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  1. Haha I got there last night too. Absolutely shat meself when three of them turned up together & I legged it out of there. dreading going back.
  2. Spent an enjoyable hour helping people to beat a catacombs boss near to the lakes. It must be a pain in the ass trying to beat it offline. strangely though, I’d get summoned within a minute each time, but when I used my material to see what summons there were nearby none were revealed.
  3. Managed to beat Godrick first go, albeit with the help of NPC and my trusty jellyfish. Felt good timing my rolls during the fight. exploring the area beyond Stormveil now. Something odd had happened - early game I was able to craft poison-reducing food but that option seems to have disappeared despite me acquiring a good few more cookbooks.
  4. I hold triangle then press R1. Works every time.
  5. Ah christ! I'm level 31 and iv'e only just realised i have collected items that allow me to increase the amount of flask charges i can have. That's gonna help loads.
  6. Loving the Back Page pod today. Also absolutely love Matt's suggestion of a negative vote on a message lowering the author's health each time it is down-voted.
  7. Very kind of you to say so, sir.
  8. Getting you hands on a bow is transformative in how it allows you to bait enemies and deal with mobs one at a time. Really, really helped in Castle Morne
  9. Cleared Castle Morne last night. That was great. Managed to do the boss on my 2nd attempt. We each had a sliver of health left and just as i was in the air, leaping at him to try a risky L2 attack he died from the poison effect that my summons must have got him with at some point. I've managed to get myself a bow (can't remember where from - think it was a mine) and a bunch of smithing stones. Need to decide whether to upgrade my longsword past +2 or make a start on claymore, zweihander or something else. I'm goning to settle a couple of grudge matches* first before heading to face Margit *
  10. Yeah I got battered by him. Need to go back for a rematch! I’ve just found 3 wise animals so I’ll finish exploring this area first.
  11. where did you get those knives, bud?
  12. Absolutely loving this. I think i've got about 20 hours on the clock so far. Started as wretch, and i've travelled to, and noped out of, most directions on the map. I've killed two NPCs, three optional bosses, but haven't beaten Margit yet. One thing has confused me though:-
  13. HAHAHA that's exactly what i thought! Outrageous stuff.
  14. joemul

    Far Cry 2

    Far Cry 2 is one of the msot immersive gaming memories i have. Came along at the perfect time when i had zero responsibility and could sink entire weekends into the game. Despite its flaws it was just absolutely sensational.
  15. I need to have a thorough wander. I don't have any smithing stones and my sword is only level +2. Had a good go at Mragit but just wasn't dealing enough damage. Is this the first game where your steed doesn't just feel like a gimmick? It helps with traversal but also legitimately opens up new battle options.
  16. Ironically, I’m sure the McNulty plot line has its roots in a real life scenario.
  17. I’ve imposed a ‘no fast travel’ rule & Christ I’ve had a few hairy trips so far. this is truly excellent.
  18. You’re correct, sir. On the other hand this has combat that is complex and challenging. two amazing games, that happily complement one another and should be in everyone’s library.
  19. Thank god for this post! was driving me mad last night.
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