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  1. It’s on the way! Person sending didn’t realise he could mail it direct and thought he had to wait until today. It’s stressful being an AC trading middleman!
  2. Some people - including me - are after cardboard box variants and I finally got one today! It’s called labelled box, it has an address label on the top and various markings on it, stripes a glass in a box and other bits.
  3. Yes please! No worries at all - I just get a bit list with how many things I’m asking people to send me so was double checking. Did you know you can send people things direct twice a day? So you can order your 5 things then people on friends list can be sent two things.
  4. Yes I want all elaborate kimonos! I’ve got Balls and Tree peonies. I think @Mike S was going to order me the one on a black frame but not sure if he’s had chance... I need to send one on to donut!
  5. I can order you pink swirl, green, blue and orange Ice cream lamps.
  6. Does anyone have a villager moving out today? Got a spot to fill and I don’t trust Nook at all.
  7. Oh my god I NEED Greg Grunberg to come to my island.
  8. I don’t think we can unless we visit first. I just switched off for the night but I’ll be around at some point tomorrow - can sort a visit? @Broker Windurst!
  9. @Flams Did you just try and visit? Got disconnected when you were flying over but I’ve just opened the gates again.
  10. I’m more than happy with a grab bag of types and a mix of the colours you have. Thanks! Just opening the gate.
  11. I am in about 10 mins! I’ll need to make a bit of space from last time you kindly gave me some but honestly I have a plan for them!
  12. Hello! Just added you as a friend.
  13. Er @Mike did I leave my trousers on your island?!
  14. Sorry I completely forgot to get back to you. Yes I will take that one too, I mean who needs to pay off the last mortgage?! Turnip market better pay off next week though.
  15. Of course yeah! I can drop cash off this evening?
  16. If anyone is planning to propose to their partner in animal crossing I can order you a very lovely diamond ring for a bargain price of 69,000 bells. It’s a tiny ring box you can open with a big diamond ring inside.
  17. I’ve sent you this. I have a feeling it’s the wrong one I grabbed from storage but I’ve just forgotten what I actually sent! Let me know if it’s a random one.
  18. Thanks! Bah thought I had red cute DIY but I have white with red stuff on it! I do have red tea table.
  19. Are you in the spreadsheet? I can’t add myself on my phone!
  20. Er hideous? I think you mean the best furniture range! I can send you all of those I think!
  21. I can send table with cloth.
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