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  1. Out of respect for Bianchi Marussia to field single car at Sochi and... Lotus to use Mercedes power unit from 2015
  2. The second car is being prepared. Apparently Alexander Rossi.
  3. Not posting any pics but here is a gallery which just shows the weckage and Adrian Sutil completely in shock
  4. Server gone while looking for a silverwood tree. to be fair I've only went to already explored teritory
  5. Not sure if related but i tried to log on at around the time it crashed. I've updated the version and replaced magicalcrops.cfg
  6. How can I hide a world from being listed? Open 'plugins/dynmap/worlds.txt' and add/change the world-section for the world you want to hide. Add the value 'enabled: false' to that world-section, so that you get something like the following: worlds: - name: world title: "My Awesome World" - name: nether title: "My Awesome Nether" enabled: false - name: skylands title: "My Awesome Skylands" enabled: false from: http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/dynmap/pages/faq/ also: How can I remove the cave map?Copy the appropriate template file to make a custom one. For example, copy 'plugins/dynmap/templates/normal-vlowres.txt' to 'plugins/dynmap/templates/custom-normal-vlowres.txt'. Open the copied file and remove the following section: - class: org.dynmap.hdmap.HDMap name: cave title: "Cave" prefix: ct perspective: iso_SE_60_lowres shader: cave lighting: default mapzoomin: 3
  7. Flat does work fine but on 3D view it's not loading the whole map. Not sure if it's just slow but it's only showing some pieces. you should probably also disable the cave map
  8. How far are people going out exploring? I need to go for a hunt of some ender pearls as there are literally zero near my base and I don't want to strain the server too much. I know it's been better with the lag but is there a way for you to find out why it's lagging? Yesterday it seems every time I harvested my magical crops it seems to freeze but then that might be someone exploring. Enjoying the server so far
  9. your avatar fits to that last comment. I've got tinkers up, a solar array and a wind turbine. Feel free to remove them if they are causing lag.
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