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  1. 5:2 - what. a. bastard. I've now got black phantoms added in the mix now after several avoidable deaths. it's going down toight
  2. Really enjoying this now. Just got the final couple of levels in Archstone 5 left, and then 1:4. I've always played with a fast weapon in From games (Uchi, Scimitar, Saw Blade etc) and i was the asme here - been using mainly Uchi throughout. Last night though i got the stats to wield the Cleaver. Oh my! Such a fun and weighty weapon. Going to use it for the rest of the game, and then might even start afresh with the sole aim of being able to use that weapon asap.
  3. I never completed this back on the day - stopped at 4:2 after not working out the reaper mechanism and constantly dying to the ghostly figures. im finding it a breeze this time round. Finished off the Final two bosses in World 4 in just under 90 mins tonight. ive just got World 5 (done 5:1)and World 1 (done 1:1 and 1:2) left to do.
  4. its that exact section that saw me stop back when the first game first came out.
  5. I don’t understand how hard it could be to have a line of code which means that the NPC in any walking section will match whatever speed you choose to move at. it drives me mad when a game forces me to walk at the pace of an NPC which is usually somewhere between the default walk and run speeds.
  6. No it's a compeltely optional area available much earlier. Definitely give it a visit. Also, if you haven't already, do the DLC before moving on.
  7. Finished all 3 games over the past couple of months. I'd liek to see one more game to conclude the saga but this game left me with no desire for a strung out series. it's a 6/10 effort which trades heavily on nostalgia. Some thoughts:
  8. I don’t understand criticising of the controls though. It controls about as well as you could hope for a third person action game could do so.
  9. Ignore how expertly they take everyone out - the clip taps into the relentlessness of that level. At no point do you feel like you’re in control. It’s brilliantly executed.
  10. That vid brilliantly captures that level. It's magnificent.
  11. Footie games. They’re all Shiite these days and have been for some time now.
  12. Genuine one for me: about 10 years ago I was driving back from the Lake District on a Sunday morning. There was me and a mate in the front seats and a load of camping gear in the back seats & boot. Doing 70 & the motorway was completely empty apart from a car just ahead of me in the inside Lane. I was int he middle Lane. for absolutely not reason the car swerve into my Lane as I was passing them. I had to quickly veer right and the car started to snake in that way that you often see culminating in a barrel roll. now absolutely nothing in your driving lessons prepares you for that. I’m absolutely certain that years of playing racing games gave me the mental recall or muscle memory to keep control of the car (just). im also certain I’ve got a better sense of direction after years of playing games. On the flip side of that I always want to investigate a route or area I’m not familiar with to mentally fill in that area of my map.
  13. Ian Dunt going on about ‘Y: The Last Man’ on Twitter over the weekend.
  14. Mine is horrendous as a disc player. Imagine PS4 at its worst, then make it louder.
  15. This thread has helped me acclimatise to the game. I came to it yesterday straight after finishing 1 and 2 & I was bouncing off it after the first 5 or 6 hours. the main reason was the combat. It just seemed a huge step back from the previous game. From reading the thread it doesn’t seem as basic as it first appeared to though so I’m approaching it with a new mindset. I’ve accepted the new Ryo model, but I don’t think I’ll ever accept the new Shenhua model. The old one was much better IMO.
  16. I tihnk the likes of Fallout have somewhat spoiled open world games for me. Playing Red Red straight after Fallout 3 defiinitely removed some of the magic of RDR for me.
  17. Yeah combat is superb and the best thing about the game by some margin. Surprisingly i found the world itself quite a slog - it just felt like the setting had so much potential but it was largely an empty space with a few small town areas. Would have been great to bump into more small holdings, groups living in remote areas, and a load of quest lines or just more life being lived....
  18. I’m just finishing Shenmue 2. I like to think the ps5 SSD has made those bloody qte sections almost bearable thanks to the speed of reload. what the hell, Suzuki!!?
  19. I’m half way through Shenmue 2 for the first time since it’s Dreamcast release. managed to bag a ps5 last week so continuing the save from the PS4. be t up absolutely had to be Shenmue 3 but after that I can’t decide between: Days Gone Ghost of Tsushima Demons Souls remake im not one of those peoples who can have more than one game on the go at any one time either.
  20. Shenmue first time since buying it at launch for Dreamcast*. Wow - so many moments of nostalgia. The game itself is basically a walking simulator but it’s just so charming and committed to the snapshot of Japanese life it wanted to convey. I was surprised how much I enjoyed the forklift truck job - so therapeutic. Also highlight of my gaming year was winning the final race. I’ve waited 20+ years to win one of those. Now playing Shenmue 2. The city is brilliantly done. *still sadly missed
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