

    At the moment I'm playing Diddy Kong Racing on the N64. Well, i say 'playing', but all i'm really doing is going to the character selection screen and changing between the characters, whilst my 2 year old dances to the music.
  11. Broken Thumbs

    Polybius. Jeff Minter's new game

    Who doesn’t enjoy pancakes? I have not had the pleasure of trying it in VR, although I’m told it is excellent, but I do have 3D support, so I gave that a go recently. It really is eye poppingly good. I’m not sure if it helps with the gameplay, but it does help get you in the zone quicker I reckon, and it just looks astonishing; the backgrounds in particular.
  12. Broken Thumbs

    Gaming Magazines

    I’ve always thought Edge to be well written, it’s been consistent through the years. I, however, have not been so consistent. Early on I found it to be much too worthy and heavy, but later, as my interest in games started to broaden, I found it fascinating, and read it cover to cover. Lately, parental responsibility mean I can only dip into my subscription copy, and still haven’t read that epic Final Fantasy article (I will get round to it soon). I guess what I’m trying to say is, if you think a mag is duff, maybe you’re just not the target demographic anymore. Although who Games TM is aimed at, I’ll never know
  13. Broken Thumbs

    Doctor Who

    I like it. A distinctive look without going over the top. I'd have a different t-shirt every episode, though.
  14. Broken Thumbs

    Nintendo DS Appreciation Thread

    Well it didn't on my copy, and I tried every button, twice, which is why I had to yell 'OBJECTION!' on a packed London Underground train, like an absolute twat.

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