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  1. I guess you are talking about the kid from Iron Man 3 as everyone else is obvious.
  2. Some small company called Google are launching a streaming gaming service called Stadia later this year apparently...
  3. I think Sony stated that at launch the PS5 will use the existing PSVR hardware as they don’t want to launch too much new (and expensive) hardware all at once. With backwards compatibility being highly likely too, I’d say you’ll probably be able to play this on both PS5 and the eventual PSVR2
  4. Ahh, sorry! I had the page open for a while as I was going to order it too I’ve got such a back log of PSVR titles to get through first though, hence why I held off.
  5. @dug Moss, £12.85 delivered brand new from Base: https://www.base.com/buy/product/moss-ps4-psvr/dgc-mossps4.htm
  6. Thats not the reason. Hemsworth’s contract was done with Endgame but thanks to the fun he had with Taika and the evolution of his character he is up for doing more, hence Thor 4 and the tease of teaming up with the guardians.
  7. Exactly, with Feige and the movie team behind this at the moment we have no real reason to doubt the quality of these shows right now. Them apparently being only 6 episodes as well makes it even easier.
  8. Cheers @Goose and @kerraig UK, I’ll give that a read now!
  9. There must be some great articles on this film. If not you should write one!
  10. KriessG

    Nintendo Switch

    I still think we are seeing a Pro model next year before the next gen launches. Didn’t Nintendo state recently no more new hardware this year after the Lite? That would mean this is rightfully classed as just a revision.
  11. My Respawn comment wasn’t an Edge dig FYI, it’s was just a comment on something I’ve seen since the titles announcement. It’s also not a put down, I wish it all the best. I’ve been a reader since issue 4 and a subscriber for many years. This is another top notch issue. I’ve yet to get to the Star Wars article as I’m soaking up on the E3 goodness first. Edge got me into E3 (before it was E3?), then many years later I got to work at one for 2K Games (Spec Ops). Keep up the the amazing work. I’ll always be a subscriber Fun (?) fact, when you printed the first letter I sent in you recommended me a 486 DX2 PC for gaming on (I think! It was a while ago).
  12. New team. So not the people who actually made Titanfall. I've got a lot of love for Respawn, Titanfall and Star Wars but it's just marketing at this point. The team could just of easily had a new name but that wouldn't work as well for obvious reasons.
  13. Argh! The makers of Titanfall are not making JFO, it's a brand new team!
  14. I’d find it odd if you hadn’t considered that possibility 6 months earlier and just spent that extra £80. Less if you consider the bundles available.
  15. I think there is an upgrade path already for that.
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