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  1. OMG @kerraig UK
  2. ‘You laugh but it’s true’.
  3. KriessG

    4K Blu Ray - anyone collecting?

    I’ve seen it at the cinema and was given the Blu Ray from a friend who didn’t want it. I don’t think I’d get it again tbh.
  4. That’s brilliant. I agree, WW2 was just too quick.
  5. 5v5 with medics, barrier builders etc doesn't seem typical COD to me, they've definitely aimed for more team play. I'd say it is influenced by Siege and Overwatch, which if they get it right is a good thing. I wouldn't expect 'amazing progressive' but I see progress.
  6. Where did you see the longer TTK? Did I miss the mention of it in the reveal?
  7. KriessG

    Avengers: Infinity War - April 2018

    It's not like anything is getting changed since this has been released.
  8. Yea all my online friends are on PS4 this gen. I've got a Shadow Tech subscription now so if I see either cheap later this year I may double dip to try out some PC gaming.
  9. Ahh that's a shame as I wanted to squad up but I will probably get it on PS4.
  10. @VN1X are you getting this on PC?
  11. I was in already with boots on the ground. ... now I’ve got to stick to my rule of not buying another COD digitally
  12. KriessG


    Oh wow, so this was kind of a mid-season turning point.
  13. KriessG


    Yea it could’ve been the final episode of this series. Is the next one the last?

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