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  1. Shame that. For me, Hillcrest was one my my highlights of the generation. I suddenly felt hunted, with my options disappearing rapidly. they absolutely nailed that section, and the things they introduced to up the ante compared to previous sections. I scraped through the final minutes of it, with little ammo and health. It was tremendous.
  2. That’s close but I’d like the camera to be about twice the height. still, it’s the best yet so I’ll be buying it on switch if it’s on the store. thanks matey.
  3. All I want from a rally game is a top down view - as if shot by a drone.
  4. Couple more: Virtua On (PSVR) Daytona & Sega Rally (+ps5 haptics) powerstone
  5. This is the way
  6. Haha thanks all...! thankfully haven’t got round to listing the PS4 yet. Think I’ll sell the games, the second DualShock and the charging dock but keep the console and a pad. just need to get a bloody ps5 now....
  7. A friend claims that if you have a PS4 and ps5 in the same house you can stream games from the ps5 and play them on the PS4. ie I could play new Demons Souls on the PS4, streamed from the ps5, at times when the main tv is in demand by the family. is he talking nonsense?
  8. If you haven’t already, read his Monghol Empire series too.
  9. Quick Q: if I have a perfectly fine Official gold headset is there any benefit to upgrading to the new official ps5 headset?
  10. There is no greater example of this then The Mentalist.
  11. Aiming down gunsights on all guns (not scope) - what game did that first? Was it Call of Duty?
  12. Is the Chronicles of the Black Company worth reading through?
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