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  1. Fraction's Hawkeye is an absolute delight of a comic book and if anyone hasn't read it, an has a passing interest in comics I highly recommend it.
  2. I honestly don't understand why people get annoyed about remakes of childhood cartoons, I mean as much as I adored He-Man, Visionaries, Thundercats and TMNT - they were pretty one note when it comes to story or character. It's not like Avatar where they had proper character arcs across the seasons to destroy.
  3. I would have liked it if it had more trippy visuals it felt like movie was more creative in that respect.
  4. He taught spiderman how to fight when he lost his spider sense too.
  5. It's just a shame, with a proper release the movie would have been massive but it could get lost in the mix now.
  6. Your stuff is amazing!
  7. The league of Gentlemen movie was good, at least for getting a bit meta with the story for cinema.
  8. I turned God mode on - I'm up to heat 19 with my bow so this makes it a lot more enjoyable. The end boss on max extreme measures is a right bastard.
  9. Spiderman two is an amazing superhero movie, definitely up there as one of the bests. Into the Spiderverse is my favourite Spiderman film, it captures the heroic journey so brilliant, has fantastic action scenes and the emotional moments really land.
  10. Yeah, I love a silly blockbusters and if I'm enjoying enough it I can ignore a nonsense plot but my enjoyment doesn't make them good films.
  11. Is that common for James Gunn? Gamora and nebula didn't seem to fall into that trope?
  12. I'd say the Harley Quinn animated series has the most rounded version of her character but she's still portrayed as "whacky" and someone who doesn't really think things through.
  13. Dr Strange seems to have no problem messing with the memories of billions of people - what else has he been wiping!
  14. Im loving hearing all the stories of your games but you new players have just made me realise how terrible I am this game.
  15. They won't have a "professional actor" who is playing a character and liaising with production but obviously would have picked big personalities to spice things up - I'm pretty sure as this has a cash prize they have to be "fair" to the contestants and their chance to win. The two directors will be for the "reality " sections where they are just sitting around and the more structured sections with the host.
  16. The poster pose was the most obvious example. Scarlett Johannson talked about how sexualisted her character was in the early days Though, I guess that although Tony is the "hero" at his point he was still pretty much a womaniser so I guess he would have that shitty attitude.
  17. I wouldn't want him doing more than the guardians films as that keeps then feeling unique and really works with his style.
  18. Painting the final piece of my 1000 sons starter pack. I don't have the correct colours for him so just used the paints that my mate gave be to start with. I'm really terrible at shading- first I tried some nuln oil but that just made a damp looking stain, then I added some black to the 1000 sons blue to make it darker and tried to blend it in but it just looks like a patchy mess...lol
  19. From my (admittedly limited) knowledge, scantily clad wasn't the look of the time, by Mati Hari do you mean they had a similar look? This is a picture of a yujo (the lowest class of prostitute) Which seems quite far away from mati hari.
  20. Where there kuniochi in the mata hari style though?
  21. It seems like there were many different roles kunoichi took to infiltrate, they were more spies - while sometimes this involved seduction that wasn't necessarily the M.O so you could have had them as a poison fanned geisha or priestesses and still accurately portrayed a kunoichi rather than just go for a "sexy" look. Obviously, this is putting a modern lens on a retro game but let's not pretend that the character design was motivated by a quest for historical accuracy.
  22. Oh, well if you can get past the outlandish characters they're good fun.
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