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  1. kernow

    Have you ever found a game too hard?

    Some arcade mentions Ibara DOJ WL SSF2T in US mode (Jesus Christ) Viewpoint
  2. kernow

    vinyl lovers

    New rega out too
  3. kernow

    Retro on a HDTV connection talk

    Love my ossc, couldn't own a CRT again and that's after owning nanao ms9s
  4. kernow

    vinyl lovers

    Noticed that too. Probably better turntables out there for what it'll cost.
  5. Pretty shocked by the twist in heavy rain
  6. kernow

    The worst crimes in music

    Will.i.am is a bellend
  7. What an uninspired character
  8. 'should' we need to be watching these anymore? Quality's dropped off like that new Chinese takeaway you found a month ago and really liked
  9. kernow

    Your Retro Grail Items

    Also really uncomfortable to play on Played that actual one in the photo
  10. kernow

    Your Retro Grail Items

    They're not very good!
  11. kernow

    Gaming for free....

    I don't game for free as such, but I never buy new games and wait for someone else to buy it at RRP, play it once then sell it on here a week later for £28 - which I buy, play through and sell for £25. I barely play modern games so it'd just be the uncharteds, metal gears, death strandings and the like. Makes me wonder why they buy them at full price but hey never stop. Apart from the Ubisoft games, stop that.
  12. kernow

    Angry Video Game Nerd

    But .. Superfrog!
  13. kernow

    Angry Video Game Nerd

    No Super Mario world, which lets face it should be in everybody's top three. Masterpiece
  14. kernow

    Your Retro Grail Items

    Nothing nowadays, used to be a neo or candy cabs. I'd like a big tournament golf one day.
  15. There's far too many arcade games with great intros/attract sequences because that was kinda the point.

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