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  1. Really want to get AI: Somnium files now it’s finally on sale. Been waiting for ages! Seemed a bit ridiculous it was going for £55.
  2. Just watched Colony and enjoyed it a lot even though it’s a load of old toot really. But! It has three seasons and Netflix only has two and I can’t find season 3 available even to buy over here! I hope they hurry up and get it. Even though it was cancelled and didn’t finish properly. Stupid TV networks.
  3. I loved it all but a lot of people here didn’t. I definitely I think it’s worth watching to find out for yourself!
  4. Well you’re a lot more sensible than me when it comes to flower management!
  5. I’d love a harp! I can give you the other materials. Daley just pointed out I may need to make space on my beach for stars - do you know if I do from when you had a beach full of flowers? Mine go right to the edge. I still seem to be getting shells. Hmm but not many now I’ve checked...
  6. @StumpyJohn Thanks for checking. I just worked out I missed Virgo Harp which I’m gutted about as it’s my favourite of the zodiac set. Oh well I’ll still be playing in a year I’m sure!
  7. Opened up for shooting stars. It’s Lindsay of Windurst if you’ve forgotten. Be most grateful if anyone wants to help me dig up the insane amount of white yellow and red cosmos I have near my museum and campsite... there’s a handy bin. And if anyone had a spare couple of Aries fragments I would love them!
  8. I thought my 15 or so was bad! There’s hardly any space for more to grow around where the flowers still are thankfully!
  9. @StumpyJohnThanks for diy - I totally missed you saying it was on beach! I have shooting stars tonight - will open around 7.30 hopefully. Will post when I open. You’ll need a ladder to get higher up. So I spent ages moving the insane amount of flowers on my lower level, dumped most up high and on beach to use later and got rid of so many! One day of heavy rain and I’ve got new flowers everywhere. But no it’s none of my fancy rare ones just the same old crappy cosmos. Another 15 at least! Arghhhhhhh!
  10. Ooh brilliant! I’ll pop over. I’d love that trees bounty mobile diy if you still have it!
  11. Christ I’m not going to sleep for weeks.
  12. Thanks Daley! I’ve popped 8 or 9 balloons last couple of days and sod all in the way of Halloween DIYs. It’s going to be cherry blossom all over again. I’ve got so many buildings to move around that the thought of time travel is becoming more and more tempting! But I’ll be strong. Yeah.
  13. I’m back! It’s my favourite time of the AC year so I’m fully into it again. However. Over the last few months of neglect my flower problem which was bad to begin with is now insane. Practically every spot on my island is covered in flowers! I’m trying to dig everything up and move it so I can start to build stuff and actually make my island look decent but it is taking a very long time. I could barely find a spare patch to stick 20 pumpkins. And I’m worried about popping balloons as nowhere for them to land!
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