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  1. I was until I decided I actually don’t like it! Thanks for thinking of me though.
  2. @Peb Kacharach I think my teacup ride is pastel - will check later. Swap for your pink and blue seating? If it’s not pastel Is there anything else you’re after you could swap for it? I’ve been after it for ages!
  3. I’d love one if these if you can send!
  4. Yes sorry I meant to say rice cakes! There probably is one nearby but not easy for me to get to thanks to the ‘rona. I’ll have a look online. Already a gochujang fan and I’ll keep an eye out for the other stuff you mentioned - thanks!
  5. Laine


    Ah thanks for the offer but I started to panic and just went with the Hario!
  6. Where are people getting the rice crackers from? I’d love to try it.
  7. Bah I haven’t used my laptop in years so I don’t do that anymore! I watched the first two on All 4 so wondered if would pop up there. Thanks!
  8. Where where where? All4? I love this show and wish more people watched it!
  9. I am obsessed with Koka Tom Yam noodles! The corner shop I used to live near did 3 packs for a pound. I need to find a new supplier.
  10. Laine


    Reccomendations for a very easy to use budget friendly hand grinder? My mum is really into her aeropress and I’d like to get her a grinder but I don’t have much spare cash. I’ve seen some Hario ones for £25 but there’s a few around that price and I don’t know which is better!
  11. I’ve seen them in big Tesco’s and Sainsbury’s but you can get full range on line. Not alcohol free but around 2% I really like Schofferhofer. Half wheat beer, half pink grapefruit juice!
  12. Big Drop are probably my current fave alcohol free beers. Love the sour and stout.
  13. I’ve never played an Ys as although they sound right up my street otherwise I just don’t like action RPGs much. But now you’ve said Suikoden-ish collect a load of NPCs to expand your base I am very interested!
  14. I can live with it! I absolutely love all the games in this series and really want it! I know it’s be worth the £50 I just can’t really stretch to it right now. Bah!
  15. Hey @cowfields do you fancy selling me Tokyo Mirage Sessions? I noticed Conduct Together is on sale for 89p! Is it any good?
  16. Thanks! I know deep down I’m not at all! Just being melodramatic today after a very fraught long walk this morning. He’s just such hard work and I do feel a lot of guilt as he’s a wonderful kid. Of course I’d love not to rely on it so much! But he is who he is I guess. Sorry I’m kind of dragging this off topic - I should whinge in the parenting thread!
  17. It’s more like over an hour at a time to be honest. Baby won’t sleep alone Arthur won’t leave her alone if I try and do it in the same room. She sleeps for 90 minutes! It’ll go on in the morning if he’s been up through the night and awake singing at the top of his voice from 5am. See, terrible parenting!
  18. I know some of Arthur’s screen time is ‘bad’ I suppose - I don’t mind him watching Izzys toy time or a bit of Axel on YouTube. At least those guys don’t shill shitty products. He used to watch quite a bit of Ryan’s World until I couldn’t stand the constant advertising of awful plastic toot. He loves Lego so I don’t mind him watching videos of Lego being built. As long as it doesn’t have what he calls ‘weird hairy hands’.
  19. I always wonder if people have children who just behave better or are easier or more likely to do what you ask or happy to play alone. Arthur is just relentless - constant chatter and jumping and bouncing and crashing and fiddling. From 5am til 7pm. Some days I can’t stand it!
  20. Sometimes I have no choice to use TV as a ‘care substitute’ otherwise I’d not be able to make lunch or dinner or get the baby to nap or do my online counselling sessions. One of the times I insisted I wouldn’t put CBeebies on while I went into the kitchen to unpack the shopping in about 30 seconds I had my back turned he managed to climb onto and fall off a chair and pushed his front tooth up into his gum. Taking your son to have it removed and holding him down while he screams hysterically over the giant needles being stuck in his gum is no fun. That was two years ago and I still think why the hell didn’t I just put CBeebies on for half an hour. The other day I took the baby into another room to dress her and he’d liked all the sofa cushions up sat on them and immediately fell off and bashed his head onto the wooden floor and really hurt himself. He can’t be left it he’ll do something silly and he refuses to ply on his own. I usually deal with him by being out as long as possible but of course lockdown has put paid to that. I must admit threads like this make me feel even crappier parent than I do usually.
  21. I’ve been playing this and really like it but it crashes regularly which is incredibly annoying when I have to repeat bits. I got lucky starting the Apple Arcade free month last week!
  22. I managed to get most things but would love a butterfly wall if one is going spare. I found it super frustrating though as I barley found any bugs. The most I got was 8. I have loads of flowers and I have tree stumps and most things just disappeared when the time started! I would wander round for a good 90 seconds before I’d see one and that was with me going to what I thought were good spawn points!
  23. Well they’d better add season 3 of Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir!
  24. I loved this on the GC - got together with friends with our link cables and gameboy advances! We had loads of fun with it. Loved the style as well.
  25. You can send me one from the ATM - you can access everything you’ve bought from the catalogue and post it straight to people who have visited you. I’m Lindsay from Windurst so you can select me from the list. I can send you a win or lose one and one with different fruit and other things on. So sorry - I didn’t mean to ask for the one you have!
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