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  1. Thanks all, il have a look and see what's available local to me. I do make a good spinach and chickpea curry already, but will look for some of the subs for things like Thai curries and stir frys.
  2. I currently eat meat, but want to eat less of it. I was vegetarian for eighteen years (started eating meat seven years ago) and was vegan for a year or two within that. There's so many meat substitutes out there, but can anyone in here tell me if they're worth bothering with, to save me some expensive trial and error? I'm not bothered about burgers or sausages, just extra protein/texture for curries and stir frys which are my staple mid week food. When I was vegan I was at uni had loads of time and would buy tofu and press it at home but I don't think that's realistic for me these days. NB im well aware veggie curries are lovely without subs - just that I have a small appetite and I do a lot of exercise, one of the reasons I went back to eating meat was its quicker and easier to get the calories.
  3. velma

    Nintendo Switch

    I looked at the bundles available, they were shit (all good ones sold out, Id decided to buy one two days before Christmas) and then decided F it, no value in buying cheaper games I don't want and I found myself in Argos with a switch, + mario + Zelda + controller. It was not sensible but I'm very happy!
  4. velma

    Nintendo Switch

    I might have bought myself that too Going to try and play one game at a time.... I've not played Zelda since link to the past on the SNES!
  5. velma

    Nintendo Switch

    Very late to the party, but I bought myself a switch for Christmas. Currently playing through Mario Odyssey and regretting being due in work tomorrow. Am torn between reading/watching everything there is about the console, and keeping my blinkers on and enjoying the suprises
  6. velma

    Food Prepping

    @Gotters would you mind giving a run down of your essential kitchen equipment to do this stuff? I'm tempted to give it a go but I'm trying to work out if id be scuppered halfway through by not having a pan/dish/oven big enough or something.
  7. I departed from my usual sci if diet for a while and I'm using good reads to track as a reminder to read more. Don't know if il make 52 as I don't want to restrict myself to short reads. Currently reading the Old Testament as well, just out of atheist curiosity - it's bloody mental. And It will delay my target unless I count the books within as separate entities, but that feels like cheating. I'm really enjoying the domino effect of ebooks, reading one thing and being inspired to download something related. January: 1. My lady nicotine, J M Barrie 2. The Opium Habit, Horace B Day 3. Schismatrix, Bruce Sterling (thanks Zok!) February 4. Just Kids, Patti Smith 5. Strange Fascination: David Bowie, David Buckley 6. Scars of Sweet Paradise: The life and times of Janis Joplin March 7. Aspergers: Looking in from the outside 8. Tressa: The twelve year old mum (I try to avoid the 'misery books genre generally as it can feel exploitative, but I do find it helps me reflect on my day job) 9. Yellow Crocus Laila Ibrahim
  8. I read schismatrix plus. Loved the short stories, some of the descriptions in those are still playing through my head.
  9. Finally got round to reading schismatrix. Absolutely bloody loved it. Am sure I've missed loads when reading it am looking forward to re reading it and following it a bit better.
  10. Bought the Color Purple, thank you.
  11. Dammit why isn't the foundation series available on Kindle UK? Available in the US but not here. FFS.
  12. Gateway is one of my favourites. Love that kind of stuff. Will add the others to the wishlist, along with the foundation series.
  13. Thanks guys, I'll get the first three, they're affordable on Amazon and I read quick (currently off my feet with a sprained ankle so feel like treating myself). Re Asimov - I've read quite a few of his short stores in the nebula award compilations but Iv not actually read anything full length - some tips on where to start would be great.
  14. Apologies if I've missed similar recommendations in this thread - am looking for some good classic space sci fi/hard sci fi - long distance exploration flights, landing on new worlds, that sort of thing. My number one author is Arthur C Clarke and I've read most if not all of his novels now. Recently I've read a lot of pulp sci fi (eg the 'science fiction megapacks' on kindle which include plenty of hilariously sexist stories of aliens and scientists, essentially cowboys and indians with lasers). I've dipped my toe into William Gibson and some of the more modern sci fi (Greg Egan, Jeff Vandermeer, Philip Hamilton) which I've enjoyed but I really fancy some classic inspired-by-the-space-race type of work. Any thoughts?
  15. Ah I loved gateway, and quarantine. I'm halfway through another attempt at neuromancer. I want to love it. I get that it's conceptually advanced, ahead of its time and all that, but so far it's still leaving me a bit cold. Feels like I'm reading an anime novel somehow.
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