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  1. For a non-magic melee build, anyone recommend any particularly strong anti-poison gear?
  2. Where is the wall in question?
  3. Had a quick 20 minute blast last night. I’m up to Altus h it it’s been bugging me that I hadn’t caught the swine while stole the lady’s jewellery in Liurnia. went back, looked through the telescope and spied where I thought he’d be. I wasnt able to reach a cordial agreement with him so had a scrap with my newly acquired twin blade. Loved it. then warped for my first go at Radhan. I’d barely spotted him before he killed me. Might explore for a while first.
  4. Blimey, 12m obnoxious fans…
  5. Would’ve been ace if they’d put in some fancy ps5 pad effects like in Astrobot/returnal.
  6. She absolutely battered me several times. I’m rubbish against magic. Need to go back to her at some point.
  7. He nearly killed me when i met him - i had a sliver of health left. I would've had to log off from Soulsborne games in shame forever.
  8. Thanks sir. I've now managed to get the Uchi and the Twinblade. Haven't tried the Uchi yet but the twinblade is great fun I'm a bit gutted - i got to the boss but used my summon without thinking. They destroyed him quickly. He looked like he would've been great fun to duel too. Ah well, NG soon enough!
  9. I think it betters The Sopranos. It’s an astonishing series on several levels. Get involved, mate.
  10. Blimey, i've missed that entirely. Cheers
  11. I'm gutted/furious that i still haven't found either an uchi, katana, or twinblade and i'm about 60 hours in.
  12. I think gaming context matters hugely here too. For me, Red Dead Redemption was affected by the fact that i'd completed Fallout 3 just before it releasing. This meant i was underwhelmed at the interactivity of the world - most buildings be eye candy rather than mini dungeons, few sidequests etc. I did compelte and really enjoy it though. Same with The Witcher 3 - i played that after compelting Dark Souls (finally) and the combat was constantly annoying. I still meant o go back to this though - i just got sidetracked by IRL after about 30 hours.
  13. I love BotW but I’m not sure if I agree with the latter. Climbing g and gliding is great but stamina on the horse is a constant jarring headache.
  14. Fair enough. Just struck me as odd to describe the world itself as ‘nothing special’ - I’ve had so many WOW moments as I stumble across new areas and the map expands.
  15. Fair enough - I’ve only ever played GTA online briefly. I’ve never really got on with the GTA games - the controls are too unwieldy imo. Exercise in frustration
  16. Thing with GTAV is that your travels from one point to another are just a full drive 99% of the time. what Elden Ring gets right more than any other game since Far Cry 2 is the threat factor. In FC2 you had to plan every journey as you knew you might come under attack at some point (random or outposts/hotspots). Same in Elden Ring - you can be dragged into combat and killed at any point so few journeys are full or repetitive.
  17. Managed to get to Altus yesterday. Found a catacombs - boss battered me. Found a cave - boss battered me. Found a path - boss battered me. Need to jump on my horse and Suicide run the place to open up the map points. One strange quirk was that I changed my summon from jellyfish to Lucaria Soldiers and it just stopped working. Need to look into that later.
  18. Wait, there’s an uchi I’ve missed in bloody Limgrave???
  19. After over 50+ hours And thinking I’d seen all the opening area had to offer I managed to stumble across someone called Boc last night. brilliant.
  20. You can only use it at certain scenarios. As people said up there replying to you - a symbol will appear in the bottom left corner & that means you can use it then.
  21. I think I came across it in a mine somewhere and moped out fast. Could you spoiler post where it is? im ready to go back for the bastard now.
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