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  1. I never use snecko eye, I'm on level 2 ascension with Watcher. A tricky one, but sometimes she can be absolutely devastating killing bosses and hard fights without taking a hit. I always find that shell boss that hits you for 18 a real bastard though.
  2. Yeah, I played the switch version last year, so kinda got my hit of pure nostalgia. Something new sounds pretty interesting.
  3. Can someone vaguely tell me what the spoilers are? Have they significantly changed the story?
  4. If your open again today I'd be interested it that fox mask. My turnips are at 156bells and the cranny is selling a hamster in a cage, electronics kit, kitchen knives and a urinal.
  5. Can jump in on this too please?
  6. How do you crossbreed- plant then next to each other?
  7. @bradigor I've got a tire if you want?
  8. I've got a music player but can't register songs - do I have to take the albums off my walls?
  9. Nothing in particular. I'll be afk - just making some lunch.
  10. Bumface is open:CGVF6 Sahara is here if any one fancies a rug. Cranny has clothes horse, crib mobile and a tea set.
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