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  1. Love yoshi p but hate the combat in XV and remake so very torn. I really should just start up XIV again I suppose.
  2. To make up for it you have to listen to the theme song 10 times in a row.
  3. Excuse me the music especially the song performed by bright light bright light is AMAZING. And there is an error check, you can show hints and fill random squares. If someone’s never played a picross game before it could be tricky but then set it to easy while you get used to doing them.
  4. Is anyone getting Paradise Killer? I think it looks great. Super stylish open world detective game where you can accuse whoever you think is guilty. It’s out today and it’s reduced to £12.
  5. We have a Switch each! Got the second one just so we could both play AC! I did get the DIY today so panic over!
  6. I don’t know how I feel about this.
  7. I wasn’t paying much attention so I didn’t notice if she said something else so maybe we’ll get it tomorrow when it’s not another announcement? It’s some sort of tree figure I think - you make it with acorns and pines you get from shaking trees.
  8. I haven’t played for weeks as not much spare time and I’ve become obsessed with Breath of the Wild. Switched on this morning and I didn’t get the autumn DIY from Isabelle but my partner did! There are pumpkins in the shop and the new seasonal item is available to buy. Did anyone else not get it?
  9. @David Heath I’ve got a ton of spare DIYs I can open up one night this week? Maybe after shooting stars at @StumpyJohns?
  10. Ah of course that makes sense! I could just start again I guess. It’s a return campaign I’d need. I keep missing them!
  11. Argh just seen this is free to play up to level 60. Can I come back with my old character and just play my jobs that aren’t 60 yet? Seems perfect for me - I can just pootle about in the world and not have to be too scared to join randoms on duty finder because I’m a bad player.
  12. Laine

    Atelier Series

    I love the Atelier games but I haven’t played one in a while. I got into the PS2 ones but when they introduced the time limit I hated it and stopped playing them. Last one I got was PS3 I think when I read they’d removed the time limit. I did want to give Ryza a go when it went on sale but is it no longer turn based? Does Lulua have a time limit? What’s the most recent, no time limit, turn based one?!
  13. Laine

    Broad City

    I meant to do this before but I only started watching this because of you talking about it and I am so glad because it’s just wonderful. I love it. So thanks!
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