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  1. kwakpriest

    Destiny 2 - Out Come The Big Guns (part deux, redux)

    I've been playing a lot of solo Crucible lately, chasing a few pinnacle weapons and, of course, trying to complete one of the Last Word quest steps and it really is a miserable experience. It's been mentioned before i'm sure, but having losses negatively impact your quest progress is just so annoying. Iron Banner is the only Crucible mode I enjoy now.
  2. kwakpriest

    Nintendo Switch

    I’ll be taking my Switch on the long plane journey to the U.S. next week, so I’ll be needing a good USB-C cable and power bank so I can get some of that CIV VI crack without interruption. Any recommendations?
  3. kwakpriest

    Nintendo Switch

    Try Smyths, plenty in stock online & in shops.
  4. kwakpriest

    Civilization VI - Civ on the streets, Civ in the sheets

    I had a quick go on it this morning (nearly making myself late for work) and It seems pretty fully fledged, so far anyway. I'm looking forward to this weekend disappearing in the blink of an eye, Spaced-style.
  5. kwakpriest

    vinyl lovers

    I'm working today and tomorrow so Monday's the earliest I'll be able to visit a store. I really want Neil Young - Roxy Tonight's The Night Live though - what are the chances of still being able to pick that up, I wonder?
  6. kwakpriest

    Xbox One Raiders

    Provisional ditto
  7. kwakpriest

    Destiny: FIN

    It was just the old ghost.
  8. kwakpriest

    Xbox One Raiders

    The return of the Sunday raid! I'm up for it.
  9. kwakpriest

    Xbox One Console Thread

    I did this once and, while the game worked for a short while, it eventually disappeared from my owned games. Microsoft will get around to deleting the account at some point unfortunately, so I really wouldn't recommend doing this.
  10. kwakpriest

    King's Fall Xbox One tonight - need 2 more

    Count me in
  11. kwakpriest

    Destiny: FIN

    What with the constant shower of engrams and the two new exotic guns that have dropped for me today... this game is (seemingly) considerably less stingy than it used to be.
  12. kwakpriest

    Destiny: FIN

    First 10 minutes of year 2 on Xbox - got Hawkmoon from a deceptive engram.
  13. kwakpriest

    Destiny: FIN

    I bought it from the U.S. Xbox Store which worked out at £25 cheaper than the UK store (I bought the edition with the OG, TDB & THOW plus all of the limited edition stuff) . I can link you some details on how to do it after work if you'd like?
  14. kwakpriest

    Devil's Third

    The latest Edge calls this game "a failure in almost every respect".
  15. kwakpriest

    Xbox One Raiders

    I think I've added everyone in the thread to the first post. Pipe up if I've missed you (and include your GT in your post for the convenience of phone users).

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