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  1. KriessG

    Monthly Release Dates - July 2018

    I had Warioware Gold being released on the 27th in my calendar. That, Tempest 4000 and maybe Captain Toad on either platform for me.
  2. KriessG

    Battlefield V

    Vietnam or Korea would be too small in scope for an entire Battlefield game also. I’m happy they’ve done WW2 again as the franchise hasn’t done it in years. I’m pretty sure that BF6 will he set in modern times as it will have been 4 years since 4 and it’ll probably be on the next gen of consoles.
  3. KriessG

    Titanfall 2

    I’ll be on after the England game
  4. KriessG

    Titanfall 2

    So shall we try set a date for some of us to party up? Either PS4 or Xbox is fine with me.
  5. KriessG

    A Lumines Thread

    That video ... Amazing!
  6. KriessG

    Titanfall 2

    There is simply nothing like it, it plays so well.
  7. KriessG

    A Lumines Thread

    179!! I’m going to check out YouTube to see if there are videos of this.
  8. KriessG

    A Lumines Thread

    @Nosejam I had to beat your score of 46 on the 60 second time attack mode just now before I could get on with things that's a proper intense minute!
  9. KriessG

    A Lumines Thread

    181K on my first go on challenge mode, I'm happy with that but I know I can do a lot better. Feel free to add me if you want more Muk'ers on your leaderboard: KriessG
  10. KriessG

    Titanfall 2

    I play this both on PS4 and Xbox still a couple of times a week at least. When do you guys play? I've not seen any mention of new maps for 2 sadly. I expect 3 to be released at some point next year and I guess that is their main focus.
  11. I agree, I could watch Genesys again but I have no desire to ever see Salvation one more time.
  12. KriessG

    Future Star Wars spinoffs on hold :(

    I want a Solo trilogy
  13. I may be interested in getting one too and could meet you in Southbank
  14. KriessG

    Mega Drive. Yeah!

    Na, that’s just not the same... where do you plug in the carts?! I’m tempted to get my Nomad screen modded but the previous owner had the region switches put on the top and I’m not a fan of them aesthetically. I may just sell it on and buy another one day.
  15. You mean apart from the two which will sell a lot of new consoles over the festive period? We don’t need a Direct soon. I’d imagine a late Nov / December one highlighting the spring titles would be a reasonable assumption.

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