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  1. First thing I noticed along with the trim but didn’t put two and two together.
  2. Yeah, in the comics we only had the SoK's backstory in a 4 part special separate from the main comic. I know his history was explored in S1 but not the 'recruitment' he went through.
  3. I'd really like to use snes9x on my fire stick but I get awful lag with the Bluetooth snes controller I bought for it. I ran in on my laptop with USB connection flawlessly-any suggestions?
  4. kircough

    Euro 2016 thread

    Sorry, Mirror website
  5. kircough

    Euro 2016 thread

    Anyone else hear Robbie Savage screaming "and he twatted it into the back of the net!" Over the replay of Voke's goal?
  6. http://xboxclips.com/Kircough/ba1e6d34-0d15-4272-9091-0e86f9f726ed/embed Earlier. 24/24, dying seconds. I'm FETT on the scoreboard. Spotted the dot on the map coming my way.
  7. So just after the village massacre and Poe's X-Wing being blown up, we witness BB8 turning from the distant explosion and heading off into the desert. Then a periscope kind of robot head pops up out of the sand and tracks him. What was that all about?
  8. Does the strum bar click like the old GH guitars? And do you get a big 'thwonk!' Note when you miss time a strum? Those two things always bugged me about the earlier games.
  9. kircough

    FIFA 16

    So if I buy this via the U.S. Xbox store (digital $53.99, £35ish) will I be able play it and use UK FUT ok?
  10. Me too please GT: Kircough
  11. If someone could sent me the preview invite it would be great, thanks. Gamer tag: Kircough
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