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  1. Neo Geo Appreciation Thread

    Should, can't be arsed!
  2. OSSC - Open Source Scan Converter

    There's the wiki too which is useful
  3. OSSC - Open Source Scan Converter

    Updated it yet?
  4. Neo Geo Appreciation Thread

    Fees paid for viewpoint, £19 That makes it £729 then :cry.gif:
  5. OSSC - Open Source Scan Converter

    Same one is £120 on arcadeotaku
  6. OSSC - Open Source Scan Converter

    Remote overlay!
  7. Neo Geo Appreciation Thread

    Motw for me too
  8. Neo Geo Appreciation Thread

    Yeah I just want to keep mine as stock as possible
  9. Neo Geo Appreciation Thread

    Viewpoints been in customs for three days Can't wait for the charges Gulp
  10. OSSC - Open Source Scan Converter

    No! Do it One of the best things I've bought
  11. OSSC - Open Source Scan Converter

    0.80 is out. Just hosed my tweaks putting it on though bah
  12. Neo Geo Appreciation Thread

    You can disable composite out on the din connector at the rear and route stereo from the motherboard to that, but you'll lose composite.. oh no
  13. Neo Geo Appreciation Thread

    Wonder if I can glue or scotch tape it. The inner plastic trays are garbage too and crack so easily. I don't think I have any with cracks, but it's almost not worth worrying about because it's so common. I got a packapunch RGB cable with reversed stereo from retrogamingcables too, £30 odd but it's very nicely made. Going to try it out in a bit - I hate how untidy the front stereo jack being used makes the system look though. I might just go back to mono for that reason. Eh
  14. Neo Geo Appreciation Thread

    Bit gutted actually as it was £80 and the top right corner is split on the case, it's barely noticeable bit still annoys me. He's being a cock on eBay as well and I just can't be arsed for a fiver back. Anyone got a spare case? X
  15. Neo Geo Appreciation Thread

    Woo, shitty old mint games!

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