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  1. CP30 had his memory swiped at the then of Revenge. There would still be tension because although we know the connections the characters don't so you'd be like 'oh no, Luke, she is your sister - don't try to fuck her!'
  2. It's shameful how little the bbc promotes this, it's hands down the best thing they have created and hardly anyone knows about it.
  3. I always try not to over hype movies when I recommend them. It's a pet peeve when people say a movie isn't good because it didn't live up to some incalculable expectation (not that you did that!).
  4. The fact that Bradshaw gave the last Star Wars film 4 stars and this movie 1 means he can eat a massive bag of dicks.
  5. In the podcast (which is very good) they said it was because the psychoville characters flat was number 2 so they kept the continuity.
  6. BBC missed a trick by not making Pyschoville available on iplayer again after this episode!
  7. I hadn't watched that much of psychoville so only got the Mr Jelly reference - I probably would have got a lot more from it if I knew the characters as it was I thought it was just ok - some great lines in it and a few disturbing scenes!
  8. It's like some from a 70s sci-fi animation- really interesting choice for the film.
  9. From memory the two scenes don't really compare...like there wasn't a ticking clock for Mace and Anakin to get to Palpatine, more that they have to deal with him before he gets too entrenched. It wouldn't have made much sense for them to be sprinting down the hallways.
  10. Yeah, I began to wish that the characters designed to be stupid, callous and inept where in charge as they still seemed more competent than the actual people in charge.
  11. I've had some good runs with ascension- beat a level with each character. Defunct was pure luck though- still not confident in building a deck for it.
  12. Lots of amazing shows improved after the first season, once the writers found their feet with the characters/ given more freedom though- its always sunny and Community spring to mind.
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