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  1. The characters are very loosely drawn, you get a sense of them but not the depth of A Song of Ice and Fire.
  2. The Expanse is all you need. Amos.
  3. It's more of a history book than a novel. So the history of who killed who is all set and decided.
  4. Dance of Dragons! Some great stuff to pick from in there.
  5. Lara Rossi doesn't fit for the role for me, she seems far too young (and the wrong build.) I dunno how old she is but Richard Dormer is 49. I'd rather they cast someone closer in age.
  6. Wait...Carcer Dun...they are doing Night Watch? That's an odd plot to start on.
  7. I'm really enjoying this season, it's so beautiful to look at. The cinematography is lovely.
  8. I'm pretty enjoying this run, I like the sparse style of it.
  9. Yeah, I had to turn the brightness on my tablet up to max to see what was going on.
  10. Yeah, pretty much. They do a slightly better job at the world building though. It reminded me of Year of The Rabbit too, which probably isn't a good thing but I'm a sucker for this type of stuff.
  11. He's actually pretty good in this. I'm 2 eps in too, enjoying it so far, the writing isn't *quite* there but it's a good watch.
  12. 8 episodes seems like the magic number for these types of shows, Marvel should follow suit.
  13. Aquaman - 1 or 5, depending how drunk you are.
  14. Probs put into explain why there wasn't 1000 of jedi ghosts all over the place warning Yoda that the chancellor was dodgy as fuck.
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