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  1. Sorry to hear about your loss, you most certainly deserve a respite in the world of Ghibli. I hope you have a great experience.
  2. It was a bit to similar to the sister episode earlier in the season for me - but it was nice to hear queer stories from the crew. Dakoka was a joy, I would have liked to see her in the final 5 she was far more interesting than Pixie Polite who was essentially a comedy queen who wasn't very funny.
  3. The episode was all over the place though I did enjoy the
  4. Ru utterly loved Chaney who was good but nothing special. Cheddar for the win I think, her drag is amazing. Danny beard is very good though her snatch game was disappointing. It's been a great season the only dud episode was the staff make over which felt a little inside baseball.
  5. I am generally very bad at platform games, I loved Hollow Knight though, the controls felt so natural but I died a fuck ton - I'm sure there was some bosses I had 50 attempts on (it certainly felt that way) but boy, when you beat a boss you're struggling with it feels awesome. I never beat the end boss but utterly loved the game.
  6. It would be nice if they had more behaviour patterns in the wild pokemon- like with BotW the goblins would dick about.
  7. If you catch more of a wild pokemon do they evolve quicker?
  8. If was running the prison Mon mothma was fantastic as ever this week, her stiff pose all through the conversation and her outfits are always to die for.
  9. Yeah, my take is the rebels
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