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  1. The problem some have is that it is a cartoon interpretation of Queen.
  2. KriessG

    Battlefield V

    For a few weeks. Breakthrough and Frontlines are similar and just as good anyway.
  3. KriessG

    Battlefield V

    Loved that game of Conquest on Twisted Steel, it was so good.
  4. KriessG

    Battlefield V

    Maybe it’s just a feature to level the playing field as you’re just too good.
  5. KriessG

    Battlefield V

    Not really no I never had a problem with it though, like you I appreciated the stealth factor of actually being able to use camouflage.
  6. KriessG

    Battlefield V

    Mine was fine last night and I've never had any noticeable issues.
  7. KriessG

    Hobbs and Shaw (Fast & Furious spin-off)

    I’m already waiting for the @kerraig UK opinion of both the trailer and the film.
  8. KriessG

    Top Gear - Series 24

    I just cannot see in any way how the next series is going to be any good. I definitely can’t see anyone on this forum defending the choices of presenters, that’s for sure.
  9. Is this a long winded way of 100% justifying ‘filmatic license’?
  10. KriessG

    Battlefield V

    There is graphical suppression. I honestly couldn’t tell you what it looks like though.
  11. KriessG

    Battlefield V

    That does make sense, however I still reckon you could combine with newer tighter gunplay with the old suppression. I wonder if they thought suppression put off newer players, that seems to have been a concern for them (See the TTK fiasco).
  12. KriessG

    PlayStation VR

    I tried Beat Saber at @kerraig UK‘s recently. Amazing! Considering I have Move’s, should I just pick it up at full price or will their be a sale over Valentines / Easter do you think? I’ve got a huge back log of PSVR titles to play already.
  13. KriessG

    Battlefield V

    3D spotting was OP. I’m glad it’s gone. Suppression (of the proper variety) though is missed. Have they ever said why they removed it?
  14. KriessG

    Alita: Battle Angel

  15. Why wouldn’t they have included solo play? I don’t get why people jumped to that conclusion.

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