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  1. You can still complete a job even if you’re not quite at a 100%. I’ve finished a couple at 98%, might go back and do it again for money as I seem to be very bad at making profit doing the actual flipping.
  2. I love Persona and this is great news especially as I was trying to find my PSP charger the other day to play P3P BUT god I really really want these on Switch too!
  3. I can’t think of anything else he’d be tempted to use the Playstation for right now! And he could he could wear his ‘I saved Shenmue’ T-shirt while he does.
  4. I keep forgetting I can do this! I’ll have to convince my partner to go back to Shenmue 3 and he can use the big TV with the Playstation! Very true but that was when I had a job and no kids and was not skint! Wah wah etc. What time do games become available on release day? I’m desperate to have a go of Eiyuden Chronicle Rising to keep me going until the real thing.
  5. I’m loving Citizen Sleepsr but I keep thinking ‘Perfect for Switch!’ then I won’t be hogging the TV, but it feels so silly to buy a game that I can already play!
  6. I was sure I just replied to this but my post isn’t here! My six year old finds it hilarious when the body parts turn into carrots or tomatoes or what have you. He’s only played about half an hour, he finds it hard to control. You have to choose equipment on a wheel and he finds it tricky to pull it up and then rotate to what he wants. He struggles if for example you have to hit a bush with one thing, then swap quickly to your trap to catch the bug. It’s hard for him to control quite a few games properly though so it could just be him being all thumbs!
  7. My mum got todays word and as I was grumbling about it she said she knew it because
  8. Take newborn and go to a parent and baby showing!
  9. Guys I bought it and I LOVE it. I spend all my eddies on ridiculously expensive clothes and apartments and I look so preem I’m gutted I can never really see my character because I look amazing. I spend most of my time spreading poison through gangs and sniping peoples heads off. Brilliant. One thing I hate though is the ‘sexy’ advertising everywhere. It’s so cringeworthy and it makes me embarrassed to be playing it sometimes.
  10. Bodies is on Amazon Prime too. I’m very glad I had already had my children otherwise Bodies would have put me off entirely, it’s absolutely brutal.
  11. I loved Turning Red. The scene at the start where they’re drooling over the shop assistant sent me right back to when I was 13/14 and used to go to Fantasy World every weekend as I was in love with the guy who worked there who looked like a sexy Viking. Got off with him a few years later so go me! Thinking back that’s probably slightly gross as god knows how much older than me he was. I thought it was really funny and it also made me cry. Perfect!
  12. I just finished The Last Kingdom and loved it - I watched all 4 seasons straight after each other and the new season starts next week! I might give this a go but I’m a bit vikinged out after watching so quickly.
  13. I had hardly anything left, and with my 5th guess I thought I had it with a tricky double but no!
  14. Really should have gone with one of my usual starting words that tends to have I in but no fancied a change today! Wordle 251 5/6
  15. Is there much opportunity to sneak around in this to find alternate routes to avoid shooting loads of guys, or to sweet talk your way through missions to avoid boss fights? I do want it but I don’t actually know how much I’ll enjoy it if it is mostly shooting guys, I am bad at shooting guys. I think I am wanting this to be a bit Deus Exy and it just isn’t at all!
  16. I have that drum! I never thought it might work. Let me know if it does.
  17. Yes! That was me. Good memory! Someone had a big go at for me for spoiling the quest after I mentioned it was pretty tough as I was pregnant although I never said why. Rllmuk!
  18. I can see I’m just getting glimpses here and there and it’s very different from the books but I suppose I found those bits interesting enough to see the proper background behind them. I really do not have the time to read them though!
  19. I quite liked this! Made me have the mad idea of reading the books
  20. Amazing thank you! I checked a couple of days ago and it was £11.99 with the game pass discount.
  21. Goddamit I knew I shouldn’t have left Yakuza 0 when Like A Dragon arrived on game pass but I just could not resist those sweet sweet menus. I’ve spent so long on it and still not quite finished. I wonder if that’s them all away now each month? Gah! Also I realised I forgot to come back and say thanks - I posted aaages ago for tips on the LaD management game and once it clicked I got so into it! Did nothing but that for hours and hours. So thanks!
  22. I’m trying to buy something from the store using £25 of credit and paying the remaining £4.99 with my monzo card. It looks ok on screen but when the confirmation comes up in the monzo app it’s asking me to approve a payment of £29.99. I don’t know if it’s a monzo quirk as it tends to show transactions other banks don’t but I really don’t want to risk it! Anyone know why it might be doing that?
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