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  1. It's a real pity it's not really that interesting hardware either, literally a SNES that can load games from CDROM
  2. I still want to know how edge got the high Res photos of the near finished model.
  3. They're fine on sanwa and seimitsu OEM sticks The DC sticks are okay
  4. They're better than alright but not arcade stick quality. The sticks are actually seimitsu though. I always preferred the seimitsu LS32-01 over the sanwa JLF (in all home arcade sticks) for its shorter throw anyway, far better in cave games. Ps octagonal gates are training wheels for joysticks
  5. There must be lots of examples like this. But I've never noticed this on the SNES before. Not sure if it's on the pal version. The little 1p/2p dots, carried through to the n64, GC, and Wii GC controller ports. Also the neo homecart system has premade cutouts and mountings for a cartridge lock bar that slotted into the cutout on the side of all homecarts. Someone actually 3d printed and made one which worked.
  6. There was the small devil car and angel car too. Man I rinsed the original ridge Racer.
  7. I don't think anything news gone up, I think that was all there before. His tattoo shop isn't far from me
  8. Done it all really, wood arcade cabs, mint taito egret ii's with various cave and cps2/3/mvs PCBs. Slugs on homecart, nothing left I yearn for really. (I don't own any if it and don't really miss it nowadays) I would like a JP kizuna, so that's on the cards. Shrug
  9. kernow

    vinyl lovers

    I just bought a new phono stage upgrade for my stereo. However it's coming from Italy (used, might have been ripped off) so we'll see. https://www.jordanacoustics.co.uk/products/amplifiers/868l?variantId=12805 Old ones for sale x
  10. kernow

    vinyl lovers

    Ortofon 2M range, red or blue, you can change the stylus for a bronze and keep the cart.
  11. kernow

    vinyl lovers

    I don't trust discogs pricing at all tbh
  12. It was on the taito g-net jamma arcade hardware that was psx based I think.
  13. The arcade version, or was it the JP psx version had a special RC transmitter controller too.
  14. The Hitachi SH2 is 32bit Tbh once we go to a certain point it's meaningless
  15. And the instantaneous access to large amounts of ROM Sprites weren't actually an issue, simple enough to do and there certainly wasn't a restriction in that area. Kof98 on DC had smaller sprites but the animation and translation to polygon based hardware wasn't the issue, it was the lack of RAM.
  16. PS2 and DC couldn't even run neo games properly Dreamcast was 32bit, n64 existed in the '32 bit' era , PS2 was 64bit Bits basically mean nothing
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