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  1. But we are paying for Xbox Live Gold! EA's online passes are an extra expense on top of that, and as soon as EA decides to shut down things on their end, it's unplayable no matter if you're a Live subscriber or not.
  2. So I presume you have ideas for "brilliant control schemes" for FPS and third person camera controls then?
  3. But developers don't have to choose. They can support the hypothetical twin-stick redesign, the CCP, the face buttons (as MGS 3D does) and the touchscreen, and let the user pick which option suits them bast, based on what hardware they've got.
  4. That's odd, because my 8GB card arrived from Amazon today, but my Vita and game have only just been shipped. Considering my Vita was pre-ordered in October, I don't think there's any rhyme or reason to it - just the luck of the draw.
  5. It's mostly down to having to actually press down on the screen to get it to register contact, so by the time it detects the press, your thumb is covering a pretty large area. That makes it a bugger to do dragging or swiping motions as there's just too much friction (especially as it's a comparatively rough plastic surface). Also, I don't like the way it's inset with a lip around it: it makes it harder to clean, and it's hard to get your fingers in the corners.
  6. Well, drawing with a stylus isn't much fun without pressure sensitivity either, but I take your point. But is that really what the Wii U is going to be used for? I know they showed some girl sketching out her Zelda fan art in that E3 video, but it seems, like that Swap Note thing on the 3DS, to be a pretty fringe use.
  7. Well, I have to say, I won't be too sorry to see the back of styluses! And perhaps it's just me, but I feel there's a pretty big difference between the 3DS's touch screen and that of a half-decent smartphone - the latter is just so much more pleasant to use. The difference is even more pronounced on bigger screens - I've not used a tablet with a resistive screen that I haven't hated. You're probably right about the cost being prohibitive though...
  8. I can see the potential of having a touch screen on a controller, especially for more complex games, but I'm disappointed with the compromises Nintendo have made with the Wii U pad. If it had a capacitive touch screen and analogue sticks instead of slide pads, I'd be a lot happier.
  9. It couldn't really be any earlier as Super Mario is (supposedly) being released this year, and they're aimed at practically the same demographic.
  10. It's fine if you self-identify as a "shooty-man games fan", but I don't really like those types of games either. Well, I don't mind them every now and then, but if those are the only things to play that aren't motion-controlled minigame collections, that's still a pretty bleak future for me.
  11. Not really. There are ports of iOS games on DSiWare, so we can compare like-for-like. Zenonia: iPhone: 59p, DS: £7.20 Plants vs. Zombies: iPhone: £1.79, DS: £7.20 Dunno if there's any others, put those two alone are pretty damning.
  12. Got Mario Land, and to my recollection it seems spot-on. Especially if you hold down L and R and press Y, as that switches it to the traditional pea-green colour scheme and adds some light motion blur. By default they're scaled up to the full height of the screen, but if you hold down Select or Start when you load up the game it gives you a smaller, but perfectly scaled image in a Game Boy surround, with at slight 3D recess (as if it's behind the plastic 'screen' of the Game Boy). Pretty neat. Yeah, they are terrible deals compared to iPhone games, but I'm not going to lose much sleep over a few quid. Having said that, I'm not going to be impulse-buying stuff like Alleyway and Tennis either...
  13. Er, the PS3 is region-free already...
  14. Bit of a risky move from the distributors not to at least share the burden of the VAT increase. Selling new games isn't exactly lucrative, especially compared the margins from buying and selling used stuff (which, funnily enough won't be meaningfully affected by the VAT increase), so it seems odd to drive retailers away.
  15. Tom_B


    Ugh. Perhaps I should put that in spoiler tags so nobody accidentally gazes upon it.
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