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  1. Thanks all! I need to buy it from Amazon as I have a £15 voucher and I was going to get the one that comes with all the dlc toot but I could live without it I suppose!
  2. Laine

    Apple TV +

    It’s been announced but not actually done yet. Zooey Deschanel joining.
  3. I want to buy Royal on Switch for portability and to not hog the TV and to sneakily play it while kids are watching something BUT it’s £55! And I could get it for free on Game Pass! And what if the text is really tiny when it’s not docked! I don’t know what to do! I’m sure there’ll be loads of comparisons done when it’s out but I want to order it already.
  4. I had no idea this was based on a book I’ve read recently until I just watched the trailer. Quite interested to see what he does with it.
  5. Oh my god these are two of my favourite games of all time I’m over the moon!
  6. Right I’m determined to plough my way through all of these BUT they are doing another turn based one right? That’s 8?
  7. I had no problem with mushrooms, plenty my side and I had a foraging pal with me but I can’t any more bloody emeralds to drop!
  8. You can still complete a job even if you’re not quite at a 100%. I’ve finished a couple at 98%, might go back and do it again for money as I seem to be very bad at making profit doing the actual flipping.
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