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  1. I've just bought this today. Gimme a few days, then hopefully i'll have enough nous to get involved in these rllmuk games. Yeah?
  2. Hoping to get this next week on PS3. What's everyone playing it on??
  3. Re: DLC I'd like it to be set back on some of the main places: Citadel, Tuchanka, Omega etc. There could be a number of quite short missions involving the characters there, or some subversive elements that need quelling etc. Just something which could go some way to keeping the story ticking over.
  4. Been hammering ME2 all week, culminating in a massive 13 hour sesh yesterday. It's absolutely Susan Perb. I thought ME1 was bog average, and didn't even care for the story too much. This is 100x the original in every aspect. It's a holloywood RPG, cutting out all the unnecessary guff, like having to walk back to your ship etc. Mining/scanning is still a pain though. I'm currently trying to find Noveria, for no real plot reason, i just want to have a mooch about there.
  5. Let's Golf is free today, or it was earlier at least.
  6. NiGHTS. Always NiGHTS. Good shout with Guardian Heroes though.
  7. Mirelurks? Always aim for the face. Absolute pain in the arse until you level up quite a bit. See also, Radscorpions.
  8. I thought The Velvet Curtain was a rubbish quest. In fact i thoguht Point Lookout was underwhleming overall.
  9. joemul

    Far Cry 2

    I'm dying to restart Far Cry 2, but i've loaned it to my flatmate. Trouble is, he's rubbish at it. He's been palying it for about a month now, and is only about 8% of the way through. Although he's always dying, he really enjoys it. My patience is wearing thin. . . . What's the DLC like for this? I only have sporadic access to Live. I've owned a 360 since November last year, and it's all been about the 'F's so far - Fable 2, Far Cry 2, and Fallout 3. I love my Fbox 360.
  10. Is SoT backwards compatible on the 360? i'd love to play it again.
  11. Liverpool are definitely not a 2 man team - anyone who says otherwise is WRONG. Torres is clearly female. . . . .
  12. Bloody hell, you finished off a Deathclaw with just a 10mm pistol?? That must've been TENSE. Nice work. I loved the hunting rifle for a while during the first 20 or so hours of the game.
  13. Spring Heeled Jack would be Susan Perb. He travelled to Liverpool amongst other cities too.
  14. Ready Brek. Always the Ready Brek.
  15. Is there any way i can get onto Live Gold for one or two nights whilst i go back home for the weekend? I've previously used a trial code. .
  16. What is the offer? The site has died.
  17. Bravo Sir. Post of the thread.
  18. Like Tron 2.0? Everyday Shooter? Geometry Wars? Hell yeah
  19. Really??? It's just a game - another level to be completed. Whether the people have uniforms on and guns or not doesn't matter to me - i'm playing a game and have an objective to meet. Complete detachment on ay level other than entertainment.
  20. This gunship level - it did nothing for me. It was just another level, not as good as the others, but simply another part of the game. It's effect was minimal compared to the nuke death.
  21. joemul

    FIFA 10

    I really tried to like this game, and have put in plenty of hours, but it just hasn't clicked. At all. I think being without Live hasn't helped. I've given it to my brother, and i'm sure he'll appreciate it more.
  22. Quick question re the Riddler challenges: Cheers
  23. With online leaderboards, and ghost runs, this would be my game of the year. IF it happens.
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