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  1. I'd like to see her do more comedic roles.
  2. I *think* Linkster's point (and I could be completely wrong on this) is that on this thread people are either aware of this kind of nonsense or aren't dumb enough to be swayed by it, so no one is actually calling anyone out, it's more like preaching to the choir. Not that I have a problem with that, the hype and hysteria about a movie is often part of the conversation so it's hardly a derail or anything, even if the result is just us laughing at idiots.
  3. Delargey

    Love Death and Robots

    I think the writing really let this series down, some of the writing was just awful. It felt like a missed opportunity.
  4. Not on Fury, but Colson looked weird to me.
  5. I think out of all the people that watched both movies, the amount of people who have an agenda are incredibly small. It's interesting, I suppose, that people would go to such lengths over a film but I doubt it will have any real impact on how well either movie performs.
  6. Maybe he does have time to go to the cinema just by himself. Maybe his wife didnt mind looking after the kids on this time, knowing that there will be occasions when she'll want to relax a bit more and he will take up the slack.
  7. Delargey

    Love Death and Robots

    I didnt think the first ep was all that. Ep 3 was stunning though.
  8. Delargey

    Avatar: Legend of Korra

    Season 1 + 2 lacked a decent villain I thought.
  9. Delargey

    Avatar: Legend of Korra

    The orginal Avatar is particularly amazing. The creator has a new show on netflix called the Dragon Prince (i think) which is set in a different world but has a similar feel.
  10. There were non blue kree on the train as they were going to the high intelligence.
  11. Delargey

    Sci Fi recommendations

    I've only Dune. Are the others any good?
  12. Yeah, but they probably wouldn't get you into shield when they saw your old man waddle.

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