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  1. FFX-2 has scored higher than X, because it is much, much, much, much more FUN! And better, and prettier and ACE!
  2. I can't see a reason why anybody could possibly buy it and not love it. You know exactly what you're getting... FFX: Beach Volleyball. FFX:2 BEST FF GAME EVER. I love VII, just the cardboard cut out in the window of GAME casued me to walk in and come out 10 minutes later with a Playstation and this. I loved it. Now, though, when I think back, it's not *that* amazing. but of course, i'll always love it foe getting me into gaming proper.
  3. Oh my god! Japanese gamers are so casual!!!! The worlds going to END!!!!11111111111
  4. Tickets for the 'all you can eat for £8.50' curry bar? That place was wills worst idea ever. JP, will I be able to blow up the catapult in this version?!
  5. Oh my goodness, you are all a bunch of geeks!
  6. Oh, really? Darn. I thought FFX-2 was the first none turn based game i've ever played. You're gonna have to help me out on the sarcasm front. FFX-2 uses ATB, yes? Not realtime? Okay... You posted that jibe at me, I only play turn based games. How droll. I said FFX-2 isn't turn based, but it actually is, especially if you set it to wait etc. Then you popped up and pointed out to me that ATB *is* turn based. See? I was just being silly.
  7. Yeah, it isn't turn-based. Shut your face. I'm quite happily playing FFX-2 ight now and that isn't turn based. ATB is turn-based. Oh, really? Darn. I thought FFX-2 was the first none turn based game i've ever played. Sheesh. I'm not using the smilies until they are changed back to nice ones! Some of you may not notice my sarcasm.
  8. Yeah, it isn't turn-based. Shut your face. I'm quite happily playing FFX-2 ight now and that isn't turn based.
  9. I don't like it either. At all. I *can* see why other peole do though. I think.
  10. Laine

    Manhunt banned

    Are you saying Tenchu isn't violent?! Oh, and Manhunt, not impressed at all.
  11. I haven't payed the final one off, I've just got the last upgrade. And I kindah planted money trees, which helped... Whoops. I thought when you said *got* you menat got and paid off the massive mortgage. Sorry. Oh, but pay it off. The reward is well worth it. Honest.
  12. How the heck did you manage to pay off the final mortgagae in 2 WEEKS?! It took me and my friends who have the game, months. You must have been playing for hours and hours every day. i'm not surprised you are bored already.
  13. Amusingly, this loss was incurred because of their dealings on the international currency market, and was nothing to do with their console business. But it get trooped out evey time someone wants an argument about how the Gamecube's failing. I agree with most people here - the GC's games are *different* in some ways to those available on the PS2 and Xbox. People should have one of the latter, and a Gamecube. Tim No, people should have one of each if they want to get the best games available. All three have fantastic games which aren't available elsewhere.
  14. I knew you lot wouldn't appreciate it. And no, no it isn't. Just a bit "we are girls and we rule!". hub2, I don't think we'll see it on PC, 9 and 10 didn't make it, this probably won't either.
  15. She is much, much less annoying. I still want to slap Rikku though.
  16. Maybe I'm missing something, but what's the difference between an Active Time Battle that's set to "wait" and the pure turn-based approach of FFX? I'd have thought nothing. It only waits while your are choosing an enemy to attack, or an item to use etc. If you just stood there doing nothing, the enemy would still be attacking you. They also attack you while you are preparing to attack them, for example some magic attacks take a while to cast, but an enemy can repeatedly hit you during trhis time, making you have to start over with the casting.
  17. Aye, but the battle system in X was nigh on perfect in my opinion, a fact that's demonstrated by it holding the dubious honour of being the only Final Fantasy title I've finished. Not to mention that even after its conclusion I went back and started hunting down Dark Aeons and legendary weapons. I appreciate being able to think ahead and plan when fighting some giant evil bitch of a monster. Even in wait mode that's really tricky with ABS. Started playing through a non-emulated version of FFVI on Saturday and by Mt Kolts I was ready to kick the screen in because of the fucking battles. Anyway. Rant over. Sorry. Well, yeah I know what you mean. I love turn based, but after a little bit of panic this just seems to flow well. If I want to have a think about what I'm going to do, I just hit attack and it stops until I decide what I actually want to do. It took a bit of getting used to, but I do like it now.
  18. Yes, yes I completely agree. Although i've just realised that Caleb meant he *liked* turn based battles. Whoopsie.
  19. Argh! I completely misread that! You can set it to wait. It pauses while you select which spell to use, who to attack, what item you want etc. Still a bit quicker, which helps in the missions with lots of enemies.
  20. Press O to jump, or climb, or drop down while running. A lot of the locations are quite rocky, and on different levels. Yuna just hops about all over the place now.
  21. Oh Dear God! Thats done it! Heehee, that's what it is though... Y...R...P!
  22. Oh, my favourite bit so far... Yuna dressed in a Moogle suit handing out balloons.
  23. I absolutely love it. It's fast becoming my favourite FF game ever! The dress sphere system works brillaintly and the changes are stunning. You an get special grids as well which transform your character into a different uhm, I guess "creature" would be the best description. Your other party members bugger off, and the new one has 3 different parts, which each has a turn. Paines one is called Full Throttle and you have her, and then 2 wings (she turns into a big winged thingy) that each has a turn. If Paine dies, she reverts back to her normal form, and her team mates come back. She stays dead though. As U-1 said, the fighting is really fast moving, even the loading between fights is super fast this time. Who else has it? Oh, one more thing... This game is basically a bunch of girls going off to rescue a missing boyfriend, most of you will probably hate it. GIRL POWER!!
  24. If I had to choose (God knows why I would have to, but anyway...) it would be the PS2 without a doubt. I've had more hours of gaming fun on that than any other console, except maybe the PSone.
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