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  1. Realism? Practicality, f*ck that, shoulder pads are needed, Dredd doesnt need to be " adjusted for reality" & played that seriously surely...
  2. Sorry to be OT but theyre playing again soon, if you didnt know
  3. o/\o right on, just cancel the show please...
  4. but we all knwo half a dozen predators can kick the shit out of people , thats why one was so threatening... I mean surely they cant just make the soldiers uber awesome who can take predators on one on one?....
  5. Not to mention the disney joke, good stuff! loved it but i saw the end coming before he did!
  6. Zod's acting and that odd low budget army were too crap for words.....
  7. and now that merits a list of terrible lines by kids in tv shows & movies. I vote for "they come at night, mostly"
  8. Are you sure its not because its just dire now? good god, I sat through 20 minutes then gave up....
  9. Old horse teeth 50 pence(cent) mumbling idiot with speech impediment, god knows why eminem decided to torture us with this guy *shudder*
  10. But there was an episode with a guy in a black leather jacket with yellow piping who was all mysterious and they did allude to this character being very much like him (bruce/batman) . I think... its bee na while and the show is starting to annoy me now.....
  11. Totally with you on this, pressing a button should opt to let you skip or pause, most final fantasy games have this as standard nowadays. Plus subs on every bloody game please, you had to write down the lines ofr someone to read them, so it cant be that hard to put them in game if i want the volume a little low! ANd how about some cross platform online action, the PC & Xbox can do it, as can ps2 360 & PC through FFXI so we know it isnt a problem.... CHoosing a console now and some friends have a PS3 and some a 360, now I have to choose which one I want as I like both, but which one I will play online more often....
  12. Right, so I had to explain to the mrs it was a trick, if this ginger cnut could predict the lottery why the hell is he still doing shitty "illusion" shows.... On another note these guys like him & McKenna do self help tapes but looking at them, I think they need them more than the public do.
  13. Ahh the old wooden look atari here too, and that circus game, making the man on a see saw pop baloons was all the rage in our house, i think we even managed to tape it somehow....(seemed like sorcery at the time!)
  14. I feel your pain, waiting till the 18th for it to arrive on steam is hell
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