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  1. Ahhhh maybe I missed a shower option. But I think me doing all of those was what opened up the boxes. Unless opening up the boxes was every vote choice because I’m sure I did that too! Hmmm! I can’t play til tonight but I’ll double check those things.
  2. Oh my god I am! Sorry everyone!
  3. argh Celeste I’m on my way!
  4. I seem to be stuck somewhere in Virtues Last Reward. I haven’t played in a while so that’s probably not helping! I can’t progress any further so I must have missed or forgotten something but I’m sure I can’t complete any further fragments. I’ll try to explain where I am. Argh I just tried a vague search to remember the name of the boxes I’m trying to open as I’m not near the PlayStation and Google’s search suggestions just had a huge spoiler. FFS!
  5. Just grabbed one of these off the Nintendo website! Oh hang on they just emailed me to say they can tell me on Monday if I’ve actually got one or not!
  6. Yes spare clothes sounds great! If you still have them how about I try and catch you tomorrow? Thanks!
  7. I don’t think I needed to catalogue anything but I do owe you money! I can switch back on again? Sorry my playtime is so random at the moment.
  8. Argh sorry only just got baby down and I’ve missed you!
  9. Not now but hopefully I’m around from about 8ish.
  10. I was just making a dumb joke - shaking my fist at you for telling magical drop about the dala horse being a rare gift from Gulliver so I didn’t end up with it! I don’t know if I’ll get on before tonight it I’ll keep an eye out and bring the kimono money around later.
  11. I completely forgot I said I’d make someone a garden wagon - was that you? Do you still want one?
  12. Sent you a friend request earlier! Ah and just seen you’ve accepted but I can’t see you online. Oh and edit again! There you are.
  13. Awesome! I can pop over with the materials if you’re on later? Of course! Always happy to water. Thanks.
  14. Ah sorry! I’ll get it sorted. Does anyone have the DIY for or can craft this bamboo stuff? Trying to get the whole collection. Basket Drum Lunchbox Stool Flooring Dark rug
  15. @Broker I can make a bonsai shelf but you’d have to send the materials. Thanks so much for the kimono! Just realised I’m missing the red crane. Could you send I’ll come over today with a pile of bells? @Mike S Which reminds me! Did I ever give you the money for the one you sent to me?!
  16. I got mine from @Fuddle!
  17. I’m not in it because I can’t seem to edit from my phone and that’s all I use to browse these days! I should ask someone to add me really! I’ll add you.
  18. Sure! Are we friends? I can make ironwood dressers but might not be on until this evening.
  19. I did yes! I meant to reply and say thanks. Sorry!
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