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  1. Same here - I wasn’t very interested in the first couple of episodes of the second series but it’s really good now.
  2. I dunno! I’ve not had ps plus for a few years now so I can’t remember and that’s the only one I’ve had before. I was just whinging as I really love morrowind, I suppose it wasn’t really a direct reply to you either! I just checked and the only version available in the store is the one with the expansions so maybe it’ll be my lucky day!
  3. Seems a bit petty not to chuck them in when it’s so old! It didn’t realise the dlc for something like that to even be available to buy anymore. I’ve only had game pass for a week so haven’t noticed what does and doesn’t come with dlc. Yakuza 0 which is all I’ve really played so far has some items that were dlc but that’s different from whole expansion packs I guess!
  4. Oh rubbish I was looking forward to having a bash on Morrowind yet again but it won’t have the expansions? Boo!
  5. My son who is 5 wanted to watch the whole thing and he will normally not sit still to watch stuff unless it’s YouTube or power rangers. He loved it and I quite liked it too! But then I will watch literally anything with Jean-Ralphio in it.
  6. I just got this on game pass and I do not have a clue what I’m doing in battles. I don’t know what any of my abilities are called as they don’t seem to be labelled and I can’t even work out how to use a potion or something to heal. I’ve not played a game like this in a long time so probably not helping! Any tips or a good idiots guide anywhere? I do really like it other than fumbling my way through a few fights. Oh should probably say I set it to turn based but still seem to be missing a lot! Is there a way I can select an ability and have the game tell me what it is rather than having to just remember from the pictures?!
  7. I bought a jar of Loa Gan Ma and we’d finished in about a day and a half! I had it on everything I ate. Definitely good on peanut butter on toast! I’ve seen jars called different things though. I thought I was buying ‘spicy chilli crisp’ but got crispy chilli in oil in the label. Are they the same? Because I need something even more crispy if they’re different! But I couldn’t seem to find anything to buy that was called spicy chilli crisp.
  8. Somebody stop me from buying Syberia 1 and 2 for £1.70.
  9. Thanks so much for the tips! I’m just worried I’m not making the best of the insane amount of options. I’m spending all my points unlocking new stuff and upgrading what I use most. I wasn’t really using turrets / guardians but I am now and they are really good. I’m only just at the last first wave battle so I’ve got a long way to go - I guess there are loads of battles as I seem to be very low on mystery points!
  10. My laptop is knackered, I only use my phone for internet stuff so I can’t do that anymore. I even tried to buy it but you can only buy the first two seasons over here. Ah the glory days of me grabbing so many shows and getting up at 6 to watch Lost before work. Good times! Oh hang on you meant for High Maintenance but I guess the same goes for Search Party!
  11. Still mad no one is showing season 3 over here yet. Love Search Party!
  12. I don’t really know what I’m doing in the battles - I’ve only done 3 after the tutorial as I’ve been avoiding them. I got S rank for the first 2 then a B as I seemed to get hit loads more. I just pick whatever move will hit the nearest and hope for the best. I imagine I’m about to start dying a lot!
  13. Just playing the project triangle strategy demo and it’s like my wish has come true! It’s just like Vandal Hearts. I don’t know why I didn’t immediately think Suikoden too, one of my favourite game series of all time. But at least we have Eiyuden Chronicles in a year or two.
  14. Brilliant thanks! I had been checking practically everyday to see if it was on sale. Typically I’d forgotten to lately so I bet I’d have missed it!
  15. Yep that’s it! I’ve scrolled past that and it’s stuck in my mind as ‘Oh there’s a comic with this sort of story then!’ as I know no background. I haven’t even properly seen the Avengers movie that Wanda is first in. I still like this show loads though it just means things like the ending of the latest episode aren’t quite as meaningful for me.
  16. I know what you mean - I’ve seen it too! I’m sure it was posted in this thread somewhere. But as you say no idea if it was just a promo image.
  17. I gave up as I just wasn’t enjoying season 2 at all.
  18. I can help you dig up flowers as you helped me do a big clear out but of course it’s a total mess again. So many yellow cosmos, the most boring AC flower.
  19. Anyone open for visitors tonight? I’d love to come over! I haven’t played for months - just not had much chance and I’m gutted as Christmas was always my favourite season and I didn’t touch it at all! I bet there was loads of lovely furniture. I missed out the mushroom stuff I was really looking forward to as well. Oh well always this year I suppose. @StumpyJohn Thanks so much h for thinking of me and sending me the Jingle poster even though I’ve not played for ages!
  20. So good! I want to read the books but I’ve tried the first a couple of times, before and after starting to watch this and I just can’t get into it.
  21. I don’t want to watch anything to long on amazon - they took Alias off when I was doing one of my many repeat watches and now I’ve finally got into downton abbey with 5 series left to go it’s leaving in a couple of weeks! I’d like to watch the shield but daren’t as knowing my luck it’ll be removed halfway through.
  22. That’s weird - I watched some of it on my phone using All4 - I downloaded just to watch it. I also watched some on my Sky Q box. I’ve just checked and all the episodes are there for me.
  23. My 5 year old is obsessed with Bedknobs and Broomsticks at the moment after having a huge tantrum when I put it on for the first time.
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