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  1. Half of me thinks, no matter who is in charge of the game at this point, how could they let 4 years of work go to waste - surely this game has got to come out somehow? The other half of me thinks that maybe they weren't that close to finishing it, and it has become such a big cluster-fuck (fuck knows how) that it's never coming out... I'm just holding onto the feeling that Sony would never let a game as big as this completely die. Has there ever been any precedent of a Sony studio been allowed to fuck up this bad on such a major title?
  2. Sorry to get anyone excited by the the bump, but I just wanted to confirm - this game is totally dead right? Bought my PS3 a year ago for this, then it slipped to early 2012 release, then not a hint of news for 8 months. Totally dead yea?
  3. Yea, thought it was a really dull game and France didn't put up much of a fight - I think England might have done better!
  4. From what I saw, I'll say that Bayern blew chance after chance. Yes there was some good defending from Chelsea in places but overall they were so lucky and it would have been a completely different analysis on their performance if they'd lost 1-0 or 2-1 in normal time.
  5. This is me, except mine stopped about 75 minutes Just had to find some highlights online.
  6. No problem having Hodgson as manager for me.
  7. Poor man-management by Dalglish it seems. Saurez should have been told explicitly by the manager to shake hands. If he says he's not going to then you can drop him, or, if he says he's going to, but then doesn't, then you have to haul him off. What a massive embarrassment all round. EDIT: This article says it better - http://www.guardian.co.uk/football/blog/2012/feb/11/liverpool-kenny-dalglish-luis-suarez
  8. Hopefully someone will snap the cunt in half during todays game...
  9. The last part of this was by far the best. He pulled together a lot of stuff from his previous works and put all the pieces together to make a decent attempt at the overall big picture. Not perfect, but a great attempt, which felt like a conclusion, not just for this series but for the last 3 or 4 combined. Now to watch them all again over the next few months
  10. Thanks for the suggestions, just watched these - truly incredible and depressing at the same time. My favourite (if you can call it that) would be High on Crack Street.
  11. If we're talking radio, then I recommend the BBC World Service Documentary Archive podcasts, there's 2 or 3 really good 20min documentaries released per week Anyone mentioned this film? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marjoe Oscar winning documentary from 1972, where a child preacher in the 60's becomes a rock-star-preacher/con-man and decides to blow the whistler on the whole thing by making a documentary. It's really funny watching him work the ground and making people spazz-out, then go home and count all his piles of cash
  12. 3D then yea? Looks great!
  13. Anyone know where I can watch (get) this from, now that I've missed it? Would love to see it!
  14. Great thread, I fucking love me some documentaries! Came in here to say The Cove as it's the most recent thing I've seen and a worthy Oscar winner. I'd also like to recommend anything by Adam Curtis, it's really conscience-raising stuff. The main series are great, but the one-off like '25 Million pounds' and 'The Way of All Flesh' are excellent as well. Other good stuff I've watched recently are 'The Great Offices of State', about the Home, Foreign and Treasury offices and 'The Love of Money' about the global financial crisis. I also saw a documentary called 'Murder on the Lake' about the mysterious death of conservationist Joan Root in Kenya in 2006. A classic documentary worth seeing is 'The War Room' about the Democrats campaign to elect Bill Clinton. It's amazing to see the similarity between the Obama campaign and also how little the main issues in America have changed over the past 15 years. This also links with a recent documentary called 'Our Brand Is Crisis' which also has James Carville in it and covers the 2002 elections in Bolivia. OK, one more! If you can find it (and the subtitles) try to find 'Comandante' where Oliver Stone follows Fidel Castro around for a few days interviewing him - really interesting stuff.
  15. No wonder Germany is the biggest economy in Europe - it's fixing all these Xboxes!
  16. Ages away yet by the looks of things. I see MS's and Sony's waggle attempts as just betas for when they launch their next console and make the devices more standard.
  17. Might as well put this in here (straight from GAF) - new DSi and Wii colours coming to Japan:
  18. There was clearly only one of them and he needed another mate to carry the power-brick
  19. I think people are just pissed because they think that without the Wii there would be much greater sales and thus masses more good games on the 360/PS3, but I just don't think that's true. The development costs for 'HD' games and the hardware (in the PS3's case) have limited sales/creative expression IMO, the Wii has had little effect as 3rd Parties have shunned it for the most part.
  20. I put a blu-ray in my 360 and I'm still waiting for it to load...
  21. The trend is definitely PS3 outselling Wii these days but not by much (Wii YTD is still more than the PS3's) and I think that will change once something decent comes out on the Wii again. And you're right that handheld is king in Japan these days for sure. There's no way that Nintendo will be happy with those sales though as they're well down on last year. It's a bit like a few years ago when the 360 was outselling the PS3 and everyone was getting a bit carried away despite the fact that the PS3 was selling very poorly and the 360 only slightly better. PS3 is on the up in Japan but the sales are still poor and Nintendo are doing even worse - I doubt either are happy at the moment.
  22. Master Quest isn't a remake, but it's well worth playing if you want to go back to the original but want a fresh challenge. Personally, I think the next Zelda is going to be fucking amazing and will showcase the wiimote's full potential in a 'hardcore' game. I don't mind if it's graphically similar to Wind Waker though
  23. Master Quest isn't a remake, but it's well worth playing if you want to go back to the original but want a fresh challenge. Personally, I think the next Zelda is going to be fucking amazing and will showcase the wiimote's full potential in a 'hardcore' game. I don't mind if it's graphically similar to Wind Waker though
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