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  1. I've kind of switched. Couldn't get a PS5 so got my first ever Xbox (series x) instead. But I'll probably get a PS5 when they revise the hardware and there are a few must play exclusives for me to catch up on.
  2. Ruskies! I think mustosh man in the airlock with his ex wife will have to do a Die Hard. I am in.
  3. Trailer looks awesome. Stratham not doing an American accent means it'll be extra watchable. I like to think he is playing H from Steps as an older man and post boyband life has not been kind to him.
  4. If you have never had gamepass before there is a 1$ for 3 months offer in the US/Canada. I suppose there is something similar in the UK.
  5. I think these units are almost destined to become corrupt since the best way to reduce gang violence is to organise the organised crime. Anyway, will watch.
  6. 'I care a lot' is super good. Peak Dinklage, prime Pike, neo noir type thing. 2 thumbs up.
  7. I got a refund for my Stadia version because it seemed insufficiently next gen.
  8. Just got cyberpunk on the platform but forgot that you only get 4k if you are subscribed to pro. Pfff.
  9. https://photos.app.goo.gl/bqDxSYPPL1apmvaf8 Pfffff
  10. Just listened to the audiobook version of Piranesi, well read by Chiwetel Ejiofor. 2 thumbs up. 9.75 / 10.
  11. Just listened to and highly recommend 'Piranesi' by Sussana Clarke. Piranesi has always lived in the House and the House provides.
  12. Can't you access your purchases through YouTube music? I assumed they transfered purchases as well as playlists.
  13. Just tried destiny 2 now that it's ftp. it's pretty good, comparable to playing on a ps4 but with faster loader times and a better controller. For casual gaming this is a pretty good platform. wish they would sort out their pricing though. All the major releases seem more expensive than on PSN.
  14. I thought this was a Playstation ad but remember the Xbox ad specifically designed to put you off gaming by reminding you how short life is?:
  15. Mr Oizo smells like teen spirit: https://rave.dj/Ga8RVDXg4aGofw
  16. OK, I have to stop Mein Love Shack: https://rave.dj/UrSlPRVvoUrlIQ
  17. Too addictive. Amadeus up the Volume: https://rave.dj/RVa0X3QPNPOeFA Everybody in the Groove, which is in the Heart: https://rave.dj/Dv8zn53NSmZbsg
  18. Terry so Horny: Minder X 2 Live Crew: https://rave.dj/eQH_C08MRtnsUw Wombles, dem: https://rave.dj/rAj2BuLavQrwcw
  19. Utah KLF Saints: Last train to Kate Bush. https://rave.dj/uubvUsqgXF9n-g What time is 3am Eternal?: https://rave.dj/lqq8OwwDkq6nCA
  20. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_Raper_(series)#/media/File%3ABattle_Raper_cover.jpg Battle Raper. I accidentally pronounced it 'Beatle Raptor' :-/
  21. I was riding past a graveyard, heard some voices from within and went to investigate. A priest was conducting a funeral service for a man I had killed in a recent bounty mission. Felt proud. Blue lives matter.
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