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  1. Finally got through Leyndell last night (still need to fully explore the sewers though). Kicking myself a bit as i ran accidentally into Twin Fells and panick-summoned Mimic which made the fight an absolute walk in the park. Was quite gutted as it seemed it would have been a great fight for my non-magic build.

  2. How High We Go In The Dark - recommended on this forum. I don't know how far along i am in this as i'm deliberately not checking this. It's simultaneously a really well written book but also a tough read. The author focuses on the individual stories and sense of loss of myriad characters following a catastrophic global pandemic. The chapters involving children were heartbreaking to read. I think it's a book i'd recommend to anyone but i would warn them it could be a difficult read depending on their mental health and/or personal circumstances. I'm glad i was ecommended it, without a doubt.

  3. Currently mooching about in the Capital. Loving the atmosphere. Managed to best a big dragon type monster in a random courtyard and a hard as nails Knight type fella. Still utterly lost and avoiding the sewers after getting battered by some absolutely massive grocks. 

    need to go back to fight the gargoyles too but they’re a pain in the arse when you don’t have projectiles. 

  4. 11 hours ago, Danster said:

    Finished the latest trilogy by Abercrombie. I really love his writing, even when the characters are doing next to little I still love to hear about it. The story itself is a nice conclusion the universe he's created, and I can see him not going back any time soon. Albeit, of course, there are tales left to tell. 


    A great set of nine books, and a couple of hundred hours of listening read by one of the best narrators around.

    Im not hugely familiar with his books. Any chance you could list the 9 as I’m looking for a new series to start after I’ve finished Stalingrad by A Beevor. 

  5. 2 hours ago, Talvalin said:


    Hah. I'm in the same area I think. After reading messages warning me about a boss and recommending horseback battle. I got up there thinking that I must be safe before getting smashed off the edge and plummeting to my death. :hmm::lol:

    Is said NPC in that area approximately (like, on the other side of the bridge where all those other ladders were?). I found a merchant but no other NPC.

    No it’s just past the camp you encounter just by the spawn point - the one with the head banging bell head guy. 

    when I got there there was a message saying to follow the rainbow stones…

  6. Had a good little wandering last night. Climbed up to a new area nr Altus, got kicked of a cliff by an NPC who is owed a thorough volleying after being a rascal over the years, killed by death rot, cleared out a tunnel system, and then got battered repeatedly by a full grown FSB. 

  7. 46 minutes ago, Davros sock drawer said:


    Happened to me, but after finishing Ranni's questline I was able to do the one you refer to.


    Basically the wizard guy is a different questline, I believe. 


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    When I'd finished Ranni's quest, he was dead. I was then able to pick up Sellen's quest.


    The next thing you need to do, if you haven't already, is find Blaidd.

    I'll need to check - i've already beaten Radahn so i think that might make a difference?

  8. I think my Ranni quest is bugged out. It took about 15 visits to get her to appear i nthe tower, then i met her wixazard guy who sent me off to seek S***** out. When i found that person they don't offer any quest specific dialogue at all, no matter what i do. Gutted as people seem to say it's a great questline.



    It's also mad that i had managed to miss that location until the quest took me there. I was convinced that region couldn't show me anything new by now. What. A. Game.

  9. 36 minutes ago, Davros sock drawer said:

    I've started to skim a few "12 things you might have missed in..." type videos, as once I've finished the game I'll be gorging on guides anyway, and I'm nearly there. 


    Wow. There's so much. Some minor examples:



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    Specifically at Warmaster's Shack:


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    There's a fucking boss/invader who spawns at night, if you rest at the grace. Gave me a Bell Bearing.


    One also appears at night in


    The Church with a Giant Tortoise in, West of the Lakes 


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