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  1. The pauses were due to it updating the challenges etc in the background before. It was fixed previously, but obviously (Cheers DICE!) some form of this issue has returned. I’m really enjoying Outpost too. I’d like a couple more maps for it before it goes, or when it returns.
  2. “The UK has become a surveillance state”. That was years ago pal.
  3. The voice acting is one of the best bits!
  4. This looks brilliant
  5. It doesn’t look great... it looks brilliant!
  6. KriessG

    Xbox Game Pass

    UGP’d up until May 2022. I’ll be preordering a Scarlet X then it seems.
  7. I’m really happy I skipped following this thread whilst this was on. I really enjoyed it and my friend I was messaging did too.
  8. It’s getting added to EA Access so I reckon the player count will go up soon. I’ve not struggled finding games but I’ve mainly stuck to Conquest, Breakthrough and whatever the weekly special is. It looks like we are in for some great content this year and we are getting support well into next summer. Happy days.
  9. This will need to be continually repeated. All the commentators, podcasts etc I’ve seen seem to forget this. This has nothing to do with the incredible Titanfall games. I want it to be good, I’m a big fan of Respawn and also other EA franchises but we can’t give this a free pass ‘as its Respawn’, nor knock them if it turns out to not be great.
  10. How much was your last graphics card upgrade? A pre-order that I can cancel anytime within the next 5 months to try out 'the future of tech' (as I'm sure the Goog's would love me to call it) is worth it. My Xbox One X was a far worse investment (If I wasn't buying 4K Blu Ray discs).
  11. No idea why I've just pre-ordered this when I have a huge back cat and consoles sat unplayed. Oh yeah I do, I'm a gamer. (The bottle and a half of wine might have swayed things somewhat too). (Actually, having worked in the industry from years and being a techy, I just want to be there on launch day ).
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