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  1. I loved it. Left me wondering how much of it is true, especially the stuff with Chaplin Jr. But I think it's essentially a true story. Horrific in places and beautifully shot.
  2. It's British comedy, 4 hours equals one series of Alan Partridge. Pro tip, listen while falling asleep so you forget which bits you've heard or not and have to re-listen.
  3. I read the Wolf Hall trilogy over the last year or so and have just started Beyond Black. Thinking selfishly I'm glad she finished The Mirror and the Light before passing into spirit. RIP Hilary.
  4. 300 pages is the correct number of pages.
  5. The book is amazing so this shall also be amazing, unless it's shit.
  6. Kentish villian - "What about my rights?" Reprisalizer - "What about your WRONGS?!" #BANG#
  7. I read this as Anneka Rice TV universe. I would have been up for that.
  8. "The creative genius of Peter Molyneux, creator of the god game genre (among many others)" What are the others? Suspicious..
  9. I didn't realise he was in Red Dwarf. He will be missed.
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