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  1. Event Horizon is a decent sci-fi horror, though, not comparing it to the classics but it's a good movie.
  2. I preferred the first book over Nomad too, partly because I liked Alan's version of events that we have already seen. Nomad is still great, obvs, but not peak partridge for me.
  3. I don't think any of those really fit, it's not really slapstick or surreal. It's played quite straight- transferring modern nordic politeness into the brutal viking age. It feels more like it's own thing, you're right about the use of the setting - it's a wonderful juxtaposition and very charming.
  4. I'm watching Batman Returns because of this thread. It's superb. I love burton's Gotham City. Edit: The rocket penguins are still rubbish though. For such a ridiculous concept it's actually quite a boring sequence.
  5. I hope there is a scene were he pours gravy on Batmans head. @thor- I thought he was Colin Farrell.
  6. The voice over is really odd in this, both in script and delivery as if it's aimed at 10 year olds.
  7. Synder can make a movie that makes for a great trailer, but I'm not so sure about the other stuff.
  8. Just my brain.* I dunno why his surname was Wonderful, though! (*For example, I just wrote "just by brian" )
  9. I think you needn't worry on that front. Give it 5-10 years.
  10. But if he didn't *even* agree that he should hide his power, why would he stand there and let his father die? Like, he passionately argued that the right thing to do is using these powers to help people, then 30 seconds later, he sees father in a life threatening situation, and believing that he should use these powers, does nothing to save his dad. It doesn't make sense to me. I haven't seen the movie since the cinema so maybe I'm forgetting something important.
  11. That doesn't explain why Clark doesn't save his dad, seeing as he explicitly says that he didn't agree with his dad's opinion, like, 30 seconds before the tornado struck.
  12. Clark's dad really should have let him go save the dog. Even within the context of the story the character motivation does make sense - just before this scene Clark disagrees with his father that he shouldn't help people. So when the tornado hits we have a character with the means and motivation to save his father's life but refusing to do so even though just moments before he said "I should help people" and hadn't been convinced otherwise. *if* the scene before had him agreeing that "not helping" was the right course (for whatever reason) but then having to commit to this principle at the cost of some one he loved, and using that lost as a motivation to change, that would make more sense. Currently, Clark's attitude to his abilities is the same before AND after he lets his dad die...making the death pointless and unnecessary.
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