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  1. OnionNon


    Out of interest, what scales did you get?
  2. For some reason I assumed it would be a one series thing, so the ‘ending’ was a bit of a let down too.
  3. Forza Football is good.
  4. I’ve heard Veetee Mega is good, but I’ve not tried it myself.
  5. Fair play to you @SeanR! Coming to it late, it’ll be tricky to unlearn what feels natural - you need go for everything with your feet (hands and stick is a last resort)
  6. Apparently this is streamed free on Usyk’s YouTube channel, for those in Ukraine (handy if you’ve a VPN ).
  7. The 8bitdo is on offer, I put the link upthread.
  8. The 8bitdo is reduced to ~£63 at the moment: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B08GJC5WSS?smid=A3P5ROKL5A1OLE&tag=pepperugc03-21&ascsubtag=2383715746&th=1
  9. I don’t have any recipes, but biryani always works well in my experience. Good with lamb too, comes out really tender. I recently tried the kimchi pork recipe that I think was from this thread (https://lifehacker.com/this-kimchi-pork-roast-will-warm-you-to-your-bones-1829755972), which was excellent.
  10. It’s very different to Travel Man, but there’s a lot of Anthony Bourdain eon Prime at the moment, and I’d highly recommend Parts Unknown (The Layover is less good, but also worth watching).
  11. OnionNon


    So I now have the Robot and a Rok manual grinder. Really impressed with both, and it’s surprisingly straightforward to make a decent espresso. Time to upgrade from supermarket beans now!
  12. OnionNon


    @HarryBizzleyes, the hand grinders are surprisingly expensive. I’m keeping my eyes peeled for something second hand like the Rok one.
  13. OnionNon


    @Gotters I didn’t ask here as I assumed nobody would’ve been selling, else I’d have taken yours. I paid £275 for the barista/gauge one as a bit of an impulse, some had sold for less on eBay but some for much more, I guess that’s the trouble with now volume niche stuff. Any tips? I went with it over the Flair or Rok as I’d read thermal management was less of an issue with the Robot, and I didn’t want the faff of preheating.
  14. OnionNon


    I’m upgrading from my De’longhi bean to cup machine and switching to espressos. Found a Cafelat Robot for a reasonable price on eBay, with the tamper upgrade. Now I need to sort a grinder. Kind of like the idea of sticking with a manual theme so am keeping an eye on refurb/seconds Rok grinders: But I’ve also seen thoughts here and online about the Niche, so am trying to tell myself I don’t need to spend so much, but then if I get one further down the line anything else is wasted money….
  15. I’ve always been tempted to try the premium ones. They cost an absolute bomb: https://worldofshin.com/shin-ramyun-products/shin-black-cup-noodle-soup/
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