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  1. Anyone able to recommend a particular memory card please?
  2. It started bad, stayed bad, and ended bad, I’m afraid.
  3. I did like the head-the-ball gunslinger fella who turned up in the alst season though. He was great.
  4. once I’ve started a book/film/show/game I find it difficult to not finish. And yes, it was bad. Real bad. It was final-season-of-The-Mentalist bad
  5. I've got one episode of Justified left to watch and the entire show is absolute garbage. Genuinely terrible. They even waste Walton Goggins somehow. 0.5/5
  6. The real letdown for me was how badly Shenhua was dealt with in this game.
  7. Skyfall feels like it’s one long advert for something. I kept expecting a John Lewis logo to pop up before fading to credits.
  8. I liked all three but I think I preferred the second book most. It’s a great world to spend time in.
  9. Seriously - give it another few hours and the moment to moment gameplay starts to shine through.
  10. Ghost of Tsushima Finished the first act. It’s just dull, really. I’ve got it on hard but there’s zero challenge, really. The parry mechanic is insanely easy. im about to head up to the north island, but so far it feels like I’m mooching about in an open world game where I’ve already completed the main story.
  11. I hope to god they take full advantage of the Dualsense and 3D audio.
  12. I've been reading the Gentleman Bastards books. Really really enjoyed them. I picked up the first after seeing someone recommend it on the forum. I read the first and really enjoyed it after a slowish start (maybe that was just me), and then it was a great surprise to find out after the finishing the first that it was a troligy. I've just finsihed the second book, which i enjoyed just as much as the first, and about to start the third on my way home from work later.
  13. The opening level of Tenchu (PS1). Again and again and again.
  14. Yeah i think i've said this elsewhere but, for me, Days Gone is the spiritual successor to the Far Cry 2 that I remember.
  15. Hmmm..... i love Days Gone but i don't think i could confiedently say that the combat is better than in TLOU2. The combat in Hilcrest alone tops anything achieved in Days Gone.
  16. After finishing Days Gone, and then Inside, I have started both Miles Morales and Ghost of Tsushima, but neither have clicked after the first hour or two. I think I might need a full on open world pallet cleanser before I jump into another. can’t decide between Returnal or Resi 2 Remake (I’ve never played either game or the original Resi 2)
  17. Dark Matter - this was rubbish. Poorly written, poorly structured, and fails what could be a great concept. I genuinely thought this was a self-published Amazon amateur effort. Very surprised to read that the author is pretty well known for another series called Wayward Pines. 1/5
  18. Inside - i thought this was an 8/10 experience and a 7/10 game. It's without doubt been crafted and polished to an extremely high standard, and everything makes sense, reacts well within the rules of the game world, and never takes you out of that world. Saying that, the gameplay isn't exactly varied or taxing, and it's only a few hours long. I can't imagine ever having the urge to go abck and play through again, but i'll happily recommend it to people.
  19. Obra Dinn is poor. Avoid it.
  20. I just found it utterly dull and unnecessarily fiddly.
  21. Fallout 3 came out before Skyrim, didn’t it?
  22. Another few hours? it clicked for me the first time my bike ran out of gas & I had to head off to find some. I was sh*tting myself creeping through the woods desperately.
  23. Day’s Gone i thought this was tremendous. Everyone knows it has a slow start. It seems clunky, half baked, and strictly by the numbers. BUT, every aspect of it continues to open up and improve from about 12 hours onwards. It’s not perfect, but no open world game is.* One thing they absolutely nail is maintaining the sense of challenge and your interest in the world itself. The main criticism of the game was the way they used & introduced the hordes but, once you clocked the game, you realise that it was perfect. The horde introduces new dangers into the world so it avoids the trap of many open world games becoming too safe once you’re into the final third. You’re never safe in this world. an easy 9/10, & so much potential for sequels. It’s shameful that Sony appear to have canned it.
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