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  1. I'm watching it. It's fucking awful, even if you're not a fan of Discworld it's bad. It's infuriating to watch based on the source material with has so much more to offer, so much of the references miss the point and it honestly feels like they didn't want to make a discworld show, they wanted to make a punk dystopia but were given this and thought fuck it. I've tried to be generous with it, Carrot is spot on, Cheery isn't Cheery but is an interesting character and well acted, and it's occasionally, funny. But really, the plot is terrible, doesn't really ma
  2. It looks like there is more to her powers, getting to see on the electro magnetic spectrum...
  3. Sister Sister and Elle Diamond are both forgettable, I think their time is up soon. I don't like Lawrence Chainy, she is so smug, annoyingly, she is pretty good.
  4. Tia is my favourite too. Her runaway looks are terrible though, last weeks should have been the worst but someone was dressed as a seagull.
  5. The Batman fight scene in the warehouse is good. Obviously, the end isn't but when he is taking down the goons is lots of fun.
  6. I painted this guy today (I'm calling him Norman) really pleased with him. This is probably a stupid question but just keeping my brushes face down in water is what ruins the tip?
  7. He should put his cape over the trench coat.
  8. I got my first Warhammer set just before Christmas...the 1000 Sons. My friend gave me some paints and brushes to get started, they were for runic marines rather and these guys so kinda just winged it on the paint scheme. It's very tricky, painting minis,isn't it! I'm trying not to focus on all the dodgy bits and just enjoy the process. I'm pretty pleased with it and am slowly improving.
  9. Yeah, the last episode of the UK one was fantastic and I can't wait for next weeks! The US one pales in comparison, though I still think US queens looks are much stronger than the UKs.
  10. I only watch it when I'm very drunk so just revel in the awfulness.
  11. I genuinely like Lex Luthor in it, he is just so hammy and over the top.
  12. Oh, my sweet summer child.
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