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  1. There is a tonal gap between the two though - despite the all murders in SW, they are addressed in a very different way. Han kills Greedo with a casual glance (and a blaster), Luke isn't overly fazed my seeing his Aunt and Uncle's grisly remains. It's essentially a space fairly tale and fairly tales can be pretty dark but they don't dwell on the darkness. Andor would handle those moments in a very different way. There is room for all different tones in an expanded universe.
  2. @Number 28 just think it's better to put it in spoilers tag just in case. Canst hurt.
  3. @George Clooney I spoilered the hotd character ref. It's the scene where joffre is in the Sept of bealor you want to skip.
  4. I don't think it was intentionally this way but in a series about dreams the disjointed nature does ring true.
  5. Tolkien. He has a very particular set of skills.
  6. I love that every time he tries to have a good time someone comes along an ruins it. No wonder he just wants to play with his models.
  7. I wasn't crying it was ectoplasm leaking from my eyes. Honest.
  8. New series it back, it seems like a good group.
  9. I hope there is a scene where he pours blue space-gravy on Andors head.
  10. I enjoyed this, it looks absolutely stunning and feels *so* real. It's taking its time which is nice though I think they could have done the same thing in 2 episodes and I'd have known the same about the characters. I bloody love star wars droids - they are always the best.
  11. It's so rare that a man and a woman pairing are just mates - or at least it feels that way to me. Elf dude and medicine woman's earnest well chats are dull.
  12. Fire abd blood (just general no lore spoilers)
  13. Guess I'm sticking to casual. I should have gone hard but I was worried it would be super tricky.
  14. It's always nice to see different side to a character - though I don't think her character is particulary lacking in depth or growth (she's learning from NuAargon) I don't think her circumstances particularly lend themselves to levity at the moment- it's pretty much been one shitty thing happening to her after another. Bit, sure, it would be nice to see a less guarded side to her at some point. I hope they don't do a love story between her and halbrand though.
  15. Exactly! I want to see Galadriel take a break from her quest to save the world from impending doom to do a tight 5mins stand up on the differences with elves and dwarves and have a date night with her hubby.
  16. Can you switch from casual to hard mode mid game?
  17. Ep 1 ended with incest and a child getting pushed from a tower. I'm glad this is taking it's time though - it feels like it's own thing.
  18. I think he referred to you as Ben shapiro for saying your opinion on she hulk was "triggering" him...I dunno loads about him but I assume he mis-uses the term (normally triggering, or at least originally - was used to refer to more serious things, like for example seeing a sexual assault on TV might "trigger' a victim of sexual assault, or ptsd in a soldier) the right then twisted the term so I assume that Ben shapiro would say people are "triggered" when really they weren't. Schmojo isn't triggered by your opinion on she-hulk because there is nothing for that to "trigger", unless, he has a horrific memory connected to mild arguments about television shows. I don't think he was saying that you have views similar to him in any way. I assume you just meant that he was getting mildly defensive over your equally mild views on a series that you generally like. schmojo was being really hyperbolic when he was talking about "changing everying" when you just said you'd prefer a bit more of an arc rather than story of the week. Feels getting close to a thread derail over here which we should probably avoid. You both like the show just have slightly different personal preferences.
  19. My guess about sauron, knowing nothing about the book lore, and probably 100% incorrect.
  20. JPL hardly said change everything about the show. It's just a personal preference on a show he quite likes. I'm not looking for fight scenes especially in this, we've seen plenty of that...but there does seem to be more of an arc that we haven't seen for a bit - with the wrecking crew etc.
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