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  1. Why is Tilly still an ensign? She seems to be one of the most important people on the discovery. Surely enough crew members have died to open up some new positions.
  2. My favourite bit was when she put a napkin on a laser blast wound.
  3. The books are so rich in references- https://www.lspace.org/books/apf/ This is a great read for the hidden gems in the books.
  4. I can't Anymore, have I accidentally turned on a pact or is it a bug.
  5. I was on my highest streak of 8 (previously 3) almost got beat the boss too. So close.
  6. And I was annoyed that my friend beat it on run 34 and is now on a ten win streak.
  7. I'm to episodes in but finding this a bit drab. I really got into chess during lockdown so this should really appeal, but finding it quite dull and joyless. Does it pick up energy?
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