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  1. Exactly, we gave that away so badly
  2. Some of the refs decisions in this game have been weird. France get a pen and warning not to hold the lineout jumper too long drawing a foul. Price gets told not to milk a pen when the French guy was obviously impeding him leading to a French try, seem off to me. Spilling that pass when there was a 3 man overlap to walk in was a sickener
  3. I always assumed it was the existing business he was adding money too.
  4. Is £250k even that big an investment for businesses these days? Doesn't seem so, but I could be wrong. I hope there's a scavenger hunt challenge, cos I like that one. Whomever runs this show really needs to change things up with the firings. Anytime, anywhere firings would be so much more interesting than canned lines in the boardroom. Plus give the mid-level bosses firing ability or yellow-card type stuff.
  5. Cant believe Tuilagi is 30, seems like a perpetual 25 year-old. He's the Andy Carrol of Rugby, Tigers did right letting him go as good as he can be. One of my favourite moments was when he punched Chris Ashton.
  6. McFly

    Mark Lanegan's dead

    Yeah there were suicide and accidental deaths involved but that's actually interesting to think about. The Stones etc are not only still alive but touring and going strong(ish).
  7. I stocked up on module's while waiting for WQ and have burned through, 20 of my own plus another 10 or so from chests and Banshee. Such big jumps in power in items from the missions/quests its hard to know what to use them on. Some coolness weapons and armour though.
  8. Seems to be little design changes to deaths, and certain damage types that a little extra shine to things
  9. McFly

    Mark Lanegan's dead

    Devastated. Bubblegum was pivotal for me. He so much great collaborations during his career Witness, is one of my mistake staples
  10. Knew they were at ATT together but not that close. Quick shout to Lorenzo and Fraser (16year old) from Aberdeen Combat Centre who won their fights yesterday
  11. Seems reminiscent of Ronda and Edmund.
  12. Yeah, not really playing out is it? Was a comical looking KO too.
  13. Ah, I forgot about that. A fellow arthritis sufferer too iirc
  14. Whys hasn't there been a triple firing? It could have easily happened this series. When Suga went to the house before the Wales task, that was the perfect opportunity to boot someone with some excitement and create real tension/fear. The lassy who was fired this week, (Charlotte?), seemed a bit ill or off somehow, maybe I'm imagining it.
  15. OK, pity, he looks the real deal, maybe he'll convert?
  16. Holy shit, you werent kidding.
  17. Wow, great game from Rangers
  18. McFly

    NFL 2021!

    Better game than I was expecting, very enjoyable. There was a really dubious holding call on Bengals #55 in the 4th just by the line, which gave the Rams a big boost. I know there was a call missed on Bengals TD, face mask on Ramsey, but doesn't make it right. Barely any pens all game, which is what we want then a flurry right at the end. Bengals look good for the future, Burrow staying g in after that horrible knee injury was gutsy as was Staffords whole game. Still a good end to the season, now on to the free agency and draft periods!
  19. McFly

    NFL 2021!

    I wasn't that fussed until earlier this evening but I'm excited now the build-up is almost done with. I just wish the pro bowl wasn't between the conference championships and the Super Bowl (ball? Some people say that or am I mad?) It kills momentum I reckon.
  20. Yeah I think after the knockdown in R1, Izzy was in cruise control. When Whittaker pushed him or was aggressive things happened, ithink Whittaker will run this one. Crazy co-main! Tuivasa is for real, he took some heavy shots and staying composed then putting Lewis away like he did was great stuff. Sucks fir Lewis to lose in Houston again, but he'll be back. Brunson v Cannonier was mental, Brunson was out on his feet almost all of R2, he wasn't the same fighter at all after almost finishing Jared.
  21. The way the ball came across from that kick was spot on for Wales. It was a good game, but Scotland were going too many pens/the ball away. Wales were good at the breakdown.
  22. Ref has been fine, bar non-straight line outs and back row feeds at scrums but that's every game now.
  23. Wales always manage to get a win against Scotland, but maybe this year Is the year.
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