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  1. As a novice to this type of game how easy is it to get into?
  2. Just finished Inside tonight. Fantastic game.
  3. Just walked in from Game after purchasing the Bioshock Collection. Thankfully still sealed so take it back tomorrow as I own them digitally already
  4. Really enjoying this. Enjoy the coffee
  5. Not sure. I just found it on the Iplayer under drama. It was a 4extra programme originally broadcasted in the 90s on radio 4.
  6. Just listened to a docudrama on BBC radio Iplayer about the nuremberg war trials. Highly recommended.
  7. Invite to preview programme also appreciated. User name buzzzb Thanks
  8. Thanks for recommending this. Really enjoying it User name BuzzzB
  9. Apologies if this has been answered before. Managed to get a 3ds cheap but the downside is that it is a USA model which is region locked. Couple of questions 1 best place to import USA games from 2 best place to buy credit to spend in the USA 3ds store Thanks in advance
  10. Count me in for a league..enjoying this
  11. Just finished playing Brothers - A tale of two sons on PS3 courtesy of PlayStation+ Beautiful looking and fantastic last couple of chapters - really enjoyed it.
  12. I use unlocator.com. At the moment it is free and in Beta. I have been using it for approximately 6 months and it has never let me down. Use it to watch USA Netflix on Apple TV and iPad. It lets you choose other regions too. Highly recommended
  13. Bugger. I bought Tomb Raider Anniversary at full price on Sunday. I'm enjoying it. I'm at the stage that I'm loathe to buy anything on Vita as it will be given away as part of PS+ or have a huge price reduction
  14. Bought this tonight. Really enjoyed Heavy Rain. Just need to get the kids off Disney Infinity.
  15. Also a version for Firefox
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