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  1. kernow

    Fleetwood Mac

    I bought it for a steal and dropped my record clamp on it leaving a gouge. Still glad to own it though
  2. I sold a couple about 8yrs ago for about £8 each. I'd say they are worth £15 each to someone who really wants them.
  3. They aren't worth much unboxed. Maybe 30 each. Boxed, depends on the wind on eBay. Cotton £180-350, evolution £150-450
  4. That's a nice looking turntable
  5. kernow

    vinyl lovers

    Good choice for that price range. Project make some nice ones also
  6. I wrote that mvs faq Man it's been a while
  7. I'm wondering if this will do cave sh3 eventually Might be a purchase then
  8. kernow

    vinyl lovers

    ...to an extent. But I solved a static issue by adding a ground strap from armboard to turntable chassis (which is then grounded to phono stage obviously), no hum, and the static is gone.
  9. I never buy or keep stuff I won't use, whether it's games or anything. Never owned more than 70 across all systems. Currently at about 50. Seeing rooms full of videogames to me is sad as hell. Like they couldn't decide anything cool to collect properly so just started hoovering up GAMES! Doesn't matter what it is, just games! Sad
  10. kernow

    vinyl lovers

    You can unscrew a screw from the casing and put the ground strap under that. No thumbscrew on the back of the amp? Not all have them
  11. kernow

    vinyl lovers

    And yeah poly lined sleeves are a must. The paper ones that come with records usually are awful. Sometimes you're lucky and get a very nice stock poly sleeve.
  12. kernow

    vinyl lovers

    Is the turntable grounded properly?
  13. I agree personally, might as well go sd or not bother owning a homecart system if you're going to go all Aldi on it. For that money I would pick up FFS, SS1,2, 98 for the same cash and they'd keep their value and be original.
  14. So I broke into the palace With a sponge and a rusty spanner She said I know you and you cannot sing I said that's nothing - you should hear me play piano
  15. kernow

    Great CD Revival

    I've been reading about how LPCM, DSD and red book audio work a lot the last few months. I find it really fascinating how the analogue signal is rebuilt from the digital samples. Very cool stuff. Not to mention when the cd player came out, there was no other technology around in the home that could process 750MB of data so quickly. Think about microcomputers in 1981. It really was from the future at the time. The main reason I ditched it was, I didn't want to upgrade to another cd player in 2019, just seemed counter intuitive. They are just literally digital and whether it's a flac file or spinning optical disc (not servicing that in ten years and want as little moving parts in my system please).
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