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  1. Hulu gave us two more seasons of the Mindy project so for that alone Hulu is EVERYTHING.
  2. A who’s who chart - don’t click unless you’ve seen the first six episodes! http://www.indiefanboy.com/netflix/dark-netflix-character-breakdown-cast/
  3. The text is really small and I think I’m missing a trick to say, place a roof tile facing the right way but it’s not affecting my enjoyment cos it’s so good! Having said that - is there a way to make something face a different way easily? I’ve given up trying to put a roof on my cabin!
  4. I finally worked out how to find the size of my base last night. The easiest way is to watch when your base level disappears. I dug a moat all the way around as a marker. I’ve got so much more space now! It extends quite far out past the rocks where your water supply is. I've seen a few videos of farms and I’m just not imaginative enough for this! It never occurs to me to dig underground for bedrooms and kitchens and stuff. Tonight a total remodel is in order. Not very far in yet - still growing the 5 different crops but I love it so much. It’s much better than the first. Base size definitely a lot bigger. Does anyone have tips to add a roof to buildings? I remember in the first it just made the camera go crazy and was really annoying.
  5. Bit of a dim question probably - if I did this would I still be able to use the details to watch stuff on iPad?
  6. She was in 24 and she definitely just talks like that.
  7. Children of Ruin, the sequel to Children of Time which I loved.
  8. Yes but I’m hoping in one of the new books (hah) they are saved last minute somehow!
  9. Yes! I watched it as soon as I saw it had come up. It’s not great. Really not great. But obviously Jennifer Garner is very good at kicking ass in it so I enjoyed that aspect of it. If you like Taken etc it’s worth 90 minutes of your time. My mother’s opinion - I put a stupid update on Facebook saying I was watching it. So my mother also decides to watch it and messaged me saying ‘That was not a very nice film. A mom hunting down the people who killed her family didn’t sound too bad but it was too gory and I watched it behind a pillow’
  10. Is there a good recap of season 2 anywhere? Was expecting a couple of mins at the start of season 3 but nothing!
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