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  1. velma

    Illustration Club

    That's beautiful!
  2. Thanks, sorry thought I had everyone on the spreadsheet added! On my way
  3. @Number 28 il pop over if you don't mind
  4. Much appreciated, thank you!
  5. @Meatball are you harmonica? If so I've just been over, if not then someone else has a good price too
  6. I'll pop over to sell nips if you're still on. Anything you're looking for in return, or just tips? Edit: not showing up at the airport. I think that's something to do with being in-game friends not just switch friends but I can't remember how that works!
  7. I'm probably late to the party with this one, but decided to take a nook miles trip which I haven't done recently, and got a lovely little island where the waters were full of whale sharks and sun fish - think I took seven or eight of each of them home. It's amazing what you can fit in your pockets!
  8. Doh! Busy morning with work and missed this.
  9. If anyone has good prices for nips this week please let me know. Typical that a rare week I've invested I've not had an offer higher than 60 bells
  10. Just added to the turnip thread, just realised I've got a price of 619 for turnips, gates open to anyone on my friends list - velma from moogle
  11. Holy crap, nearly didn't log on today, just got a price of 619, 40mins to go! Gates open for anyone on my friends list (Velma from moogle)
  12. I'd say astro wars was mine, though all my games were jointly owned with siblings as they were so damm expensive. Loved it so much I bought one off eBay about twenty years ago, totally going to dig it out tomorrow after reading this thread. Can't beat that audio. Had the same handheld too, sadly sold it on eBay when I was a skint student.
  13. That's weird. Just re-added it.
  14. Island open to friends. Got a pendulum clock and (140k) open frame kitchen, along with windflower cosmos and tulips in nooks cranny. I'll put some fossil dupes for swaps on the beach too.
  15. I left mine for about a week, had villagers telling me they were glad I was back but noone wanting to leave. A few weeds on the cliffs but nothing major. Flowers etc were fine.
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