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  1. the new and improved Groovy Gamer podcast is going strong, would love for you guys to have a listen on our site or on iTunes, thanks everyone
  2. Good Question, this is what happened! NEW SHOW, NEW FEED, MUCH IMPROVED THE OFFICIAL REBOOT, subscribe here and leave us reviews, etc. You can also search for Groovy Gamer on Zune, should be there now! send questions, comments, feedback to podcast@groovygamer,net please just give a quick listen and see if you like what we have to offer Thanks Everyone. Cheers! Ron
  3. Hey everyone, The Groovy Gamer Podcast has re launched with a new co host, Jenn Christodoulou (writer for Hyper and PC Powerplay magazines) joins me to bring a new voice to show. Episode 1 - Sony Fan Girl is available on groovygamer.net and on Itunes we also released an Episode bonus track which is 7 minutes of bloopers as we tried to record our first show together. We are recording episode 2 tomorrow and have a bunch of prizes to give away, the details are here please subscribe to the show and give us a listen, and if you like leave us some feedback and a review Cheers Everyone! evildeadron
  4. been away for a bit, but the new Groovy Gamer Podcast is relaunching next week with a new co-host Jennifer Christodoulou, writer for PC Powerplay and Hyper magazines in Australia joins me for a brand new show we lauch next tuesday
  5. very interesting week in SC2, last sunday i was involved in a 6 hour and 24 minute standoff match (the details of that are here at giant bomb. today i was playing as protoss vs protoss and i early scouted and saw he was not protecting his ramp, so i dropped a pylon and proceeded to make his base my base, even expanding into his natural, the replay of that can be downloaded here. just download the file and add it to your replay folder to watch. really enjoying every aspect of this game, gonna be hard to beat for goty
  6. don't forget that Civilization 5 is less than 2 months away, great year for pc gaming
  7. since i am over in the states, i unfortuantely can't play with any of you guys in the uk. i made a video of my first online win during placement for you to enjoy though. Oatboy was not a happy camper. http://http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ZY0zEzRPNk
  8. Puzzle Quest2 and Torchlight i find both of these insanely addicting cheers!
  9. yeah sorry Anno 1404 (it's Dawn of Discovery here in the states) interesting that you had more fun with tropico 3, i have that as well and its a great game, somehow i find something drawing me to Anno 1404 though, and i have never played an Anno game
  10. anyone have any thoughts on the Dawn of Discovery gold pack for 20 USD? have had my eye on that game for awhile now
  11. thanks, i think i will pick it up for that price and give it a go for 30 days, if i dont like it, im only out $2 USD
  12. anyone have any experience with eve online? worth playing for a complete eve noob?
  13. no no no, she started the #saveleighalexander trending topic about 15 minutes after she left the podcast, thats how delusional she is, oh and for all the twitter white knights rushing to her defense in hopes of free handjobs and backrubs, this is what you have to look forward to when you wake up in the morning
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