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  1. An absolute pair of arrseholes!
  2. The story does grow but it remains an open world game at heart. It genuinely gets better and better though.
  3. I think for the first 8 hours or so there isn’t much to like about them. After that they develop really well.
  4. Yeah my daughter (5 in November) absolutely loves it. She's now got Mario figures + Bowser's Castle toy and plays with them everyday. She's decided too that her birthday party is now going to be Mario themed and she'll dress as Peach, i have to be Bowser, and my brothers have to grow moustaches and be Mario & Luigi. Can't wait.
  5. Yeah I think the gameplay is great throughout. First 12-20 hours or so the story is only really finding it’s feet and the characters are still forming.
  6. It gets better and better, Arguably it doens't properly get going until about 20 hours in!
  7. Cheers Ste. Will give that a go.
  8. I'm at Crumbling FA at the moment. I've been using Rivers of Blood recently but fancy a change. Any suggestions on fun builds? I'll respec if necessary. Never been keen on magic builds - all about the weapons combat.
  9. Was going to use ours yesterday but the connection on the regulator is way to big for the connection on the gas tank we have. I shot to B&Q but all of the patio gas tanks seemed to have a much smaller connection than that on the Ooni had anyone else had this issue?
  10. It’s just astonishing isn’t it?!?
  11. The Ninja AF400 has been out of stock everywhere recently but I tried their own website on a whim yesterday and managed to bag one. It just arrived an hour ago. Worth a look for those hunting for one: https://ninjakitchen.co.uk/product/ninja-foodi-max-dual-zone-air-fryer-af400uk-zidAF400UK
  12. Champ Manager 01/02 Counter Strike Last of Us Part 2
  13. This game just keeps on giving. I've got Malenia to do, and i've just managed to get to Crumbling FA. Took a step back and went and explored a bit more and found a load of other areas i'd otherwise completely missed. I've just completed the Millicent and Giant Jar sidequests, and i've started Sellen's now too, which took me to an area + boss i hadn't even come across till now. I think i'll finish this sidequest and then go back to Malenia for a bit. If that proves too annoying i'll explore CFA.
  14. Out of all the amazing musical scores From have used and created, the score for Caelid will stick with me the most. It’s just so menacing, that low-level buzzing noise. It’s dread made aural.
  15. I spent the entire film convinced the lead was the girl from Parks & Rec who was married to Starlord.
  16. Running round Haligtree with my Rivers of Blood. Any tips?
  17. Station Eleven - I really enjoyed this. It was beautifully written. It did however end quote abruptly, I thought. It feels like a long short-story. I could easily envisage another book or two continuing this story.
  18. Same. It was enjoyable nonsense. 3.5/5. Would recommend.
  19. which of those would be best for a 4yo who loves Mario Oddyssey?
  20. I don’t recall what book/tale it was but there’s definite mention of
  21. Finally got through Leyndell last night (still need to fully explore the sewers though). Kicking myself a bit as i ran accidentally into Twin Fells and panick-summoned Mimic which made the fight an absolute walk in the park. Was quite gutted as it seemed it would have been a great fight for my non-magic build.
  22. How High We Go In The Dark - recommended on this forum. I don't know how far along i am in this as i'm deliberately not checking this. It's simultaneously a really well written book but also a tough read. The author focuses on the individual stories and sense of loss of myriad characters following a catastrophic global pandemic. The chapters involving children were heartbreaking to read. I think it's a book i'd recommend to anyone but i would warn them it could be a difficult read depending on their mental health and/or personal circumstances. I'm glad i was ecommended it, without a doubt.
  23. FFS. Would have been perfect for my daughter now she is nearly five
  24. I can’t find Super Mario 3D Allstars on the online store. Am I going mad?
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