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  1. kernow

    Arcade club - Bury

    The beer and pizza is really cheap too. There's a great vibe in there.
  2. kernow

    Arcade club - Bury

    Anyone a regular or been? Seriously impressed, kudos to the owners. The upstairs is the best retro arcade I've been to, bar none. Literally a 25yr time warp.
  3. kernow

    Fixing a Neo Geo MVS

    Could try flipping all the dip switches and turning it on to clear backup ram. Then off again, also measure +5v on the jamma edge and across the pins of an IC to make sure it's getting power and the right amount
  4. kernow

    Choose my first "full" collection

    Nah, not for those consoles. Who wants a complete N64 collection? The machine was garbage apart from about 20 games. Especially not PAL. Urgh
  5. kernow

    Neo Geo Mini

    2 is a better game except for the slowdown, there are patches to improve it but it's not perfect. Didn't bother me much in 1p.
  6. kernow

    Neo Geo Mini

    MS2 is indeed slow on real hardware as it uses the ms1 engine.
  7. kernow

    Neo Geo Mini

    Cheap used JP one on eBay right now
  8. Only neo stuff AOF 123 Full Garou set Lb1/2 Ss1234 Kof98-2001 World heroes 1,2,perfect etc
  9. kernow

    Retro fatigue

    I don't buy stuff for everything and have never been interested in getting 'all the retro' for no reason at all. I can't understand these guys with 2500 game collections. I prefer to concentrate on one system and build a nice 'library' of games to play on that. Neogeo being my main console, not because it's retro, it's just my main gaming machine over the ps4. Pro tip, when you see that pal N64 at the car boot and that copy of who wants to be a millionaire for GameCube, leave them for some other muppet to hoover up.
  10. kernow

    Best portable emulation device

    Typical I hold onto a vita for ages and then it gets hacked
  11. Hiii I'm only looking to play up to PS1 at most so it doesn't need to be outrageously powerful. Any idea? I haven't kept up with the latest gp32 devices. Mainly for SNES, and mame, keyboard would be cool for c64 or dosbox. I see some running Windows 10 nowadays?
  12. kernow

    Neo Geo Appreciation Thread

    No, don't be silly. Still looking forward to playing it... One day though
  13. kernow

    Neo Geo Appreciation Thread

    Number 37 and 38

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