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  1. joemul

    Astro Bot - PSVR - Game of the year 2018.

    Just played the first world as only my second VR game. Mind. Blown.
  2. joemul

    Hollow Knight - Soulsvania platformer

    What charm allows you to heal whilst moving?
  3. Game of the Year A1. Spiderman A2. Dead Cells A3. DK Tropical Freeze A4. Hollow Knight A5. Dark Souls Remastered Biggest Disappointment of the Year (game, hardware, or anything else) Z1. Banner Saga 3 Z2. Banner Saga 2 Z3. Mark of the Ninja Remastered Z4. PS Classic Z5. Still no Guardian Heroes on Switch Sound Design of the Year S1. Spider-Man S2. Hollow Knight S3. DK Tropical Freeze Visual Design of the Year V1. Spiderman V2. Hollow Knight V3. Gris Writing of the Year W1. Spiderman W2. DS Remastered W3. Hollow Knight Gaming Format (System) of the Year F1. Switch – perfect format to accommodate the demands of a new born child Publisher or Developer of the Year P1. Sony Best Supported Game (released pre 2018) of the Year B1. Splatoon 2 Your game of the year that didn't come out this year (basically what is your favourite game you played this year that came out in 2017 or earlier) X1. Stardew Valley Best game character of the year C1. Peter Parker C2. Jonah Jameson C3. Doc Oc
  4. joemul

    PlayStation VR

    How essential is the Aim Controller for games such as Firewall? It seems to be selling for about £45 a pop
  5. joemul

    FM2019 - Start Wearing Purple!

    Evening all. My my two brothers have this on windows laptops. If I were to buy it for my MacBook, would we be able to play an online game together, cross platform?
  6. joemul

    Dark Souls Remastered

    Cheers boss.
  7. joemul

    Dark Souls Remastered

    @Uncle Nasty you did a post a while back setting out your cleric build route. Could you repost it please? I can’t find the bugger.
  8. joemul

    Dark Souls Remastered

    Had a bit of a fortunate bug in my game:
  9. joemul

    Dark Souls Remastered

    I’ve started my second play through as a cleric. Any tips on what stats to upgrade, weapons, miracles etc?
  10. I was playing on the switch today (Dark Souls, portable) and the HD rumble feature kept going off. Whats the point of it? What makes it ‘HD’? All it seems to do is rumble a bit louder and faster than other rumbles. What pojntless gaming features confound you?
  11. joemul

    PlayStation VR

    Thanks all. Plenty of titles noted for future reference! Interesting to see Firewall barely get a mention.
  12. joemul

    PlayStation VR

    Any chance of PSVR veterans posting a top 5 or 10 games list? I’m looking to pick a few up in time for Xmas.
  13. joemul

    Dark Souls Remastered

    Ah yes. Excellent location.

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