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  1. Yeah I got battered by him. Need to go back for a rematch! I’ve just found 3 wise animals so I’ll finish exploring this area first.
  2. where did you get those knives, bud?
  3. Absolutely loving this. I think i've got about 20 hours on the clock so far. Started as wretch, and i've travelled to, and noped out of, most directions on the map. I've killed two NPCs, three optional bosses, but haven't beaten Margit yet. One thing has confused me though:-
  4. HAHAHA that's exactly what i thought! Outrageous stuff.
  5. joemul

    Far Cry 2

    Far Cry 2 is one of the msot immersive gaming memories i have. Came along at the perfect time when i had zero responsibility and could sink entire weekends into the game. Despite its flaws it was just absolutely sensational.
  6. I need to have a thorough wander. I don't have any smithing stones and my sword is only level +2. Had a good go at Mragit but just wasn't dealing enough damage. Is this the first game where your steed doesn't just feel like a gimmick? It helps with traversal but also legitimately opens up new battle options.
  7. Ironically, I’m sure the McNulty plot line has its roots in a real life scenario.
  8. I’ve imposed a ‘no fast travel’ rule & Christ I’ve had a few hairy trips so far. this is truly excellent.
  9. You’re correct, sir. On the other hand this has combat that is complex and challenging. two amazing games, that happily complement one another and should be in everyone’s library.
  10. Thank god for this post! was driving me mad last night.
  11. Just think how much we all loved the fact that at the beginning of Dark Souls you could choose whether to go up to the Undead Burg or down to the Catacombs etc. - well, in this it sounds like we are al lfree to just go and wander. It's gonna be sensational for those early few weeks as people are having their minds blown all over the place.
  12. I'd say, play this while everyone else is too, then play BotW. Souls games are at their best when everyone is playing for the first time together.
  13. I’ve always started as wanderer or a similar dex and non-magic build. with this being a big open world I like the idea of starting with the absolute base character (loincloth etc) and building from there. Story will be that I’ve literally been dumped there with nothing. CANNOT. WAIT. We were meant to be moving house next week so I thought I’d be getting no time with this. I was gutted* to be told today it’s been out back a week to 11th March. *Praise the sun!
  14. BotW + From Software combat is pretty much the dream game, right? I know that's what i was thinking while playing BotW, and i agree it is a once in a generation game even with the sub-par combat* *comapred to From's
  15. Agreed. Hex was an amazing premise but lost its way. I’d love to see him hand the basic premise to another author to see what they could do with it.
  16. Got this pre-ordered. having avoided most media i crumbled and watched that 6 minute trailer on the previous page. JUDAS H PRIEST! This looks absolutely sensational, and looks far more than i was anticipating. Cannot wait.
  17. Just 'played' the Matrix demo. Judas H Priest! It looks astonishingly good.
  18. I just can't imagine a world where ANY 3D Rockstar game controls well.
  19. Clarkson’s Farm is surprisingly great
  20. Evening all. I’m reading There Is No Anti-Memetics Division. I have a quick Q for those who have read it:-
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