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  1. Lottie is probably a sociopath but I admire her relentless commitment to being a stone cold prick. It's amazing. Ryan Mark on the roller coaster was fan tastic.
  2. I loved it. Gutted that it was such a short series.
  3. I find her mouth irrationally distracting.
  4. Yeah, but he was probably sick of having these idiots around the office.
  5. Lottie is amazing in this. Every chance to be a be a dick she takes, her relentless comittment to being utterly awful is amazing.
  6. I don't think C3PO, can or should, develop as a character though.
  7. Start selling those generic clown masks at triple the value.
  8. Aang, the legend of Avatar is on Netflix at the moment.
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