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  1. I remember this place. We've had some great games in the past few weeks! I'm usually around after 8pm.
  2. Yeah, they can drop the PS4 soon (Tomorrow) too hopefully, old tech
  3. I wouldn’t say they’ve dropped it, for its install base it’s got a decent software line up, with recent titles like Star Wars Squadrons and titles like Hitman 3 having support in 2021. The eventual PS5 VR headset is going to be a big jump in quality, we’ve had hints from their patent applications. Having it back compatible with the existing PSVR catalogue with some patches to boost resolution & frame rate will be really cool.
  4. Scan dispatch email get! DPD delivery so I should get a message in the morning with a one hour delivery window
  5. I just picked up True Lies. It’s one of my favourite films and I hear the game is good. Has anyone here played it?
  6. I mean this is literally all fun and games. Thor needs to chill out a bit. “Shit show”
  7. She’d be wobbling on the way out, but it won’t be from a pile of magazines... The Duel Sense haptics make any piece swoon.
  8. Mate any bird who comes back and see’s you’ve slummed it with the budget spec Xbox is gonna do legs ASAP. In a true bachelor pad the PS5 would blend in with the art and sculptures just fine.
  9. I’ll be interested too @phillv85. I’ve hankered after an arcade cabinet for my collection for years. Now I have a garage I could actually own one.
  10. Well most reviews have been very positive about it. I thought it would be mentioned here more that’s all. There is plenty to be excited about, the possibilities are vast.
  11. I’m surprised there isn’t more excitement about the controller here. From the reviews I’ve seen it’s the most next-gen thing out of both consoles. I imagine once some of us get our consoles we will see the excitement increase.
  12. My copy arrived a day early I’m looking forward to some ‘muk sessions soon. PSN is Kr1355G (Although I mainly purchased this as I was tagged in this thread ).
  13. No, more like they are transitioning generations and have PSVR2 to develop for. Practical features? Things like this Sony patent: https://nl.letsgodigital.org/uploads/2019/10/sony-ps5-vr-headset.pdf show that they are working on something much more advanced than the PSVR. They also have another patent on finger tracking controllers. I think a bit of patience is called for. There is no need to rush PSVR2 to market, especially with the current situation.
  14. Magical things like VR. Knowing there will be more games like Astro Bot means PS5 is a definite for me.
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