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  1. There’s a lot of post-completion co versatile s going on here. Can’t they be moved to the spoiler thread to avoid the risk of ... well ... spoilers?
  2. So how do you do that backward slide?
  3. Late Day 2 thoughts
  4. Is the darkness outside of your flashlight beam a lot more impenetrable compared with the first game? I had a great moment earlier where two infected runners were sprinting towards me & - in a moment of rare calmness - I headshotted them nonchalantly. doesn't sound much but it felt great when compared with my usual shitty-pants-combat-style.
  5. joemul

    The Last Of Us

    Yep, and it’s about to get even better.
  6. God, the hours I’d lose if it happened.
  7. I agree. I’ve just finished Winter, and this game is still just astonishing. atmosphere, momentum, Wright of movement, tone - they’ve nailed the lot. cannot. Wait.
  8. There was nothing wrong with your answer. It was appropriate and spot on.
  9. Yeah there were one or two such skirmishes.
  10. did you live at 4 Privet Drive?
  11. The machines are great. I meant more that there’s nothing to interact with. There’s little in the way of interesting THINGS. It would’ve been amazing to find the sort of things you saw in Fallout 3 - homes destroyed, sad tales to discover, random quests/stories to follow if you want to. instead you just run from a-b, often following a trail for half a mile to scan something to then follow the trail somewhere else. a post apocalyptic world should be bursting with interesting stuff.
  12. I played Horizon: Zero Dawn but I think it was the wrong time for me as I found it a chore after a while. Every mission involved a track through a lovely but ultimately lifeless world. Recently bought Lonely Mountain: Downhill & The Golf Club 2019 and they seem perfect to just pick up for an hour or two. restarted The Last Of Us for some narrative led escapism.
  13. I started the original again last night. Since I first completed it I’ve had a little girl (2yo now) and we’re in a global pandemic. that opening sequence hit me in the guts, man. Way more powerful personally now than when I first played it. this game.
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