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  1. I’m not sure, it’s meant to be a limited run item, like the phase one Blu Ray suitcase set. There are plenty of other options for individual 4K purchases and box sets, plus Disney+ will have all of these films too. This is purely a hardcore collectors piece.
  2. I’m sure they said that PSVR will be compatible as they aren’t releasing PSVR2 at the launch of the console.
  3. To be fair, you don’t always handle my crosses
  4. @pinholestar I'm sorry if it sounded like I was saying that all of the problems where due to one specific thing such as the schedule swap. Obviously there are other reasons, as you've now clarified, because in the past it wouldn't have taken this time frame to get bug fixes out and to launch new maps. I'm with you on the negativity aspect, I browse here less than say a year ago for the same reason. Just for clarification, me and @Luseth do know each other outside of this forum, we've played countless hours of BF and Fifa together and have a private Whatsapp group with friends so it's not like I'm just randomly defending BFV against anyone who comes on this forum and berates it, I'm just responding to a friend. He can handle the banter and discussion, as well as a tank and my crosses Another reason I'm trying to remain optimistic is because it really is one of the very few games I play regularly now. I don't have the time to play SP games much anymore and the social aspect of Battlefield for me with friends I've met over the years on it is a big deal. Also as you stated, even a bad Battlefield game is still better than anything else out there in terms of what I'm looking for, especially as I'm a console gamer. Luckily BF1 still seems to be popular and BF4 still has a fanbase too. I'm hoping the Pacific theatre content is great and it keeps my group going until the next game. I'm also hoping that the next game has had a lot of time to be worked on, although with it launching on new consoles too, lets hope it fairs better than the BF4 launch. The concern you show for the studio is worrying though. Thank you for sharing what you can.
  5. What focus on Firestorm? In general it’s not been pushed since it launched. It’s pretty obvious the rumour of this and the next game swapping release schedules is true. We know DICE LA are mainly handling the DLC for this. It’s a great game, we wouldn’t have spent days playing it if not. However if the next game has had years spent on it then I’ve no doubt it’ll be amazing. Just as BF1, 4, 3 and BC2 were (That’s where I started). This new map plus the big Pacific update with 3 maps, boats and weapons all before Christmas sounds great. As always, the 2nd year of a BF title really is where it shines. Obviously with this one they have to experiment with the new content delivery method as opposed to the season pass mentality, plus apparently attempt to catch up in general on the project development timeline. To anyone who doesn’t don’t know what I’m referencing, just Google or search on YouTube. I’m not making excuses for it, but it does explain this titles troubled history. Wearing my optimism hat (because I’m in general sick of endless negatively everywhere), I think not only is this title finally on a better path for content and experience (the last few patches have really added some nice touches) but there will he plenty of lessons learnt for the next title. Quote me on this when BFBC3 crashes my launch day PS5
  6. Probably because the trilogy box set came out before End Game (and matches the other trilogy sets), plus they are meant to be releasing a mega Infinity Saga box set, possibly for Christmas. For 4K disc releases alongside the individuals, that’s probably enough.
  7. Also, as with any FPS, adjust the sensitivity settings to suit. Standard is 3 for both vertical and horizontal. I’m running both at 7 and then have turned down the ADS sensitivity to 0.85 for both short and long range. That’s how I like to play, see what works for you.
  8. That was a great session @Dave White, what a gun that is! I’m looking forward to more beta fun these next two weekends.
  9. Yes chap, I’m well up for that
  10. I’m in on the Beta for the PS4 thanks to Alpha participation. I’m looking forward to trying it out this weekend.
  11. Sorry, how can anyone watch any of the videos of this so far and defend it? It looks terrible! I’m all for optimism in most cases in this world of constant negativity bombardment, but this game has shown nothing to deserve it.
  12. I guess you are talking about the kid from Iron Man 3 as everyone else is obvious.
  13. Some small company called Google are launching a streaming gaming service called Stadia later this year apparently...
  14. I think Sony stated that at launch the PS5 will use the existing PSVR hardware as they don’t want to launch too much new (and expensive) hardware all at once. With backwards compatibility being highly likely too, I’d say you’ll probably be able to play this on both PS5 and the eventual PSVR2
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